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Foundation of Krakoa

  • Nine lifetimes ago, Moira Kinross is born
  • Eight lifetimes ago, Moira is reborn the first time and eventually realizes she is a mutant before dying
  • Seven lifetimes ago, Moira develops a cure for the X-Gene and is murdered by Destiny and the Brotherhood for it
  • Six lifetimes ago, Moira and Charles Xavier form the X-Men but are ultimately murdered by Sentinels
  • Five lifetimes ago, Moira and Charles begin their work a decade earlier and build a mutant nation called Faraway...before ultimately being murdered by Sentinels
  • Four lifetimes ago, Moira lives a thousand years and realizes homo novissima will inevitably outpace natural evolution
  • Three lifetimes ago, Moira devotes herself to assassinating the Trask family to prevent the rise of Nimrod and the Sentinels, only to learn the A.I. is inevitable
  • Two lifetimes ago, Moira is radicalized and helps Magneto conquer the nation, but ultimately dies when the heroes rise up and defeat them
  • A lifetime ago, Moira lives a hundred years as paramour to Apocalypse, gathering data on Nimrod to use in her next life [House of X #2]
  • Xavier and Magneto engineer a mutant homeland on the living island of Krakoa, supported in the United Nations by exotic pharmaceuticals grown in Krakoan soil. [House of X #1]
  • Orchis revealed as a multi-agency think tank to protect the human race from mutant supremacy, co-opting their own Master Mold and Omega Sentinel. [House of X #1]
  • Rasputin and Cardinal help the Four Horsemen of the previous reality gather evidence about Nimrod's creation, feeding it into Moira IX before killing her. [Powers of X #3]
  • X-Men attack Orchis station to destroy the Mother Mold and prevent Nimrod from coming on-line; all members die in the effort. [House of X #3-4]
  • Charles Xavier introduces Cypher to Krakoa, establishing a language and bond between the island and mutantkind. [Powers of X #4]
  • The Resurrection Five solve death itself, combining their powers to grow new bodies for any mutant who has ever died. [House of X #5]
  • Amnesty is granted for all past crimes and animosity on Krakoa, bringing the likes of Apocalypse, Shadow King, Sinister, Exodus, Gorgon, and others to the island. [House of X #5]
  • The Quiet Council assembles to become the ruling body of Krakoa. [House of X #6]
  • Resurrections begin, with Havok, Skin and Synch among the earliest returning mutants seen. [House of X #6]
  • Moira X lives in secret in Krakoa's No-Place, aiding Xavier and Magneto from the shadows. [Powers of X #6]
  • Vulcan returns and takes up a peaceful life with his family at the Krakoan Summer House on the moon. [X-Men (5th series) #1]
  • Unable to use the Krakoan gates for some reason, Kate Pryde becomes Red Queen of the Hellfire Trading Company and captain of the Marauder. [Marauders #1]
  • Brian Braddock is claimed by Morgan le Fey, passing the Amulet of Right and the role of Captain Britain to his twin, Elizabeth. [Excalibur (4th series) #1]
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