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25th Sep 2020
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Real Name





5' 7"


135 lbs

Hair color




First appearance

X-Men (1st series) #132

Known Relatives



Systems support, former soldier, aide, ambassador

Group Affiliation

X-Men, X-Treme Sanctions Executive,
Hellfire Club, Excalibur, Exiles,
X-Treme X-Men II,
SWORD (extra-dimensional),
X-Force, Krakoan Systems


• Cyberpathy augments her ability to understand and catalogue genetic information from her primary power with a computer-like mind able to record everything she thinks and perceives, summon any stored data at will for total recall and kinetic memory, run multiple simultaneous thought processes, interact with computer mainframes at an equal-or-greater rate of computing, and perform highly accurate analyses of her surroundings, enabling her to anticipate and counter physical attacks on reflex or concoct elaborate conclusions and strategies with great speed
• Possesses telepathic abilities to read and project thoughts, send out her astral form, cast illusions, and manipulate the minds of others; can consciously close off her mind, which prevents her from accessing her telepathy but renders her mind immune to psionic probes and detection, and creates a defensive force that reflects any offensive mental action back at her attacker
• Jumpstart power allows her to sense the presence of mutants, scan a person for all possible mutations and abilities in their genetic code, and trigger power manifestations which unleash latent mutant powers or can enhance and beneficially modify existing mutations in other people
• Formerly existed as a being of pan-dimensional cybernetic energy as part of the Crystal Palace, operating as a matter-energy projection able to change appearances at will, fly and pass insubstantially through barriers, as well as cosmic awareness through her mental connection to the reality-scanning supercomputers of the Panoptichron