Important Events: 
  • With the sacrifice of Alchemy, the rogue X-Men managed to destroy one of the Terrigen clouds causing M-Pox. Cyclops was seemingly murdered by Black Bolt in the final reckoning, although Emma Frost secretly revealed Cyclops had actually been dead since their first encounter with the cloud. [Death of X #4]
  • Sapna fails to prevent the World-Eater from claiming her, and Magik is forced to kill her student [Extraordinary X-Men #16]
  • Elixir resurrects himself after his fatal encounter with the Dark Riders. [Uncanny X-Men (4th series) Annual #1]
  • The Terrigen cloud threatened worldwide dispersal, insuring M-Pox would make Earth uninhabitable to mutantkind [IVX #0]
  • Medusa dissolves the Terrigen cloud in order to preserve the lives of Earth's mutants. [IVX #6]
  • Storm turns leadership of the X-Men over to Kitty Pryde, who moves the X-Mansion from haven in Limbo to Central Park. [X-Men Prime (2nd series) oneshot]
  • Magneto's X-Men team is dismantled as he fakes his death fighting Psylocke in order to move underground. [Uncanny X-Men (4th series) #19]
  • Jubilee returns to the X-Mansion to oversee a new class of non-combatants students. [Generation X (2nd series) #1]
  • When a new Weapon X program surfaces, former test subjects Logan and Sabretooth reclaim the name to form their own Weapon X team of operatives. [Weapon X (3rd series) #6]
  • Deadpool and Shiklah end their marriage after a monster uprising in New York [Deadpool (5th series) #29]
  • Domino's incarnation of the Mercs for Money disbanded. [Deadpool and the Mercs for Money (2nd series) #10]
  • A new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is formed by an anti-mutant activist to discredit mutants. [X-Men: Gold #1]
  • The Original Five X-Men regroup under Magneto's oversight. [X-Men: Blue #1]
  • Deadpool murdered Phil Coulson on the orders of the Hydra sleeper agent Steve Rogers [Deadpool (5th series) #31]
  • The Original Five's Jean Grey begins a quest to avoid being claimed by the Phoenix Force. [Jean Grey #1]
  • The O5 X-Men confronted Miss Sinister and the New Marauders, surviving mutants from the Ultimate Universe, and recruit Jimmy Hudson for their team. [X-Men: Blue #4-5]
  • A new X-Cutioner began hunting mutants in New York City. [X-Men: Gold #7-8]
  • During Secret Empire, the Gold team and X-Mansion were trapped in the Darkforce dome around New York City. The west coast was ceded by Hydra as a mutant city-state called New Tian, ruled by Xorn who was secretly a puppet of Emma Frost. The Blue team opposed both Hydra and the actions committed by New Tian. [Secret Empire crossover]
  • Polaris joined the Original Five X-Men as a training supervisor. [X-Men: Blue #9]
  • Omega Red was resurrected by Russian mob bosses as an enforcer. [X-Men: Gold #10-11]
  • The Goblin Queen and her HeX-Men, including the corrupted O5 Beast, attacked the Blue team. Beast was freed from her control and another HeX-Man, Bloodstorm, joined the Blue team. [X-Men: Blue #10-12]
  • The Shadow King revealed he had preserved Xavier's psyche on the astral plane, and used it to attack the X-Men [Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #1]
  • In exchange for the lives of his daughter and her foster family, Deadpool is forced to kill Cable by Stryfe [Despicable Deadpool #287]
  • Cable hunted the killer of the Externals. [Cable (1st series) #150]
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