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Publication Date: 13th Jan 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Monolith and Ruth.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Douglas Mangum.


Rachel’s personal nightmare came to pass when Ahab returned to stalk the time-displaced original five X-Men. The Hound master was prepared to create a massive temporal paradox by killing one or all of the O5, ensuring a future that would inevitably be worse for mutants. Prestige’s Hound scars re-emerged in response to Ahab’s presence. The X-Men’s worse fears were realized as they found Cable dead and the young Iceman missing. It turned out an earlier, teenaged version of Cable had “retired” his future self and assumed responsibility for the timeline, intent on returning the original X-Men to their proper time by any means necessary before Ahab could eliminate them. Otherwise, Cable’s own future would be consumed by a time storm unleashed by the O5’s early death.

Ahab had improved as well, however, forcibly recruiting two psychic X-Men students from the near future named Manon and Maxime. With their empathic and memory-manipulation abilities, these twins could simulate years of torture and behavior modification training to change any mutant into one of Ahab’s Hounds virtually instantaneously. Rachel’s Hound architecture was quickly restored in her mind, but other X-Men fell to Ahab’s control as well, such as Logan, Nightcrawler and Shatterstar. As the attacks escalated, Kid Cable took the O5 into the near future so Teen Jean could learn Manon’s memory trick from before she became a Hound. The original X-Men then returned to their proper place in the timeline, with Jean bottling their memories until the present. The adult Jean’s memories of being teen Jean returned as soon as they left, teaching her how to undo Manon’s memory manipulation and restore the X-Men Hounds. However, Rachel remained a Hound because her transformation was not the result of Manon’s abilities. Ahab retreated, taking Rachel with him. [Extermination #1-5]

Ahab fled to the nation of Transia, where he tried to barter with the government for the technology necessary to rebuild his time machine. However, Transia was already in alliance with a young version of Stryfe, who had followed Kid Cable back in time. Ahab was put to work by Transia and Rachel (as the young Mother Askani) became a valuable pawn for Stryfe to control. Stryfe brought Rachel back to his own timeline as a weapon against the Clan Askani who still lived. He hoped his Cronen telepaths could rewrite her mind into something more malleable for his cause, as they undid her programming as a Hound. At Stryfe’s command, the Cronen used her image and telepathic signature to gather the followers of the Mother Askani to Ebonshire, where Stryfe intended an ambush.

Maintaining control over Rachel Summers would not be easy, though. The mental essence of the true Mother Askani lingered in that timeline, and the Bright Lady reached out to her younger, divergent counterpart to aid her. With their two minds working together, Prestige cast off the Cronens’ attempt to contain her, destroying Stryfe’s telepaths and the control he was exerting over the Mutant Liberation Army recruits from Transia. Rachel met with Domino and X-Force, who had followed Stryfe back through his time portal. A fighting mad Prestige was in no mood for games and revealed to the MLA how Stryfe had been manipulating them. Stryfe confronted Prestige in psychic combat, but his confidence quickly eroded as Rachel prepared to peel his mind like a grape. Instead, Kid Cable stepped in to preserve the timeline and prevented Rachel from killing Stryfe before his time. Together, Rachel and Cable wiped Stryfe’s memories and put him back on the original course for the timeline before the O5 incident upset the flow. [X-Force (5th series) #6-10]

It was dawn of a new era for mutantkind when Charles Xavier and Magneto established a mutant nation-state on the sentient island of Krakoa. With Krakoan-based flowers producing revolutionary pharmaceuticals, the mutant race was able to barter for legitimacy in the United Nations, gain citizenship and amnesty rights for all mutants willing to join with Krakoa, and even conquered death itself through the mutant technology of Hope and the Resurrection Five. From this revolution, Rachel received a family atmosphere like never before. Cyclops and Marvel Girl arranged to grow the Summer House on the moon with Krakoan bio-technology and gates linking them back to the island. Rachel and the young Cable grew closer as “siblings” while living with their “parents,” having family dinners and camaraderie with uncles Havok and the returning Vulcan and visits by grandpa Corsair and his Starjammers. [X-Men (5th series) #1-2]

Psylocke became the new Captain Britain and forged an Excalibur as envoys between Krakoa, the U.K. and Otherworld, and Rachel provided assistance to this new version of her old team as they formed. After one mission, Betsy gave Rachel the last of the Warwolves as the Mojoversal hunters had otherwise been brought to extinction. Rachel named the docile pup Amazing Baby and bonded with the same sort of creature that once pursued her relentlessly. [Excalibur (4th series) #8]

Prestige was also recruited into a new branch of X-Factor Investigations by Northstar and Polaris. X-Factor worked with the Five to confirm proof of death for lost mutants before resurrection could begin, and helped coordinate the queue of resurrections. Rachel kept her room at the Summer House, but she and Amazing Baby also moved into the basement of X-Factor’s new office tower, the Boneyard. Rachel was one of the team’s “big guns” alongside Lorna, confident against Mojo and his armies when they searched for a mutant who had died in the Wildways. However, her telepathy and chrono-skimming talent also made her useful for detective work, evidence gathering, interrogations and so on. [X-Factor (4th series) #1-10]