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19th August 2010

Rome was not built in a day – and neither was the Uncanny X-Men Net site. People who have just discovered the UXN in the last few weeks or months may wonder why the site has some Spotlights and not others. Why these Crossovers are written but not this one. Why there are gaps in the Issue Summaries of a title, with little rhyme or reason.

In actuality, there is indeed a reason. Very few of the most popular features of the UXN existed when the site was first created on August 14, 2000. When those features were introduced later, such as the Spotlights or Issue Summaries, Contributors worked on what they were interested in, rather than any pre-set plan. As a result, the information on the site has grown organically… and a bit haphazardly.

Below is a timeline of when features were added, as well as the progress of said features:

X 2000

July to August 13th Pre-release images (see page 2)
August 14th site launched by Dean Clayton
December Custom Figure section

X 2001

April Peter Luzifer’s site merged with the UXN (villain teams, articles)
April Issue Summaries added, first summary: Uncanny X-Men #228
May new site format
May 2nd 250th summary
May 21st Timeline section opened
May Crossover section added
summer Character Glossary added
late summer Latest Site Updates box
August First Event Month – [Shi’ar]
September 7th first Spotlight entry [Psylocke]

X 2002

mid-February to mid-March Second Event Month – [Summers family]
May 500th summary [X-Factor (2nd series) #1]
September 28th 750th summary [Weapon X #1/2]
November Third Event Month – [Age of Apocalypse]

X 2003

February change of site logo to current type
April 1000th summary
April 8th 25th Spotlight – [Revanche]
mid-October to mid-November Fourth Event Month [Magic]
November 5th First UXN interview

X 2004

March 11th 1500th summary [Eve of Destruction Crossover]
March 19th Alternate versions section added to Spotlights
May 12th UXN moved from free hosting to its own
October 30th 2000th summary [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #5]
November 1st Visitor Feedback

X 2005

mid-May to mid-June Fifth Event Month [Xavier/Onslaught]
May 30th 50th Spotlight [Professor X]
June 20th 2500th summary – [Alpha Flight (1st series) #100]
August 14th UXN’s 5th birthday
September every character entry in Character Glossary has a headshot
October 29th 5000th cover scan

X 2006

April 1st first April Fools Day joke
April 24th 3000th summary [Uncanny X-Men #269]
August 14th site’s 6th birthday

X 2007

April 1st second April Fools’ Day: Darkhawk.Net!
May 23rd 3500th summary
September Sixth Event Month [Magneto]
September 28th 75th Spotlight [Magneto]
November 2nd 6000th cover scan


February 2nd 7000th cover scan
April 1st third April Fools’ Day: Phoenix Returns
April 28th 4000th summary
April 28th Sentinel/Operation: Zero Tolerance event
August 14th site’s 8th birthday
November 18th 8000th cover scan


April 1st fourth April Fools’ Day: X-Men Forever First Look
April 29th third Visitor’s Feedback
April 28th 4500th summary
August 14th site’s 9th birthday
October 12th Brood Week
October 31st Necrosha feature
November 7th 9000th cover scan


February 11th Necrosha feature ends
April 1st fifth April Fools’ Day: UXN Premium

It’s easy to think that something so obvious hadn’t always existed, such as the updates box or Issue Summaries or headshots for Character Glossary entries. However, the truth is that the UXN has been slowly (and in some instances haphazardly) evolving to become what we hoped to be from the beginning: the ultimate resource for the world of the X-Men. As staggering as that thought is, just think that over a decade into it… it’s still not done!