Publication Date: 25th May 2007
Alternate Versions


In the future timeline known as Days of Future Past, an alternate version of Doug Ramsey existed as a techno-organic entity. He was quite mad and aggressive, like the majority of the Technarch race. Given the fact that he went by the codename Magus, it is logical to surmise that he may have killed his reality’s Warlock in single combat, as is the tradition among the Technarchy and their “offspring.”

In the alternate future shown in the Shattershot crossover, Doug Ramsey and Warlock were merged into a composite being known as Cyberlock. Cyberlock was more mechanical in nature than either of his New Mutant progenitors.

Along with Cannonball, Darkchild, Powerpax, Siryn and Sunspot, Cyberlock was a member of the X-Men. These X-Men helped overthrow Mojo and establish Shatterstar as the ruler of Mojoworld, but years later Shatterstar’s regime had become corrupted from within. Arize, the creator of the artificial lifeforms of Mojoworld, sought the X-Men’s help in overthrowing Shatterstar.

The arrival of his former teammates helped Shatterstar realize how oppressive his governance had become and he joined them in defeating the evil influences within his ruling class.

In an apocalyptic future timeline similar to the Days of Future Past, shown in Excalibur (1st series) #94, Sentinels ruled America and Black Air had assumed control of England. Both nations were dark and oppressive places as a result. The remnants of the Excalibur team had long been searching for their lost teammate, Douglock, and had finally gotten information on where Black Air was holding him. Their rescue attempt proved fruitless. Rather than finding Douglock held against his will, they discovered that he had been subverted by Black Air and his techno-organic form had been built into the heart of Black Air’s headquarters.


On the Earth visited by the reality-hopping Exiles in Exiles (1st series) #20-22, the merging of Cypher and Warlock had disastrous results. On this world, Doug Ramsey had contracted the Legacy Virus and  Warlock had merged with him in a desperate attempt to save his beloved friend. However, when the Legacy Virus interacted with Warlock’s techno-organic Transmode Virus, it created an even deadlier disease. It spread rapidly, voraciously infecting others and transforming them into crazed techno-organic beings called Vi-Locks. More than 75% of Earth’s population had been transformed into Vi-Locks, both super-powered individuals and average humans alike. The Exiles joined with this reality’s remaining heroes and set out to collect samples from the original Cypher/Warlock entity in the hopes of creating an antibody. They were thwarted by Forge, who destroyed Cypher/Warlock. The Exiles retreated and planned an all-out assault on the Vi-Locks. With some help from the long-absent Norse gods, they managed to destroy much of the Vi-Lock collective ruling the planet. This decisive victory helped pave the way for a more successful rebellion against the remnants of the Vi-Lock infestation.

Warlock was among the remaining mutants living in Xavier’s mansion in the variant future that is home to Professor W’s X-Men.  Warlock was a student alongside the later Exiles team member called Nocturne. While he did not go on to become an X-Man, he did stay with the team and appeared to serve as the caretaker for the mutant children at the mansion. When the mansion was attacked by Cyclops and his team of evil mutants, Warlock joined in the defense of his home. However, he was defeated by that world's Rogue.