Important Events: 
  • The spirit of Charles Xavier is reborn in Fantomex's body as "X". [Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #6-7]
  • Cable prevents Gideon from completing his quest to kill the Externals. [Cable (1st series) #154]
  • Quentin Quire gives up his shard Phoenix Force to resurrect the vampire Jubilee as a living mutant. [Generation X (1st series) #86]
  • Monet is freed from the influence of her brother, Emplate. [Generation X (1st series) #87]
  • The O5 X-Men learn they are still the younger selves of this timeline's X-Men, and must ultimately return to the past. [X-Men: Blue #20]
  • Blink and a new team of Exiles are brought together by the Unseen. [Exiles (3rd series) #1]
  • Deadpool wipes his mind to forget the tragedies of his past few years. [Despicable Deadpool #300]
  • O5 Jean Grey and Jimmy Hudson become Poisons, but Jean reconstructs her original body. [Venomized crossover]
  • Gambit and Rogue are married as the wedding of Kitty and Piotr falls apart. [X-Men: Gold #30]
  • A surviving dupe of Multiple Man is discovered, bringing Jamie back to life with a new Madrox-Prime. [Multiple Man #1]
  • An audit of Mister Sinister's clone archives reveals one of the X-Men isn't really a mutant, and may be a sleeper agent. [Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda #4]
  • Betsy Braddock returns to her original British body, while Kwannon is revived in her Asian one. [Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #4]
  • The O5 Jean Grey confronts the Phoenix Force as it attempts to kill her to make way for the original Jean, and prevents the Force from slaying her. [Jean Grey #10-11]
  • The adult Jean Grey is restored to life by the Phoenix Force, but she rejects the Force as a host. [Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #5]
  • The New Mutants are infected with the Technarch virus and disappear with O*N*E. [New Mutants: Dead Souls #6]
  • Jean Grey forms a new squad of X-Men with international connections to oppose Cassandra Nova and anti-mutant rhetoric. [X-Men: Red #1]
  • The O5's presence in the present upsets the timeline, causing a new younger Cable to come back and assassinate his adult self for failing to preserve history. [Extermination #1]
  • Kid Cable begins capturing the O5 to save them from Ahab's Hounds and force them back in time to maintain the timeline. [Extermination #2-3]
  • Mimic sacrifices himself fighting Ahab to protect young Cyclops. [Extermination #4]
  • Gambit and Rogue's honeymoon leads to the discovery of Professor X's Shi'ar daughter Xandra and Rogue's powers becoming unstable again. [Mr. and Mrs. X #1-5]
  • Wolverine returns to life thanks to Persephone and Soteira. [Return of Wolverine #1]
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