Publication Date: 20th Apr 2011
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Ruth.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.
Alternate Versions


In the year 2013 of the dark future called Days of Future Past, Sentinels ruled America. Mutants were either killed or locked up in concentration camps. Kate Pryde was married to Piotr Rasputin and they had a few children, but they were killed by the Sentinels. The remaining X-Men came up with a plan to change their timeline,  and had Rachel Summers briefly exchange Kate’s mind with that of her younger self, in order to warn them of a crucial event that they believe caused their dystopic future. The X-Men succeeded in preventing the murder of Robert Kelly but nothing changed for the future X-Men, as it turned out to be an alternate timeline. Back in the future, Kate learned that most of the other X-Men had been killed while her mind was in the past. She and Rachel were the last surviving X-Men. Kate decided to sacrifice herself to allow Rachel another chance at life. Together, the two women made a suicide run at the latest Sentinel Installment – Project Nimrod. Mere seconds before the nuclear bomb they planted went off, Kate arranged for the Phoenix Force to take Rachel to a happier time (the past she had visited - Earth 616) and suppress her memories. However, Kate survived the explosion. She was captured and examined – her body showing residue of the chronal anomaly into which Rachel had disappeared. The mutant hunter Ahab used Sentinel technology to scan Kate’s body but the probing interfered with her phasing power – causing them to be transported to the present as well and merge into the strange entity called Widget. As such, Kate was always near Rachel and Shadowcat (her younger counterpart) among the superhero team Excalibur.

Just like in the main Marvel universe, the X-Men of another reality traveled to Limbo to rescue Illyana Rasputin, who had been kidnapped by Belasco. However, in their case, Illyana was the one who got back home and they ended up being trapped in Limbo. Seeing her friends die or forced into serving Belasco, Kitty Pryde became a hardened warrior. She disliked magic after Belasco cruelly transformed her friends and  gave her some cat-like features. She now called herself Cat and often stalked around Belasco’s castle observing the events that transpired there. She learned of the Illyana Rasputin who had ended up in Limbo and was liberated from Belasco by Ororo, who had become a sorceress. Cat did not agree with Storm teaching Illyana magic, so she hid the girl from her and trained her as warrior. She also intended to send Illyana home but inadvertently played right into Belasco’s hands. He tricked Cat into sending Illyana to him. Having outlived her usefulness to him, Belasco further transformed Cat into a nearly mindless feline creature, completely loyal to him. When Belasco commanded Cat to lethally injure the elderly Storm, Illyana was forced to kill Cat in her defense.

In the multiverse, there are several timelines where Nazi Germany won World War II. One of them, Earth 597, had its own version of Excalibur called Lightning Force. The line-up included Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Hauptmann Englande (Brian Braddock) and Meggan. Though they shared the same codename, this version of Kitty Pryde was very different.

As a Jew in the service of the Nazi regime, Kitty’s head had been shaved and the Star of David was tattooed on her forehead. She was more a unearthly ghost than a living person, completely devoid of joy, freewill or compassion. Her servitude as a member of Lightning Force was the only reason she was allowed to live.

There were numerous other versions of Shadowcat (and Excalibur) that were introduced either during the Cross-Time Caper or that popped up near Excalibur’s lighthouse home, which was a nexus place. Some of them were unrecognizable and seemed to be based on sentient animal life forms. In one reality, Kitty was a princess with magical abilities, in another she seemed to be a double of Captain Britain’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Ross, and a third version was a leading mob boss until she was betrayed by her partner Illyana and killed. Kitty’s counterpart of a reality inhabited by sentient dinosaurs called herself Shadowcompsognathus.

In the Age of Apocalypse Kitty was married to Colossus and together, they trained the younger mutants recruited by Magneto to oppose Apocalypse's rule. Though not much older than their students,  she and Colossus were teachers of Generation Next and had a lifetime of bitter experience as X-Men. As a result of the harsh conditions and struggle to survive in this world, Kitty had become cold, jaded, and hard. She was also a chain smoker. She sported retractable claws as part of her costume, to go along with her codename and aggressive persona. When he learned of a means to alter the entire timeline, Magneto sent the Rasputins and their students to find and rescue Colossus’ younger sister Illyana, from the Sugar Man’s mines. While they ultimately succeeded, all of their students were lost due to Colossus’ hesitation. This drove a wedge between the couple. Later, when Colossus learned that saving their reality would cost his sister’s life as she was dead in the restored timeline, he went into a berserker rage and inadvertently killed Kitty, who was trying to talk him out of it.

Fate had something completely different in mind for the Kitty Pryde of the Mutant X universe. She left the X-Men to either save or kill her surrogate mother figure, Storm, who had been transformed into a vampire. Kitty fought valiantly but ended up as Ororo's thrall instead. When Bloodstorm (as Ororo called herself after her transformation) was gone for a longer amount of time, Kitty shook off the mind-control and talked Storm’s lover, Forge, into leaving as well. To help other mutants, they both joined their reality's version of the Hellfire Club, with Kitty becoming its newest Black Queen.

When Kitty joined the X-Men, she was forbidden by her mother from taking part in any of the team's missions in the Ultimate universe. However, when the X-Men were hunted, it became necessary for Shadowcat to participate and she eventually became a full-fledged member... despite her mother's concerns. For a time, she was romantically involved with Iceman but their romance turned sour when he became interested in Rogue.

Kitty later transferred to a normal high school to interact more with Spider-Man, whom she dated for a while. Though he genuinely liked Kitty and the two made a good team, Peter could not deny his love for Mary Jane and ended up breaking Kitty's heart.

Kitty is one of the few X-Men who survived the cataclysmic Ultimatum event. However, her secret identity was revealed and the situation got much harder for mutants. She adopted a new identity as the mysterious crimefighter called Shroud and simultaneously tried to live a normal school life among her circle of friends. Her activities as the Shroud did not go unnoticed and she was eventually tracked down by the government. They tried to arrest her and Kitty fled. She had continued training on her own and attained greater control of her powers, allowing her to increase her density as easily as she could become intangible. Kitty was now quite bitter at how humanity was treating mutants and withdrew. She has recently resurfaced to deliver a message to Wolverine's son. As one of the few remaining mutants, it's only a matter of time before Kitty once more finds herself in the middle of trouble.

The alternate reality Professor W’s X-Men is a somewhat happier outlook on the future for mutantkind in general. Many of them are harbored at Xavier’s mansion and the X-Men are still fighting for the dream.  Kate Pryde was one of the mainstays of the team and helped training the younger students, like Nightcrawler’s daughter, Nocturne. One day, though, the X-Men had to battle Apocalypse, who was trying to a dangerous device, a so-called Chronal Disruptor. It was decided that Kate was best suited for the dealing with the machine by phasing through and short-circuiting it. Unfortunately, the machine exploded with Kate inside. When the X-Men checked the debris for their friend, they found instead a very young Kitty Pryde, one who had been plucked from the past just days after she first enrolled at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Kind of to repay her “Aunt Kate” for everything she had done for her, Nocturne helped this young and inexperienced Kitty to fit in.

One incarnation of Kitty Pryde became a prominent member of the Exiles. Initially recruited by Emma Frost, "Cat" Pryde registered herself as a student at the Massachusetts  Academy. With similar powers to her 616-counterpart, Cat became an integral member of Frost’s Hellfire Club strike force. She was stunned, however, when she discovered Emma Frost was actually possessed by the Shadow King. Not knowing what to do, Cat ran away and found herself transported by a pair of gods to the Exiles’ Crystal Palace. These gods watched over her as she learned her way around the Palace and its computer systems. On Cat’s first mission with the Exiles, she inexplicably transformed into an alternate version of herself. This happened again later in the mission and more frequently as time passed. Eventually, Cat was able to transform herself at will, as she became further integrated with the Palace’s computer systems. It was during her time researching and cataloguing worlds that she discovered the entire Omniverse was dying. Unable to fathom a solution to prevent this ultimate disaster, Cat concluded the gods who brought her to the Palace wanted her to take their place as its caretaker. Not long after, while on a mission, Cat fought against Madame Hydra, ultimately killing her. Moments later, Cat died from the strain, never to reach her intended destiny.

In the possible future depicted in X-Men: The End, Kitty eventually found an even more powerful role than that of a super-hero. Kitty had become involved in student politics and later chose a political career, while still being friends with the X-Men. She became the mayor of Chicago and moved on to even higher political posts despite being a mutant. Eventually, she would become president of the United States and a mother of three, embodying Xavier’s dream like no other X-Man.

In X-Men Forever, Kitty left Excalibur and rejoined the X-Men. While chasing Fabian Cortez, Kitty and Wolverine’s genes became scrambled. As a result, she got one of Wolverine’s adamantium claws and a small measure of his powers, including his healing factor and natural claws on her other. It was also inferred that she had somehow obtained some of his memories. With Wolverine dead, Storm seemingly a traitor, and most of her old friends gone, Kitty became angrier and more dangerous. At the same time, she started to fall for Gambit. Eventually, Storm was restored to her true self and invited Kitty to come work with her and Gambit to help heal Wakanda and Genosha. Kitty accepted this offer.

Kitty was one of a handful of mutants who came together in a reality in which Professor X and Magneto formed the X-Men together. Rather than a school for gifted youngsters, Xavier and Magneto formed the Good Shepard Clinic to help mutants in need of assistance in controlling their powers. Kitty Pryde served as his tech guru. She was much the same as the main Marvel Universe Shadowcat but had a love for wearing brightly colored wigs. When a Sentinel attacked the clinic, Kitty and the other mutants fought back. Realizing that this was likely not the first threat they and other mutants would face in the future, the mutants finally became the familiar fighting force known as the X-Men.

When Wolverine was brainwashed by the Hand and became an Enemy of the State, he went on a killing spree that left most of Earth's heroes dead. In a last desperate bid to stop him, Nick Fury assembled a task force consisting of a handful of the world's remaining heroes - Captain America, Invisible Woman, Magneto and Shadowcat - to take Logan down at all costs. Wolverine proved more than a match and ruthlessly killed Cap, Magneto and Susan Richards. Only Kitty remained and she had to accept that all vestiges of her friend and mentor were gone. She phased her hand into Wolverine's head and solidified it, killing him as her hand merged with his brain. Kitty lost not only an arm in the bargain, but a friend.