Publication Date: 6th Jan 2008
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.
Alternate Versions


In the alternate future timeline called Earth X, Sasquatch and Guardian were the last surviving members of Alpha Flight, albeit Guardian had received massive injuries and was only still alive due to his cybernetic implants. Trying to get his friend to safety, Sasquatch ran into the Moon Tribe somewhere in the Canadian wilderness, the moon tribe being an offshoot of humanity, all of them having the powers and abilities of Wolverine.

Apparently, they were what humanity was supposed to have been, if not for the Celestials visiting earth and planting their seed in them. In order to provide his friend with a new body, Sasquatch transplanted Guardian’s head on the body of one of the moon tribe’s members. Together, they then joined numerous other heroes in their attempt to create a paradise on Earth.

One of the leading scientists of her native reality, Afro-Canadian Heather MacDaniel accidentally transformed herself into an Albino Sasquatch during an experiment gone wrong. Just like Walter, she had been fused together with Tanaraq of the Great Beasts without knowing it, but she never lost control over the bestial anger inside of her. Married to Alpha Flight’s leader, Wolverine, Heather was forced to kill him two years later because he went insane and was on a killing rampage. James Hudson helped her through her grief and the two ended up marrying. Sometime later, Heather became unhinged from time and joined the reality-hopping Exiles, who travel to alternate realities to fix several things gone wrong. Finally, during an adventure on an Earth ruled by the magician Kulan Gath, Tanaraq gained control over the Sasquatch’s body. Soon thereafter, though, another reality’s Shaman was brought in to purge the Beast, but in the process, Heather lost all traces of her powers. Since then, she has been aiding the Exiles as some sort of mission control, providing the team with whatever information that the Exiles’ computer system in their headquarters outside regular space and time can come up with. (more information can be found in the Spotlight On... Heather Hudson)