Publication Date: 11th Jan 2019
Written By: Daytripper.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions

Alternate Versions

In a nightmarish future where Joshua Lord Ruled Canada, Alpha Flight suffered after the Super-Powers Bill was enacted. Guardian did her best to lead Alpha Flight to help unregistered paranormals before the Hardliners could swoop in and capture them. Hagon was elected prime minister and a psi-web was placed around Canada, meaning that to the rest of the world it was business as usual, but within Canada itself baseline humans were either murdered or forcibly transformed into mutates. Alpha Flight's charter was revoked, with many of the team murdered, before Hagon himself was killed by Joshua Lord, who now ruled a Utopia of super beings. Guardian led the last of Alpha Flight – Northstar, Diamond Lil, Talisman, Wildheart and Feedback – on a final mission to escape Canada and expose the horrors within to the rest of the world. The Hardliners killed some of Guardian's team, while a mysterious entity killed the rest. Heather was the only Alphan left, until the mysterious entity struck her down. She was surprised, as her foe knew exactly where to strike in her battlesuit. As he drained the life from her, Heather could only think of Mac, as Alpha Flight and Canada, was doomed forever. 

In the Ultimate Universe Heather was married to James Hudson and lived in Florida. James served in a war with Logan a.k.a. Wolverine. The two lost touch after the war, until Wolverine arrived in Florida, asking the Hudsons to look after his newborn son. He feared that, if the child remained with him, his enemies would get to him, or else he would end up just like him. Heather was quite taken by the child and raised him as her own, with Wolverine not interfering in their lives. Heather worked at the local radio station and James was the town sheriff, which came in handy as their son, Jimmy, grew up and started to get into a lot of fights, though he would never get injured. Heather worried about her son but, when James told her that Jimmy was starting to ask questions, Heather warned James not to tell him anything. Unfortunately, their lives were shattered when Kitty Pryde tracked Jimmy down and revealed his true heritage to him. Heather was angry with Kitty, but eventually accepted this transition in her son's life. When Jimmy left, Heather supported James, who took his departure hard.