Deadpool (2nd series) #57 / Deadpool : Agent of Weapon X #1

Issue Date: 
October 2001
Story Title: 
Deadpool : Agent of Weapon X - Part 1 : Facelift

Frank Tieri (writer), Georges Jeanty (penciler), Jon Holdredge (inker), Tom Chu (colors), Sharpefont’s Dave (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The Weapon X project is back. They have succesfully recruited Sabretooth, Garrison Kane, Mesmero, Wild Child and Sauron into their ranks and improved their abilities. The agents are used in crisis situations around the world, and their solutions are always permanent – none of them have doubts to kill. Deadpool is the next in line for recruitment, approiached by Sabretooth, Deadpool has no way to turn the “offer“ down. It’s either come along, or get killed. The project shows Wade that they can boost his damaged healing factor to regrowing his limbs, and removing the scars from his disfugured body. After experiencing one hour of looking normal, Deadpool accepts and undergoes treatment.

Full Summary: 

The Director thinks about how the Weapon X program flourishes quite nicely even though they failed to recruit Wolverine into their ranks. Much of the project’s succes is because of Sabretooth, who has successfully recruited other targets :

- Garrison Kane was an obvious choice, as he was already part of the previous Weapon X project, despite him only being a baseline human. Since joining the program Kane recieved many more bionic implants, like the artificial arms he already had, and now seems to be as much machine as man.

- Mesmero’s hypnotic powers were amplified. He is currently dealing with the war in Bosnia, by mass controlling the armies and ordering them to commit suicide.

- Sauron’s powers have been amplified to the point that he can now also drain energy from machines and not only living organisms. He is seen draining two military jets over Iraq and then uses the energy to blast the rest of their squad out of the sky.

- Wild Child, now bald and no longer in his anmalistic state, sniffs out a spy amony some possible suspects and kills him by biting his neck.
Deadpool is on a job. He watches a restaurant on the other side of the street through the targeting device of his rifle. Wade has been hired to protect a low level dirt bag by the name of Mario “Shorty“ Locasio from the crimeboss Don Vincenzo Pardo. They are currently meeting inside the restaurant and Pardo expects Locasio to pay his huge debts. Suddenly a clawed hand grabs Deadpool’s shoulder - it’s Sabretooth. Deadpool thinks he is being attacked, but Creed is not there to fight him. Yet it takes some time of smart mouthing and image inducing, before Deadpool is willing to listen and Sabretooth almost loses his temper. Finally Creed asks Wade to rejoin the Weapon X program. Deadpool, remembering the pain that he was caused by them in the past, turns the offer down, but Sabretooth replies that no is not a possible answer. Now a fight starts, but Deadpool’s bullets do Creed no harm, yet when he in turn is cut by the adamntium claws , Deadpool realizes that he is outmatched. He volunteers to come along. Before they leave, Deadpool wants to finish his job, but Sabretooth asks why, as Wade was already paid.
In the restaurant “Shorty“ feeling secure with Deadpool as his back-up assaults Don Vincenzo. He throws some food in his face and also admits to have slept with his daughter. As Padro’s bodyguards are moving in, Shorty realizes that something’s wrong; by now Deadpool should have fired the rifle, but Padro is still among the living. Uh-oh.
Deadpool is taken to the Weapon X facility and introduced to the scientists, Brent Jackson and the Director. Wade is shocked to see an even more disfigured face than his own, but soon snaps out of it and is making jokes again. The Director explains that the new project refrains from using the sadistic methods of their predecessors; in fact they want to help their mutant recruit in solving their problems. Deadpool points out that he is no mutant, but the Director already knew that. Yet his disfigurement would brandmark him an outcast from society as well, and the project has a solution. All of a sudden Sabretooth grabs Deadpool and holds him in place to receive a syringe. The Director promises that it is only a demonstration of what they can accomplish, and then chops off Wade’s right arm with an axe. Instantly it grows back, and much to ‘Pool’s surprise, without scars. Wade pulls off his mask and his face too is smooth again. The Director explains that they repaired his degenerated healing factor, yet the effects are only temporary for about an hour. Should he want permanent treatment, Deadpool has to join the Weapon X program.
In Iowa, a mother is talking to her kid to not get excited. Yet the kid is unable to calm down and suddenly their house explodes.
Deadpool has been allowed some personal time to think through his options. He is in a park, blending in with the crowd without having to use an image inducer. While thinking, Wade spits on people walking below the bridge that he is standing on and enjoys looking normal. After the hour has passed, his face is scarred again, and people point at him. Deadpool returns to the project and accepts the offer to join. He is taken to a lab, and undergoes some kind of treatment.

Characters Involved: 


Mario “Shorty“ Locasio, a criminal

Don Vincenzo Pardo, crime boss
The Director, head of the Weapon X program

Garrison Kane, Mesmero, Sabretooth, Sauron, Wild Child (all recruits of the Weapon X program)

Brent Jackson, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Dr. Duncan, Dr. Zira (scientists of the Weapon X program)

Story Notes: 

The storyline about the new Weapon X program continues from Wolverine #166.

Before Deadpool is taken away by Sabretooth, he uses his image inducer to pretend to be Joe Pesci's character in the movie, Goodfellas.

When Mesmero orders the army to kill themselves, he paraphrases Robert Duvall in the movie Apocalypse Now when he says "Oh I do so love the smell of suicide in the morning." In the movie, it is the smell of napalm he enjoys.

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