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Publication Date: 25th May 2007


When the New Mutants returned to Earth, they found that Professor Xavier was gone and in his place as headmaster was the X-Men’s perennial foe, Magneto. Even though they mistrusted their new mentor, there was a far greater threat looming. The infinitely powerful Beyonder, who had offered the team salvation and been rejected, came to seek revenge. The New Mutants fought valiantly but were inevitably slain by the Beyonder. Shortly thereafter, the Beyonder resurrected the entire team to demonstrate his vast powers. A side effect of the New Mutants‘ resurrection was a zombie-like malaise that plagued all but Mirage and Warlock. At a loss for how to help his students, Magneto was coerced into transferring the team to the White Queen’s Massachusetts Academy. Only Warlock and Mirage remained with the school and she left shortly after, due to her frustration with Magneto’s decisions. Magneto quickly realized that he had been manipulated by the White Queen and her pupil Empath. Together, he and Warlock went to retrieve the New Mutants and faced opposition in the form of the Avengers. Warlock was gravely injured in the battle and, to save the loyal young alien, Magneto surrendered himself to the misguided heroes. Seeing Magneto’s efforts on their behalf, the New Mutants came to Magneto’s aid and were reunited at Xavier’s School. [New Mutants (1st series) #35-40]

Shortly after Warlock recovered, most of the New Mutants were kidnapped by Mojo and coerced into joining his Bratpack. Mojo had also seduced British mutant, Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke, and through her psionic powers controlled the  Bratpack into attacking Warlock and Cypher, the only two who had managed to escape. Outmatched by Mojo, Spiral and the Bratpack, Warlock suggested a risky stratagem. By merging with Doug he could provide him with enhanced senses that might allow him to communicate with Psylocke, who had been bonded to Mojo’s computer systems. His linguistic talents would then be crucial in rewriting the programming that kept her enslaved, thus freeing Betsy and the New Mutants from Mojo’s influence. Doug accepted the risk and merged with Warlock. Their plan did not go as well as expected, as it took much them much longer than either one had suspected to liberate their teammates. The longer the merge lasted, the more the psyches of Cypher and Warlock blended and it also increased the chance of Cypher being infected with the Transmode Virus. Still, the “Team Supreme“ managed to accomplish their goal, freeing Psylocke and the New Mutants and defeating Spiral. Once separated, Cypher received a clean bill of health. [New Mutants Annual #2]

Mojo was not through with his quest to exploit mutants and, shortly after, kidnapped the X-Men. The New Mutants donned their “graduation costumes” and fought the X-Men to a standstill. They managed to break Mojo’s control over the X-Men and save the day once again. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #10]

It was not long before a series of grim events befell the residents of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The Morlocks were savagely attacked and nearly exterminated by a band of mutant assassins called the Marauders. Amidst the resulting chaos, Warlock seemed unusually distant, manifesting multiple sensors in search of something. His scans proved fruitless but trouble managed to find him in the form of his father, the Magus. Realizing the deadly peril presented by his father, Warlock grabbed his teammates and tried to flee. When the Magus confronted them, Magik teleported her team away to Limbo. Yet, the Magus proved powerful enough to even follow them across dimensions. He easily bested Limbo’s defenses, found an ally in Magik’s disgruntled chief demon S’ym and infected many of Limbo’s other denizens with the Transmode Virus. The New Mutants fled to the past but quickly realized that Limbo no longer offered safe haven or safe passage.

Overcoming his fears, Warlock ventured into Limbo to insure that it was safe to teleport through. However, something went awry with Magik’s teleport and the team was briefly scattered through time and space. Magik was by Professor Xavier and the  Starjammers, and the professor helped her to retrieve her missing teammates from the alternate realities that they had ended up in. Continuing their battle with Warlock’s father, the Magus clearly outmatched the combined forces of the New Mutants and Starjammers, despite Professor X mentally directing their attacks. Warlock’s defeat seemed imminent. However, he refused to back down and together he and Cypher devised a plan to defeat the Magus. Merging their forms once more, Cypher tapped into Warlock’s own DNA in order to learn how to “re-code” it. While the rest of the New Mutants and the Starjammers distracted Magus, Cypher and Warlock re-wrote the Magus’ DNA, effectively reducing him to infancy. The threat of his father was finally eliminated (for the time being) and Warlock had again proven his courage and ingenuity. [New Mutants (1st series) #46-50]

With Magus defeated, the team returned home to Earth and life as New Mutants. However, soon a new challenge from the stars came to the young alien in the form of the Impossible Man, an alien entity who bore his name with good reason, the least of them being his shape-shifting powers.  The Impossible Man came to Xavier’s mansion seeking the X-Men as he wanted to settle a score with them, but instead found the New Mutants. When the youngsters refused to join the Impossible Man in his quest for fun, he accused them of being afraid. This triggered Warlock, who fiercely defended his friends’ honor. He and the Impossible Man went head-to-head with their shape-changing powers and Warlock declared that, anything the Impossible Man could do, he could do better. They tested their powers against each other, teleporting across the globe and matching their metamorphing powers in all sorts of contests. The New Mutants pursued them, trying to minimize the collateral damage and talk sense into the two aliens. Finally, the team found a way to help Warlock settle the dispute with the Impossible Man once and for all. Warlock’s powers allowed him to manipulate his form in one way that the Impossible Man could not: Warlock could change his color! Warlock had won the challenge and the Impossible Man was distraught at the end result of their contest. After repairing all the damage caused by their contest, the two aliens promised never to do anything like this again. [New Mutants Annual #3]

After a misunderstanding, the New Mutant Sunspot left the school abruptly, after which the concerned Warlock went out in search of his teammate. He easily located Roberto in New York City but Warlock’s teammate refused to return to the school. Instead, Warlock chose to stay with Sunspot and the two soon after became involved with a band of mutant street thieves called the Fallen Angels, quickly becoming entangled in the group’s misadventures. Through this experience, Warlock helped Sunspot to learn the true meaning of friendship and the importance of controlling his temper. Warlock was thrilled when Sunspot finally agreed to return home to Xavier’s School and their “selfriends” there. [Fallen Angels (1st series) #1-8]

Warlock and Sunspot arrived at the school with hopes of a joyful reunion with their friends and teammates. However, they found that the New Mutants were not there, much to the surprise of their headmaster, Magneto. Even though Magneto told the two wayward  New Mutants to stay at the school, Sunspot and Warlock left in search of their friends after finding a map that led them to the island home of the New Mutants’ newest ally, Bird Brain. By the time they got there, the other new Mutants were in a pitched battle against the Ani-Mator, a mad scientist working for the anti-mutant group called the Right. The arrival of Warlock and Sunspot helped to turn the tide and insure the New Mutants’ victory. But in the heat of battle, no one had noticed that Cypher was fatally shot while trying to protect Wolfsbane. Warlock’s happy reunion with his teammates was marred by the death of his “dearestselfriendDoug.” [New Mutants (1st series) #60]

The New Mutants were all devastated by Cypher’s death, especially Warlock. On Warlock’s world, it is normal to consume the life energy of a dead comrade. So naturally, he was bewildered by the customs associated with death on Earth. He found himself confused by the mixed messages he was getting from his friends about Heaven, burial, Judgment Day and from TV shows that depicted zombies rising from the dead. At night, Warlock secretly broke into the funeral home and tried to share his own life energy with Doug’s corpse. When nothing happened, he thought perhaps Doug needed to be reminded of what it was like to be alive. He “animated” Doug’s corpse via his shape-shifting and took him to see his mother and then Wolfsbane, to remind him of those he loved. Rahne was horrified by what Warlock had done but came to realize that this was simply Warlock’s attempt to try and bring his “selfriend” back. She explained that they had to put Doug’s body back so it could be buried and they could say goodbye to their friend. [New Mutants (1st series) #64]

During the mystic crisis dubbed Inferno, Warlock and teammates fought valiantly to save Earth from invasion by the demons of Limbo. During the battles in the streets of New York, the New Mutants discovered that their headmaster, Magneto, was in league with the Hellfire Club and watched as he made a deal with the chief architect of the Inferno, the techno-organic demon N’Astirh. After the Inferno was extinguished, the New Mutants confronted Magneto and left Xavier’s school, or actually what was left of it, as the mansion had been blown up by a villain. They were embraced by X-Factor and agreed to reside with them on their sentient base, Ship. [New Mutants (1st series) #75-76]

Shortly after a second, lengthy adventure in Asgard, Warlock and the New Mutants met the mysterious mutant called Cable. They came to his aid while he was battling the government-sponsored team Freedom Force. This put the New Mutants in hot water with the US government, so Cyclops suggested the team and Cable lay low in the basement levels underneath the ruins of Xavier’s mansion. The team took up residence there with Cable as their new mentor. [New Mutants (1st series) #89-90]

Warlock followed Cable’s lead for several weeks battling foes such as the crazed Morlocks who survived the Mutant Massacre or the Mutant Liberation Front. Eventually, the X-Men returned to reside at Xavier’s estate, as well after spending a lengthy period operating from an abandoned ghost town in the Australian Outback.

Soon thereafter, Xavier’s was targeted by the Genoshan government who had allied themselves with X-Factor’s enemy, Cameron Hodge. The Genoshan Magistrates attacked the X-Men and  New Mutants in Westchester without warning, and Warlock was captured along with Boom-Boom, Wolfsbane, Rictor and Storm. The prisoners were “digitally transported” to Genosha for processing and, even though the transit left Warlock weakened, he valiantly helped free his fellow mutants after learning the Genoshans’ plans to turn them into mindless mutate slaves. Knowing that his friends had no chance if they brought him along in his weakened state, Warlock insisted they leave him behind and seek help. They reluctantly did so and Warlock was easily re-captured by the Genoshans. The monstrous Hodge wanted Warlock’s metamorphing powers for himself and devised a means of infecting himself with the Transmode Virus, killing the young alien in the process. Wolfsbane returned to try and save Warlock. While she managed to disrupt the transfer of the Transmode Virus, Warlock had lost too much of his life-energies due to the process and his form completely discorporated into a pile of dust. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #270, New Mutants (1st series) #95]

During the battle in Genosha, the New Mutants discovered a metallic cylinder marked with Warlock’s name and containing what appeared to be his name. Following their victory against Cameron Hodge and his Genoshan allies, the mutants returned home. Per Wolfsbane’s instructions, they spread his ashes on the grave of Doug Ramsey so that the two “bestfriends” could be reunited at last. [X-Factor (1st series) #62]