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As the X-Men arrived in Tokyo for the wedding, Logan was distressed at the newest member they had accepted -- Rogue. The former evil mutant's power had grown out of her control, and she had come to Xavier for aid Mystique could not give. When the rest of the team was poisoned by the Viper, only Wolverine's healing factor and Rogue's part-alien metabolism allowed them to remain active. Seeking out Viper and her man, the Silver Samurai (Mariko's half-brother), the pair worked to track down Nabatone Yokuse, grand oyabun of the Yakuza crime families. Once they did, though, they found his decaying body more than a week gone, despite Mariko having seen him earlier the previous night. Realizing they had been grossly misled, Logan and Rogue immediately raced back to the hospital where the other X-Men had been left unguarded. They confronted their foes, but Viper got the drop on Wolverine after his battle with the Silver Samurai left him seriously injured and exhausted. She would have killed both him and Mariko if Rogue hadn't intercepted the terrorist's energy blast with her own body.

The villains escaped, and in gratitude Logan willingly allowed Rogue to absorb his healing factor to save her life, cementing a bond of friendship between the two of them. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #172-173]

A week later, the wedding ceremony was underway when Mariko suddenly changed her mind, calling off the engagement and declaring Wolverine no longer worthy of her. He later confronted her at the clan's ancestral estate, only to find she had allied herself with her half-brother and bound Clan Yashida to the criminal underworld of Japan. Shocked and enraged, Logan cast the Masamune honor sword into the ground at his feet and left Japan. A short time later he learned the truth behind Mariko's actions -- the X-Men's old nemesis Mastermind had been manipulating events for months, posing as Nabatone, distorting Mariko's mind, and more. A few days after he was defeated, Wolverine received the honor sword in the mail from Mariko. Returning to Japan to confront her, Logan learned that, while she once again truly loved him and considered him more than worthy, she no longer considered herself worthy. Her actions under Mastermind's influence had intimately married Clan Yashida to the Yakuza and crime families of Japan, and she would not consider her honor restored nor herself worthy of marrying Logan until she undid that damage, no matter how long it took. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #174-176]

Soon, the X-Men found themselves swept up in the Secret Wars, fighting for their lives on the Beyonder's Battleworld with some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Villains. As is often the X-Men's lot, however, their problems did not end when they returned to Earth. Displaced from their intended destination in New York to the islands of Japan, Wolverine and the others were caught up in defending Nippon from a giant dragon, which was wrecking the city in order to build her nest. During the evacuation of citizens, Logan came across a young mother, dying of injuries with her daughter by her side. Wolverine swore to the woman as she died that he would care for little Amiko as if she were his own. He arranged for the Japanese government to search for any surviving family members of the girl's, and then asked Mariko Yashida to raise her in Japan for him. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #181]

Though he and the other X-Men returned to America, Logan soon found himself travelling right back to Tokyo: Kitty Pryde's father had become mixed up in Yakuza crime family business, and she followed him to Japan to try and help him. While there, she was kidnapped and brainwashed by Logan’s old sensei, Ogun. Wolverine arrived in Tokyo and compelled the Yakuza oyabun Shigematsu to arrange for Kitty's release. Instead, he was ambushed at the meeting site by Kitty herself, who had been psychically imprinted by Ogun with all his ninja skill and training.
Fighting this mysterious masked ninja all the way across Tokyo, Wolverine was caught off guard for a moment when Kitty's devil mask slipped and he finally saw her face... a moment which was all she needed to plunge her katana through his chest. With Yukio's help, Kitty was disabled and she and Logan were brought to the Clan Yashida ancestral estate to recuperate. Over the following few weeks, Logan healed as best he could from the chest wound, while working his hardest to cleanse Kitty's soul of Ogun's taint. Kitty soon went after Ogun herself, as Shadowcat, and Wolverine followed. Logan challenged his old sensei, but found himself considerably outmatched until he unleashed his berserker rage to incapacitate his foe. He allowed Kitty the opportunity to kill their fallen enemy and, when she refused, that was the final victory she needed to be truly free of his influence. [Kitty Pryde & Wolverine #1-6]

Unfortunately, Logan returned from Japan and his victory with Kitty only to hear of Storm's powers being neutralized in his absence, and the death of his closest friend, James MacDonald Hudson. He made his way up to Canada to grieve with Heather Hudson, and help her through Mac's passing. His presence was good medicine for Heather, and guided her towards the decision of preserving Alpha Flight in Mac's absence, taking on the reins of leadership for herself. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #13] Heather had problems acting as a powerless field leader to a super-hero team, though, and a few months later adopted a version of Jimmy's battle-suit, assuming the name of Vindicator. She came to Logan in Westchester, requesting his help in teaching her to fight.

Soon after she showed up, however, Wolverine was confronted by Yuriko Oyama, the woman called Lady Deathstrike. Yuriko's father, Lord Darkwind, was the mind behind the original adamantium bonding process, which had apparently been stolen by the Weapon X Program. After Darkwind's death at her hands, Deathstrike began searching for a man named Bullseye who had also been given an unbreakable skeleton, so that she could study him and replicate the process. Her adamantium detector led her to Logan instead, and Yuriko immediately lay claim on his skeleton, calling Wolverine a dishonorable thief for having appropriated her father's process without consent. Wolverine and Vindicator manage to defeat Yuriko and chase her off, giving Heather some much needed battle experience and confidence in the process. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #33-34] Deathstrike would not long be discouraged, however, and returned to attack Wolverine on his own a few weeks later. She had commissioned Spiral and her Body Shop to transform her into an adamantium-enhanced cyborg, and hired the help of Reese, Cole and Macon, the former Hellfire guards who hated Logan for butchering them years back. They ambushed Wolverine in Manhattan and beat him mercilessly, almost beyond his healing factor's ability to cope. He beat the mercenaries, and spared Deathstrike's life out of sympathy for what she had turned herself into, but was quite literally dead on his feet. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #205]

The X-Men arrived and took Logan to see the Morlock's Healer, but even with that extra boost he was still at death's door. Rachel Summers, Phoenix, tried to psionically boost his healing factor as well, succeeding only in forming a dreamlink between the two of them. As a result, Logan became aware of Rachel's private plan to revenge herself on Selene and the Hellfire Club, staging a one-woman assault on the club itself. She was all set to murder the Black Queen in cold blood when Wolverine, still half dead, arrived to stop her. Logan condemned her actions, saying that while he was a "natural killer," ready and willing to kill in a fight, what Rachel was doing was execution, pre-meditated murder, and that was the difference. She was dedicated to carrying through her threats, though, and so Wolverine stabbed his own teammate in the gut with his claws. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #207]

The X-Men tried to find Rachel as she fled the Hellfire Club, but were caught up in a three-way confrontation with the Lords Cardinal and Nimrod, and lost Rachel in the process. Worse still, before Logan could fully recover, the Mutant Massacre began in the Morlock Tunnels, with the Marauders slaughtering every mutant they came across. Warned by a dying Morlock who made it to their home, the X-Men descended into the tunnels to try and stop the massacre. They failed. Hundreds of Morlocks were reduced to little more than a dozen survivors, and the X-Men's own members Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Colossus were left in critical condition by the Marauders. Evacuating the tunnels with their wounded, Storm left Wolverine behind to seek out one prisoner from among the Marauders for interrogation. One prisoner -- the rest were at his disposal. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #211]

On the hunt, Logan came across his oldest foe, Sabretooth, about to kill the Healer. Instead of giving in to his burning desire for revenge on Sabretooth, Logan sacrificed his pride and simply immobilized the Marauder under a pile of rubble, giving him time to get the Healer back to the mansion where he could do some good. Unfortunately for Logan, he also caught wind of something back in the tunnels which made him start doubting his own senses -- Jean Grey's scent. The founding X-Woman had returned alive and well months ago, and formed an organization called X-Factor with her fellow original X-Men. These old friends still felt a profound distrust for Magneto, who had taken up residence in the mansion and replaced Xavier as headmaster. This prompted them to stay out of touch with the active X-Men and not even reveal Jean's survival to them. As a result, Wolverine thought he was going mad, and his sense of reality was threatened again when a Marauder named Malice began possessing the X-Men one-by-one, throwing them off-balance and confusing Logan's senses -- he almost cut open Storm with his claws, believing she was harboring Malice's essence. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #212-215] Despite his current problems, Storm turned to Wolverine to replace her temporarily as X-Men field leader while she sought out Forge to restore her powers. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #220]

While at a bar north of Salem Center, Logan happened to see a flying android named TESS-One beat a man nearly to death. After getting him to the hospital, Wolverine took off after the robot and tracked it to Adametco. The robot’s controller, a mutant named Overrider, wanted TESS coated with indestructible adamantium, Adametco’s main production. At the plant, Wolverine was distracted by the arrival of Captain America, who was also hunting the android. The Captain’s moralistic attitude got on Logan’s nerves, and they came to blows before Overrider and TESS spotted them and escaped after a short battle. Begrudgingly putting aside their differences, Wolverine and Captain America worked together and relocated the duo at America’s nuclear command center. Overrider planned to destroy all of America’s nuclear missiles in an insane plan to end the nuclear stalemate with Russia. Captain America knocked Overrider off his sky sled, instructing Wolverine to catch the villain. Logan planned on catching Overrider on the tips of his adamantium claws, ending the mutant’s threat permanently. At the last second, however, he simply let Overrider hit the floor, severely injuring him. As Wolverine stalked away into the night, Captain America called after him, saying it was a good thing the X-Men wanted him as a member, because the Avengers would never accept a man like Wolverine. [Captain America Annual #8]

Under Wolverine's leadership, the X-Men had another skirmish with the Marauders and relocated to Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #221-223] The team soon re-connected with Storm. She had gone for days without contacting them, and Logan led the group to Forge's Eagle Plaza in Dallas to find out what had become of her. This led them into a confrontation with Freedom Force, looking to force them to sign up for the new Mutant Registration Act, and then into conflict with the chaotic, reality-altering power of Forge's Adversary. The finale of this caper had Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men sacrificing their lives, giving up their souls as raw energy for Forge to manipulate as a weapon against the Adversary. The entity was defeated, the world saved, but as far as humanity and the public at large were concerned, the X-Men died saving the world. This would have remained the case if the Guardian of the Omniverse, Roma, hadn't used her power to resurrect them in secret. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #225-227]