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19th June 2004

X-Corporation Hong Kong

Membership: Domino, Risque

First appearance: New X-Men Annual 2001


  • Risque was an occasional ally of X-Force and at one point had a fling with James Proudstar, but she dropped out of sight once X-Force went undercover and became a Black Op team.
  • Shortly after X-Force faked their own deaths, another mutant group appeared in the media, calling themselves X-Force. Domino, Cannonball, Proudstar and Meltdown returned and opposed the new X-Force for misusing their name but, apparently, in the meantime, the newcomers had bought the legal rights to the name. [X-Force #113, 117]


New X-Men Annual 2001: Two weeks after X-Corporation Hong Kong opens up their office, Risque happens upon some illegal trade of mutant organs. Before she can further investigate, she is killed, so Domino contacts the X-Men for help. Together, they uncover evidence of an organization called U-Men, who graft mutant organs to their human bodies. The X-Men are able to thwart the U-Men’s plans in China and also liberate a Chinese mutant called Xorn from a prison, who was targeted by the U-Men as well.
New X-Men #134-135: Phoenix is mentioned to be in Hong Kong, apparently visiting the X-Corporation office there as, shortly before, she and Xavier were in Paris and Mumbai.


  • Xorn was later revealed to have been Magneto in disguise, however there might be a “real” Xorn out there, upon whom Magneto could have based his cover story.
  • As Domino later got involved with Cable’s Underground movement in an attempt to uncover the dark secrets of the revamped Weapon X program, the Hong Kong office of the X-Corporation seems to be defunct.


Domino II (“Beatrice” Neena Thurman)

First appearance: X-Force (1st series) #8
First X-Corporation appearance: New X-Men Annual 2001

All X-Corporation appearances: New X-Men Annual 2001

Powers: bio-electric current delivered through her body augments her natural agility and reflexes to peak human levels, and creates a probability field effect that alters the laws of chance so that events tend to fall into place for her

Equipment: explosive-pellet-scattering rifle, laser rifle, laser pistols, knife, shoulder-mounted mini-rocket launchers, targeter eyepiece

- The Domino who joined the New Mutants / X-Force in New Mutants (1st series) #98 was actually the shapeshifter, Copycat. The real Domino was first seen in the Six Pack flashback of X-Force (1st series) #8 and as Tolliver's captive in X-Force(1st series) #11.
- Domino has used dozens of aliases in her career and her real name is not fully established. Neena Thurman seem to be the best guess, as she was married under that name to Milo Thurman. Beatrice is her most commonly used name.


Risque (Gloria Dolores Munoz)

First appearance: X-Force #51
Last appearance: New X-Men Annual 2001 (killed off-panel by the U-Men)

All X-Corporation appearances: New X-Men Annual 2001 (mentioned)

Powers: create localized gravity fields to affect inorganic matter, placing a gravitronic charge within an object to compress it into a small, high-density mass and then maneuver that gravity charge to propel the object at high velocities