Publication Date: 
28th Oct 2016
Written By: 
Real Name

Karl Lykos


5' 9" (as Lykos), 7' (as Sauron)


170 lbs. (as Lykos), 200 lbs. (as Sauron)

Hair Color

Brown (as Lykos),
None (as Sauron)


Brown, (as Lykos)

First Appearance

X-Men (1st series) #59

Known Relatives

Father (deceased)


Scientist, physician, mad science teacher, former government agent

Group Affiliation

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants IV, Weapon X Program III, Beast Brood (Savage Land Mutates), Hellfire Academy, United Prehistoric Insurgency


• Non-mutant variant scratched with a virus by mutant pterodactyls, providing him with the ability and psychological compulsion to absorb life-energy from other beings, weakening and potentially killing his prey while revitalizing his own metabolism and stamina, healing wounds, and ultimately triggering the transformation into Sauron the Pterodactyl Man; mutant life-energy provides greater energy and a faster transformation process
• As Sauron, possesses superhuman strength, speed, aerial agility, endurance, and reaction time, hardened scales for increased durability, leathery wings for flight, sharpened talons and beak, the ability to boost his power levels with even more absorbed life energy, and a hypnotic stare, allowing him to place people in a trance through eye contact, forcing them to sleep, cause hallucinations by altering their perceptions, manipulate their long-term memories, or otherwise influence their behavior
• Genetic modification by the Weapon X Program enabled him to absorb new sources of energy, such as kinetic force or electromagnetism, and then rechannel that energy as blasts from his hands, as well as providing him the mental stability to maintain a single personality while shifting between Lykos and Sauron forms at will; early modifications cost him his intelligence and hypnotic abilities while repositioning his wings to his backside