Publication Date: 
27th Aug 2015
Real Name

Calvin Montgomery Rankin

Former Aliases



6' 2"

Hair Color




First Appearance

X-Men (1st series) #19

Known Relatives

Ronald Rankin (father, deceased)


former mercenary, former student,
former teacher

Group Affiliation

formerly Dark X-Men, Excalibur,
Brotherhood of Mutants, X-Men


• mutagenic proximity field performs a
full-spectrum genetic and psychomimetic
scan on anyone nearby, causing him to
assimilate their strength, intelligence,
personal skills, and any superhuman endowments
• permanently possesses the power templates of the original X-Men, giving him superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, eyesight and hearing, telepathic and telekinetic abilities, exotic power beams fired from his eyes by metabolizing sunlight, the ability to cool and condense moisture to create ice, and large feathered wings that allow him to fly
• formerly possessed a skin-to-skin contact limit to his mimicry power, a siphoning effect that drained his victims of their life energy and power while he mimicked them, and was once frozen in Wolverine’s shape and powers