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Publication Date: 4th Jun 2020
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Monolith.
Image Work: Gremlin.


Over the next few weeks, the members of Generation X stumbled from one crisis into the other and, along the way, Angelo improved a bit in the use of his powers. He even managed to retract his skin for short whiles, making him look almost entirely human. However, the required concentration strained him so much that he would have migraines afterwards. [Generation X (1st series) #12]

Chamber, Skin and Penance were excluded from one of the team’s next missions as it required for Generation X to look rather inconspicuous, and the three obvious mutants would have jeopardized that. While they were alone in the Academy, Chamber suddenly began to feel weak, and his power was acting up, an after-effect of his meeting with Onslaught. Not knowing where else to turn for help, Skin had the idea to take Jono to the Xavier Institute. However, they were violently stopped on the road by the X-Cutioner, who accused Skin of being the murderer of... Angelo Espinosa. While living in the Massachusetts Academy, Angelo had made use of his real name and social number, and as they belonged to an officially dead person, the self-declared executioner of mutant criminals assumed that Skin had taken on the identity after killing “Angelo.” Remembering that Chamber had no need to breathe, Skin hid his weakened friend in a pool of mud, before facing the hunter who was way beyond reason. Using his power in new and creative ways, Skin outsmarted and eventually defeated the X-Cutioner. [Generation X (1st series) #15-17]

Unfortunately, their car being damaged, Skin and Chamber now had to hike their way to Westchester, but they never made it there. With the threat of Onslaught being dealt with by the X-Men and several other heroes, Jono quickly recovered and the two mutants no longer needed to continue their journey. However, they also did not return back home yet. Instead, Skin wanted to take care of some private business in Los Angeles and, out of gratitude, Jono agreed to come along. It was the anniversary of the day that Angelo had been proclaimed dead, and he knew that both his mother and Tores would come to visit his grave. Angelo had Jono run interference in a bar where Tores and her people used to hang out, thus ensuring that the two women wouldn’t meet at the cemetery. In the guise of an old man, Angelo provided his mother some comfort, and later also observed Tores paying her respects at his grave. [Generation X (1st series) #18, 20-21]

Some time after Angelo and Jono had returned to the Massachusetts Academy, Generation X was attacked by Black Tom Cassidy, who kidnapped most of the students and placed them somewhere in the Pacific on a raft made of plants. Adrift in the ocean, the kids were about to die from exposure, and especially Angelo was in a bad shape. Him being barely conscious, his skin was spread out and exposed to the sun. If not for Chamber ripping off a part of the raft to turn it into a sun-shield, Angelo might have suffered third-degree burns. [Generation X (1st series) #25-26]

Fortunately, the team was found by Glorian, the Shaper of Dreams, who tried to give them happiness by altering reality according to their wishes. While his teammates were all aboard a freighter, living somewhat distorted versions of their dreams,  Skin was tied to a pole as Glorian couldn’t deal with the fact that he didn’t wish for anything. Angelo argued that he’d rather deal with the tough hand that life had dealt him than living in a fantasy world, and eventually Glorian had to realize that he hadn’t looked deep enough, as his gifts weren’t what Generation X truly desired. After returning everything to normal, Glorian did as Angelo asked and transported them “home.” However, he again misinterpreted the mutant teenager’s wish, and instead of the Massachusetts Academy, Generation X suddenly found themselves in Los Angeles. [Generation X (1st series) #28]

At about the same time, Bastion‘s Operation: Zero Tolerance made their move, as they publicly attacked the X-Men and then went after other mutants as well. Unable to reach Sean or Emma, the students sought cover at the house of Angelo’s cousin, Gil, the only member of his family who  knew that he was still alive. Desperately looking for help, Angelo even contacted Tores, but instead of being relieved that he was still alive, she was quite angry. Tores even threatened to kill Angelo, but she was cut short by a group of Prime Sentinels switching into attack mode. It turned out that Tores was a mutant too and, for the time being, she and Skin had to put their differences aside in order to survive. Tores led Generation X through the sewers of Los Angeles to a garage in possession of her family, but before long Zero Tolerance were on them again. With a good portion of luck, the mutant teenagers managed to survive until Bastion’s operation was shut down by S.H.I.E.L.D., and Generation X could safely return home to the Massachusetts Academy. [Generation X (1st series) #29-31]

While the staff and the students were in town having dinner one evening, the school was burglarized by two kids, among them Tracy Authier, the daughter of the local police chief. While her friend stole mainly valuable things, Tracy was more after some personal stuff - including the compromising diary of Husk, the cowboy hat Logan had handed to Jubilee and Skin’s cigar box, containing the gun from the night in which he had faked his death. Once the three mutants talked to Tracy and made her see the personal value of these items, she gave them back, though only in exchange for being given a personal tour of the mansion. [Generation X (1st series) #33-34]

A few weeks later, Angelo decided it was time to finally sort things out with Tores, and he returned to Los Angeles, accompanied by Husk and Jubilee. It turned out that, all this time, Tores had believed Angelo to be the killer of the rival gang members, just like he had assumed she was responsible for their deaths. Their meeting was interrupted by Lupo, the true culprit. That night, not only had Angelo manifested his powers but also so had Tores. In fact, it was her blast power that set the car on fire. Both of them being unconscious, Lupo decided to shoot the gang members and arrange it that Angelo would receive the blame for it after dying in the flames. A fight started, during which Angelo and his friends took cover behind a huge container. Lupo prepared to kill them all with a grenade, but Tores vaporized him with her blast power before he could set it off.

Right then, Angelo’s mother arrived on the scene, having been alerted that her son was miraculously back from the dead. Having seen Tores kill a man with her strange powers, Mrs. Espinosa accused her of having made a pact with the devil. Tores tried to explain that, as a mutant, she was born with her powers, and that she was no different than Angelo, but the religious woman wouldn’t hear any of it. Turning away, Mrs. Espinosa said that, if her beloved Angelo had shown any signs of the devil, she would have disowned him and never spoken his name again. Still hidden behind the container, Skin overheard the entire conversation and knew that he could never reveal himself to his mother and would need to stay “dead.” [Generation X Wizard Special #1/2]