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3rd January 2020
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What a year 2018 was, not only did we release an enormous amount of content for UncannyX-Men.net, we also found time to launch a brand new site dedicated to all-things Avengers. In case you missed any of the articles we churned out on either site, we have gathered all the year's releases into one handy article for you.


Like most years we kicked off 2018 with our 2017 Year in Review article that detailed everything that happened on the site the previous year. For our first new article of the year we chose a spotlight on a character that is often overlooked in the comics but who managed to make a (brief) appearance in the Deadpool 2 movie, Black Tom Cassidy. Our next entry was on a team that not many of you might have heard of as they only had a handful of appearances. Desert Sword was certainly a short-lived team but they were around long enough to warrent their own villain team entry. Our final entry for the month was on Hazard, another character many of you may not have heard of but who had a long history with Xavier. 


February kicked off with an update to one of the New Mutants' forgotten members, Skids. Coincidentally, the very day we released the update the character was seemingly killed off in the comics. Don't worry though, it was all a trick and she turned up alive and well a few weeks later, however it just goes to show how quickly our spotlights can become out of date. The next character we spotlighted was Tyler Dayspring, who had been dead for quite a while and we were fairly certain he would be staying that way. Since it was February we felt it was about time to update one of our most popular articles on the site in time for Valentine's Day, the Relationship Map. With each year that passes it gets more and more of a job to update it, and that's just the lines coming from the Summers clan. The last article for the month had actually been pushed back a few months due to her sudden appearance in the recent Cable series. Candra, one of the Externals, had been written the previous year but when she was killed during a storyline involving time-travel we thought it best to wait until the story had played out.


March was to be a big month for X-fans as the New Mutants film was scheduled for release, bring the X-Men's junior team to the big screen for the first time. Us here at UncannyXMen.net were all prepared with a theme month dedicated to the characters who would appear in the film. Then at the last minute the film's release was postponed a few years due to a number of background factors. However, since we went to all the trouble of writing a bunch of articles we thought we may as well release them. So firstly was an update to one of the New Mutant's rising stars, Magik. Since her last update in 2010, when she had just been resurrected, Magik's profile had skyrocketed and she found herself operating as one of the main X-Men. 
Next up was one of the supposed-antagonists for the film, the mysterious Demon Bear, who remains one of the New Mutants' strangest adversaries. After that was another update to a character making her big-screen debut, Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Whilst she's not often associated with the New Mutants, her presence in the film warrented her inclusion in the month. The same could be said for the last character article of the month, Lockheed. Whilst he only had loose links to the New Mutants via Magik, there were reports he would be in the film in some capacity, which was all the reason we needed to finally write an article on him. 
We were still a week away from the end of the month, and so we filled the time by releasing a number of teasers across our social media accounts, hyping up a big event we had been working on in the background for some time. 


For a number of years, the staff at UncannyXMen.net had talked about branching out and dedicating a site to another of Marvel's major superhero teams. We finally bit the bullet and through most of 2017 and early 2018 we were working dilligently in the background preparing for the grand opening. That day finally came on April 1st, a day many of you know we like to play a little joke on our visitors for April Fool's Day. So when visitors logged on to our website they were greeted with the announcement that we had launched another website focusing on the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. Many of you thought that this was simply a prank and that the links would take you to a "Fooled You!!" page. However, they didn't, and you were transported to the brand new www.MightyAvengers.net website. 

The first major release for the website was on the Vision, a longtime Avengers member whose profile had risen sharply in recent years due to his live-action debut in the Avengers films. After our first "big" article showing you that we were serious, we continued with padding out the site's content by giving you a brief rundown on the history of the Avengers with our Avengers Primer (Part 1). We couldn't let the opportunity slip by to incorporate some content from our X-Men site into the event and so we looked at the characters that served on both teams for inspiration. The first was an update to Cable, who was a mainstay of X-Force but who had recently joined the Unity Squad in the pages of Uncanny Avengers. After that we branched out with a series of villain team entries on the Masters of Evil, but since there had been so many versions of the team we chose to give you the first four iterations to start with. 

Our next major release for the site was on Wonder Man, another long-time Avenger who had links to the X-Men through the recent Uncanny Avengers series. The S-Men were our next villain team entry, a rather new team formed by the Red Skull when he attacked the afformentioned Unity Squad. Sticking with a similar theme our next duel release was an update to Havok, who had served as team leader on many X-teams as well as the Unity Squad. Diverting a little bit from the obvious theme forming we spotlighted a character who only had loose links with the Avengers in the comics but went on to join the team in the Avengers films...Nebula. Our final release for the launch month was Kang the Conqueror, a spotlight so big and complicated it ended up being more of a make-your-own-story article, due to the various time travelling shinanigans he is always involved in.


Heading into our Avengers launch event we realised we had so much content that we could spread it out over two months. However, firstly we took a small interlude to help promote the newly release book, 100 Things Every X-Men Fan Should Know Before They Die. The author, Brian Cronin, is a regular contributor to other websites but he had written a book on all things X-related and he approached us at helping him promote it. We couldn't say no, especially when it turned out he had name dropped the site in the book and given us a glowing recommendation. 

Getting back to our Avengers site launch we continued with part 2 of our Avengers Primer, bringing the publication history of the team up to the present day. Next up was another X-Men/Avengers update, with Quicksilver being the spotlighted character this time. It was time for more villain team entries and the Avengers sure seemed to have no end of them. Firstly, we highlighted another team that'd had numerous lineup over the years, the Zodiac. Next, we turned our attention back to the Masters of Evil and release the final batch of articles on them as well as their spin-off team, the Young Masters

The next character article was almost deserving of his own event month himself, but with his recent inclusion on the Unity Squad, as well as X-Force, Deadpool had cemented his place on Earth's Mightiest Avengers. After that we chose to update our Ms Marvel spotlight from UncannyXMen.net. However, with her meteroic rise in and outside of the comics came a new codename and Captain Marvel VI was created.  With enough character articles to keep you going for a while, we chose to pad out some of the other aspects of the site such as the Avengers Membership Primer, an article (briefly) explaining the membership criteria to becoming an Avenger, and how it evolved through the years. Our last act of the launch event was to populate the Character Glossary, detailing every person to call themselves an Avenger and all the teams they belong to.

With that our Avengers site was officially launched and the contributors could take a well deserved rest.

Ha! If only that were true. We now had two sites to keep up and running.


Hitting the ground running after the Avengers launch, we turned our attention back to the X-Men and gave you a character article on Gentle, a character who had just joined Jean Grey's new X-Men Red team. Next up was a spotlight on a pair of characters who were once believed to have been mutants, but recent stories debunked that belief. However, with their inclusion on the Dark X-Men and (albeit brief) membership to the main group, Cloak and Dagger had earned their place on the site. Wanting to make sure we keep up with the Avengers content, we released a spotlight on the Grim Reaper, a character who was cut from the initial launch event due to the sheer amount of content we already had. The last article for the month was an alien race entry on a very confusing concept that had recently been expanded on in Uncanny X-Force, the Mummudrai.


July was to be a character-heavy month, starting off with Ord, one of the main antagonists from Joss Whedon's iconic run on Astonishing X-Men. Next up was a character we never thought would receive a spotlight on the site due to her having a single fleeting appearance before her death. However, Negasonic Teenage Warhead's inclusion in the Deadpool films caused Marvel to resurrect her and after only a few short years she had stacked up enough storylines to make her worthy of an article. Keeping up with the Avengers content, we released an article on the fan-favourite Quasar, the cosmic hero and sometime Avenger. Lastly, we turned our attention to one of the X-Men's forgotten human allies, Charlotte Jones. Though she hasn't been seen in many years her profile proved to be a particularly popular one amongst visitors. 


Kick-starting August, we gave you a new crossover entry focusing on the Battle of the Atom event that marked 50 years of the X-Men. Whilst the event itself left something to be desired, the concepts and reprucussions from it provided the site with plenty of articles to create over the next year. Our second release of the month was one of the X-students, a group that is often high on the request list of visitors to the site. Another creation of Joss Whedon, Armor debuted in Astonishing X-Men and proved to be a popular character in the following 15 years. Another Avengers release followed, this time on the forgotten hero Firebird, who's appearances nowadays are confined to fleeting cameos.

As long-time visitors to the site know, we like to celebrate our birthday around here by putting out an extra special bit of content. With our birthdays we either like to go all out with an event month, or look back at past content and bring it up to date. We decided to do the latter for our 18th year and one character fit the bill perfectly...Professor X. In the time his article was written, Xavier had died (or seemingly died) numerous times and had once again been given the ability to walk, it was a lot to catch up on. Much like Candra, his update had been written almost a year before but his resurrection in the recent Astonishing X-Men series caused us to delay its release until the storyline played out. Still in the celebratory mood we stayed with the update theme and focused on some rapid-fire updates on characters whose spotlights weren't too out of date. Wanting to incorporate some more of the X-spotlights on the Avengers site we updated Sunspot, Cannonball, Sunfire, Firestar and Rogue all within the same week. 


After the large amount of content we gave you in August, we decided to have a slightly more relaxed month. Our first release was Pestilence III, one of the first Horsemen that alligned themselves with Apocalypse. After that it was time for another Avengers release in the form of Deathcry, the supposed daughter of Deathbird and a brief member of the Avengers. Our final release for the month was an update to No-Girl, whose original article was upgraded from a profile to a spotlight due to the increased content it now possessed. 


The X-Marks the Spot section can sometimes get a bit overlooked, but we gave it a major entry when we added the X-Men's former base of Utopia to the site. Used during the time the X-Men set up their own island nation, the concept would go on to be used multiple times, most recently with Krakoa. We turned the clocks back to the 60's for our next character article on the strange Grotesk, a forgotten villain from the team's early years. In contrast, our Avengers release for the month was Enigma, a fairly new character who appeared during Jonathon Hickman's run on the titles. Exodus's Brotherhood of Mutants was the next team to receive and entry on the site. Whilst it was only around briefly, the line-up proved somewhat unique amongst the numerous Brotherhood incarnations. Our Halloween release for the month was Lucifer, the alien being whose main claim to fame was as the one who crippled Xavier many years ago. As another character from the 60's who had seemingly been forgotten, he briefly returned in the pages of the recent Astonishing X-Men series, giving us an incentive to put the spotlight on him.


Our first entry of the month was on the Golgatha alien race, one of the X-Men's weirder enemies. Whilst many of our visitors may want to forget the stories from that period of the X-Men's history, we here at UncannyXMen.net live for dredging it up and trying to make sense of it. For those eagle-eyed visitors, you may have noticed we were fast creeping up on our 300th character article released on the site. We thought we would make it a big one and they don't come much bigger than Krakoa, "the island that walks like a man". Our last release of the month was an Avengers one as we spotlighted one of the supernatural side of Marvel's stranger creatures, Chthon.


With Christmas around the corner we decided to keep December a relatively light month for the site, with a Madelyne Pryor update as our first release. Our final release for the year was the next installment in our popular series, Publication History X 2017, detailing all the comics released and major events from the year.

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The first logo change we did for the month was to tie in to our New Mutants' theme month. Keeping it simple, we took our regular logo, coloured it black and then super-imposed the Demon Bear's hypnotic eyes over it. 

Following on from that we went straight into the Avengers launch event that saw the main X-Men website being altered to accommodate it. The first month was dubbed "Avengers April" for obvious reasons and the second was "Mighty May".




2018 ended up being a huge year for the staff of UncannyXMen.net as the launch of our sister site, MightyAvengers.net, was the result of years worth of work and preparation. With two sites to juggle it may seem a Herculian task to keep both up to date, but our dedicated contributors are working tirelessly (in their free time) to make sure we put out the best content we can. We are always on the look out for more help though, especially with all the Avengers content up for grabs, so if you feel you can help us with issue summaries, image work or other articles, please feel free to drop one of us a message.

From all of us here at UncannyXMen.net and MightyAvengers.net, we hope you had a great 2018!