Publication Date: 15th Jun 2023


The young alien called Warlock was born light years from Earth to the techno-organic race known as the Technarch. The Technarch replicate en masse within a crèche. Once born, each new Technarch must face their parent in a battle to the death in a rite of succession.

Warlock’s father, the Magus, ruled the Technarchy. Unlike others of his race, Warlock did not possess an innate aggressiveness that drove him to battle. A mutant of his race, Warlock possessed the capacity for a broader range of emotions; including fear. The prospect of dying in combat against his father,  the most powerful member of their entire race, drove Warlock to flee his home planet. The Magus pursued, consuming stars to fuel his quest for his errant offspring. Warlock made his way to Earth, drawn there by the energies of the X-Men’s Shi’Ar technologies, which could provide him with a desperately needed source of nourishment. In his haste to reach these energies, Warlock inadvertently destroyed Magneto's orbital base, Asteroid M, as he emerged from hyperspace too close to the station and impacted it. [New Mutants (1st series) #18-19, 21]

On the evening that Warlock crash-landed on the Xavier estate, the New Mutants were hosting a slumber party. His arrival was witnessed by the New Mutants, Sunspot and Cannonball who believed him to be a meteor and carried him into the lab of the X-Men’s Westchester mansion for further study. There, Warlock awoke and reached out for the Shi’Ar energy source that had drawn him to the mansion in the first place. This caused a blackout and drew the attention of the New Mutants. The young mutants believed Warlock to be a monster or perhaps a demon and attacked. Eventually, one of the team’s co-leaders, Mirage, confronted Warlock with his greatest fear: his father. Realizing that Warlock was merely a frightened and quite alien visitor, she ordered her teammates to cease their attacks.

Desperate to communicate with the bewildered Warlock, the New Mutants brought their friend, Doug Ramsey, to the school.  The New Mutants had learned from their mentor Charles Xavier that Doug was a mutant with the ability to intuitive decipher and speak languages. Doug himself was unaware that his friends were mutants or that he was himself a mutant until Cannonball woke him from a sound sleep and asked for his help with the dilemma presented by their alien visitor. Doug reluctantly agreed and, within minutes, had mastered the Danger Room’s holographic systems in order to communicate with Warlock. The young alien shared his plight with the New Mutants. The team realized that Warlock was alone and afraid, rejected by a society that offered only persecution, just like them. They offered him sanctuary and introduced him to Professor Xavier as a potential new student. Xavier was wary of the bizarre-looking Warlock but accepted him as a member of the New Mutants. [New Mutants (1st series) #21]

At first, Warlock was bewildered by human society and culture and experienced Earth with wide-eyed naïveté. He had much to learn about the world and his role in it. He began devouring information  about human culture, largely through watching television. The influence of mainstream media was often apparent in the almost cartoonish forms he would assume. One of the first lessons conveyed to him by his teammates was regarding the use of his ability to transform organic life forms into techno-organic beings and then drain their life energies for sustenance. After doing this to a bird, he was scolded by Mirage, who made him promise never to do this to a living thing again without permission. [New Mutants (1st series) #26]

As a member of the New Mutants, Warlock accompanied the team on various adventures. When the Hyborian-era sorcerer Kulan Gath conquered New York and transformed it into a medieval city-state under his rule, Warlock was one of the few unaffected by the mage’s spell. Unlike the rest of New York’s citizenry, Warlock retained his knowledge of the real world before Kulan Gath’s spell.  Fearful of the sorcerer’s power, Warlock fled. This reinforced his feelings of cowardice. Despite his fear, Warlock proved instrumental in Kulan Gath’s downfall. He rescued the X-Man Storm and helped her in devising a plan for defeating Kulan Gath. Their efforts were interrupted by the villainous Selene, who attempted to wrest power for herself, following Kulan Gath’s defeat. Seriously weakened by Selene’s mystic attacks, Warlock offered to transform the powerless Storm into a techno-organic being such as himself, so that she might stop Selene. Ororo agreed and was willingly infected with the Transmode Virus. Ororo, in turn, infected Selene and drained her life energies. This reversed the spell originally cast by Kulan Gath and restored New York City. In the aftermath, Dr. Strange used his magicks in tandem with Illyana Rasputin’s time-manipulating powers to reverse these events and restore Ororo to her human form. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #190-191]

Shortly after this, Magus made his way to Earth in search of Warlock. He was opposed by the X-Men, Rogue, Nightcrawler and Colossus, who actually managed to hurt the vastly more-powerful Magus. Impressed by the resourcefulness and courage of the X-Men, Magus left Earth after delivering an ultimatum: deliver Warlock to him of the Earth shall suffer grave consequences. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #192]

Time and time again, Warlock’s alien nature and loyalty to his friends proved the saving grace in their battles. When the New Mutants tracked and confronted their former teammate, Karma (who had been possessed by the malevolent psychic entity, Amahl Farouk), they found they were no match for Karma’s psychic powers of possession. While most of them were captured, Warlock once again proved resistant to outside influence. He fled Karma’s stronghold in Cairo and returned to his friends’ aid with help in the form of Storm… who had left the X-Men to travel through Africa. Warlock and Ororo joined forces with Mirage and Magik, who had also  evaded capture.

During their many strategic jaunts to Illyana’s interdimensional realm, Limbo, Warlock was informed by the demon, S’ym, of Magik’s role in the deaths of the time-displaced X-Men who resided there. Believing Magik to be a traitor to her friends, Warlock angrily confronted her. When her demons came to her defense, Warlock broke his promise never to transform another being and drain the life energy. Seeing that Warlock was serious in his intent to stop her no matter the cost, Illyana surrendered and urged him to slay her if he truly believed her to be a “oncefriend.” Despite his rage, Warlock could not kill his teammate. Warlock was overcome with feelings of shame at his cowardice, but Illyana assured him that he was a true-blue friend and hero and then let him in on her plan to save the others. Warlock appeared before Karma using his shape-shifting abilities to assume Magik’s form while the true Magik teleported the enthralled mutants to Limbo to break Karma’s hold over them. Striking as a team, the New Mutants forced Farouk to relinquish his hold over Karma. Free of his enslavement, she psionically confronted the villain, defeated him and forced him to flee to the astral plane. [New Mutants (1st series) #32-34]

Following this ordeal, Ororo accompanied the New Mutants on a well-deserved vacation on the Greek island, Kirinos. Unbeknownst to them, the Norse god of evil, Loki, had made a deal with the Enchantress to help sate his desire for revenge against the X-Men for their role in the thwarting of his latest scheme. He also yearned to claim Ororo as a pawn to help him ascend to the Asgardian throne. Mistaking them for the X-Men, the Enchantress sent an army of demons to capture the New Mutants. Quickly overwhelmed, the New Mutants were brought to Asgard. Illyana attempted to teleport the team away from the Enchantress’ lair but a spell blocked her attempt and she inadvertently scattered her teammates throughout the Asgardian realms. Warlock found himself in Hel, home of Asgardians who die a dishonorable or cowardly death. When confronted by Hela, Warlock fled her realm and traveled throughout Asgard in search of his friends. He managed to find both Cypher and Karma before they were confronted by the Enchantress’ hordes. Warlock instinctively sought to protect Cypher from harm by shape-shifting into battle armor around Doug. Doug was thrilled at the team-up, as it gave him an opportunity to fight alongside his teammates. Later in Asgard, he returned the favor by allowing Warlock to feed off his “lifeglow.” This cemented the blossoming partnership between the two. Once reunited, the New Mutants managed to defeat the Enchantress and free Illyana from her control. They then aided the X-Men in rescuing Ororo from Loki. [New Mutants Special Edition #1, Uncanny X-Men Annual #9]