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In the year 3015, more than a thousand years after the mutants had left the planet of their birth, Haven was being hailed by a starship from Earth. The Nine reacted quite differently to these news; some believed that the legends of the Over-Men were indeed true and the end of their rule was nigh, while Mindscan mentally probed the ship and discovered that it was carrying various super-humans. Rancor perceived it as a challenge to her rule and decided to ignore the hails. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #8]

While patrolling the city, Bat-Wing and Rhodney ran into Giraud, a member of the human resistance cell, and randomly picked him for questioning and target practice. Giraud, however, surprised the two mutants with his combat training and ran away, hoping to lose his pursuers in some narrow alleys. When he reached a dead-end, he was quite lucky to have Starhawk of the Guardians of the Galaxy rescue him and take him aboard their ship. There, Giraud filled in the Guardians, whom he too perceived to be the Over-Men from myth, on his planet’s history.

The arrival of the Guardians of the Galaxy couldn’t have come at a worse time for Rancor, as one of her lieutenants was secretly siding with the underground movement. In fact, Bear met with his friend of the resistance group to fill them in on the latest news, but he inadvertently led his fellow mutants right to them. Tapping into Blockade’s unique bio-signature, Sidestep could teleport other members of the Nine to the headquarters of the resistance, and they slaughtered everyone present.

The Guardians decided to get involved, with one half seeking out Queen Rancor and the other mingling with the public. As soon as Rancor learned that strangers were willing to listen to the slave population, she took the Guardians team hostage and threatened to kill them. This didn’t stop their teammates from inspiring a full-fledged rebellion. Thousands of humans began to revolt, and they tore down Magneto’s statue in front of the Nine’s tower. During the battle, there were casualties on both sides. Rhodney and Blaster both were among the victims, and Blockade lost his sight after being shot in the eyes.

While all this was going on, the planet was growing more and more unstable. Starhawk had taken Giraud to a nearby volcano, where the Phoenix Force had remained dormant for the past 500 years. Starhawk was well aware that the Force would sense a certain potential within the young Havenian and, in order to save his people, Giraud agreed to merge with the Force and become its avatar – even if it meant risking losing his own life. Him being the ninth avatar of the Force, Giraud became Phoenix IX. He used his incredible powers to power up the teleporters of the Guardians’s ship – transporting Haven’s entire population to Mainframe’s world. Right afterwards, Giraud gave in to the Phoenix Force’s hunger and consumed his own planet. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #9-11]

To end the thread he posed as Phoenix, Giraud agreed to be put in stasis and under psychic dampeners, [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #12] but before long another threat required him becoming involved. However, once that villain had been defeated, Giraud felt that he could keep the hunger in check and no longer needed to be kept unconscious. Instead, he joined the Galactic Guardians – an off-shoot of the Guardians, who answered to threats on a more cosmic level. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #2]

Barely having escaped Haven’s destruction due to Sidestep’s teleportation power, Rancor found herself no longer a queen of an entire planet but the leader of a mere five subjects. Without a home or any tiresome royal duties, though, she decided to clear up a long mystery – the fate of her ancestor, Wolverine. From a museum on a remote planet in the Shi’ar galaxy, Rancor and her lieutenants recovered the adamantium claw that Logan had lost in the battle with Gladiator. Rancor had an old alien with psychometric powers examine the claw to tell her whether Wolverine was still alive, but the alien’s cryptic reply was that the answer to Rancor’s question could only be found on Earth. To cover their tracks, Rancor killed both the museum curator and the old alien. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #19-20]
Upon arriving on Earth, the six mutants went to Madripoor to question for Wolverine’s whereabouts and, as usual, left a trail of corpses in their wake. Rancor and her followers demanded to learn the location of Wolverine, but none of the residents could provide them with an answer. In the palace of Madripoor’s ruler, though, Rancor picked up a scent that she identified as belonging to someone blood-related to her. Given that she had never met Logan herself, she couldn’t know for sure whether it was his trail or some other relative’s.

The mutants’ rampage didn’t go unnoticed, for they soon found themselves once more engaging the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were on Earth to visit old friends. When Mindscan briefly manipulated the most powerful Guardian, Starhawk, into attacking his own team, it seemed that the mutants would escape, but eventually the Guardians caught up with them. With Sidestep knocked out, Rancor and her followers had no other choice but to fight their way out. In Talon, the Guardians newest member, Rancor found her match. Not only did the feline Inhuman count sharp claws and agility among his own powers, but he had years of combat experience on his hand. With his prehensile tail, Talon managed to wrest the adamantium blade that used to be Logan’s claw from Rancor’s grip – an act she considered a personal insult. Just as the six mutants were about to be defeated, though, they were teleported away by an unseen party. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #21-23]

As it turned out, the events in Madripoor had been observed by a survivor of the late 20th century – Dr. Doom. He kept the six mutants prisoner in an impenetrable force doom for weeks, driving rancor nearly crazy. When Dr. Doom finally revealed himself, Rancor immediately attacked him, but was easily overpowered by the technology built into Doom’s armor. The former Latverian ruler then revealed his plan to reinstall the so-called RealiTee-Vee, a very effective method of mass manipulation. Along the broadcasted audio and video signals, the technology also released a highly addictive, odorless gas. The broadcasting facility had recently been destroyed by the Guardians of the Galaxy and needed to be rebuilt.

When Rancor told Doom that she and her people were no repair crew, he exposed them to a few hours of RealiTee-Vee just to demonstrate its effects and to make it very clear that he wouldn’t take No for an answer. Additionally, as a gesture of good faith, he also returned Wolverine’s adamantium claw to Rancor as he had collected it from the battle-side in Madripoor. Realizing that for once she would have to rely on patience and discipline to beat an opponent, Rancor assured Doom her co-operation while secretly plotting his downfall. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #30-32]

Supervised by Rancor, the broadcasting facility was repaired in next to no time. While Sidestep teleported in more and more humans to work inside, Blockade, Batwing and Shaddo kept threatening and randomly beating them to increase their productivity. Mindscan, meanwhile, oversaw the construction of the broadcasting network. Eventually, Dr. Doom started RealiTee-Vee inside the facility again, running a program that would cause the human slaves to work themselves to death. After all, there were thousands of more potential laborers to replace the ones that would die.

Observing her new employer in action, Rancor couldn’t help but be impressed by Doom’s cruelty. Additionally, she discovered that she couldn’t hope to sneak up on him to attack him, as he was aware of her every move. As weeks went by, her lieutenants began to question whether Rancor had lost her edge. Batwing outright confronted her about it, to which she retaliated as usual - with violence. To teach him a lesson in humility, Rancor used the adamantium claw to scalp her fellow mutant.

Although his plans were proceeding faster than expected, Dr. Doom still wasn’t satisfied. In the hope of finding some super-powered slaves, he began scanning the moon for any surviving Inhumans. Once again, Rancor was impressed by Doom’s resourcefulness, yet she also had found his weak spot – his greed. Pretending that Mindscan had mentally located the Inhumans’ hideout on the moon, Rancor seized a small window of opportunity when Dr. Doom briefly let his guard down. She hurled the adamantium blade into Doom’s heart and broadcasted the scene live of RealiTee-Vee to publicly assume command of the slave colony. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #33-34, 36-37]

Rancor gloated a bit too soon though, as Dr. Doom was still alive. He pulled the adamantium blade out of his chest and hurled it at Rancor’s shoulder, while commenting that she should have her beloved ancestor’s claw back for he had the other five. In front of a shocked Rancor, he popped Wolverine’s claws only to slash open his own armor revealing that he not only possessed Wolverine’s claws but his entire adamantium skeleton. Shock quickly gave way to rage as Rancor realized that her forefather was long dead, apparently killed by Dr. Doom who had implanted his own brain inside his enemy’s adamantium skull. Pulling the blade out of her shoulder, Rancor engaged Doom in a duel, with the cameras still recording and broadcasting.

Although her lieutenants wanted to help her, Rancor mentally ordered Mindscan not to interfere, as this was her personal fight. Even if they had wanted to help their leader, the five other mutants soon found themselves busy otherwise, as the Guardians of the Galaxy returned to Earth. The mutants were quickly overpowered by the Guardians, while the battle between Rancor and Doom was still going on. What Rancor lacked in raw power, she made up in resourcefulness. First she rammed the adamantium blade in Doom’s eye socket, robbing him of his depth perception, and then used a high-voltage cable to short-circuit him. However, once again she underestimated her foe. While Rancor turned to the camera declaring herself victorious, Dr. Doom approached from behind her and impaled her.

At that point, the Guardians of the Galaxy intervened. As Dr. Doom made his escape, the lethally injured Rancor was taken to the sickbay of the Guardians’ spaceship. Due to her healing factor, she recovered a lot faster than expected. She stole a shuttle right under the Guardians’ nose and used the ships teleporters to bust her fellow mutants out of custody. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #38-39] Rancor’s team made their escape, but they didn’t travel very far. Their egos bruised, they chose to stay in the solar system and hide their ship behind the asteroid Ceres, from where they monitored the Guardians’ activities. As such, they visited their rival’s trip to the moon, as well as them being spirited away to Asgard, leaving their ship on auto-pilot.

Although they couldn’t have known how much time they would have, Rancor couldn’t let such an opportunity go to waste. Inspecting the Blue Area of the moon, the mutants soon found a remnant community of Inhumans living in tunnels beneath the surface. As they had enslaved by Loki only recently, the Inhumans had little defenses to put up against Rancor’s lieutenants and Mindscan mentally eradicated the little rebellious impulses they had left. Upon Rancor’s orders, the Inhumans had to build a massive barge that the med-shuttle could tow through space. Once the craft was finished, the mutants and the Inhumans embarked on a journey to a new home, an inhabitable planet Rancor christened Haven II. Once there, the six mutants returned to the lifestyle they were accustomed to – being the small ruling elite of a slave population.

However, Rancor was also intent to get revenge on the Guardians of the Galaxy. Before they had left the moon’s orbit, she had ordered Sidestep and Mindscan to board the Guardians’ ship and re-programmed its defensive system to turn against the ship’s owners. Indeed, when the Guardians returned, they were rendered unconscious by a narcotic gas. Time and again they were knocked out, while their ship slowly took them to Haven II. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #4] During that time, the mutants set yet another evil plan in motion. With cell samples of Charlie-27, collected during their last fight, they were able to clone the strong Guardian. After torturing the clone for her own pleasure, Rancor had her lieutenants record a video of the clone planting a bomb, making it look like Charlie-27 was an intergalactic terrorist named Ripjack. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #46, 49-50]

When the ship carrying the unconscious guardians arrived, Sidestep immediately teleported Charlie-27 to the intergalactic authorities, whereas the other Guardians had to battle the mutants one-on-one. Rancor had carefully planned the duels, like pitting the size-changers Blockade and Yellowjacket against each other, or Mindscan telepathically screwing with the spiritual Yondu’s beliefs. Knowing that none of her subjects could outfight Starhawk all by their own, Rancor picked Sidestep to enter that lost conflict, while she herself faced talon once again. This time, rancor easily won, as Talon was still weakened due to a back injury he

recently received. Once he was properly restrained, Rancor revealed to Talon that revenge wasn’t her only reason to kidnap the Guardians. Almost being killed by Dr. Doom, she had realized that Wolverine’s line would have died with her. She wanted to change that, and she had picked Talon to be the father of her offspring. As she proceeded to impregnate herself against Talon’s will, the five lieutenants all lost their fights. Eventually Talon was set free and feeling humiliated and ashamed, he insisted that the Guardians leave immediately. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #4]

Never having been as bloodthirsty as her fellow mutants and quite angry that Rancor had deemed her expendable, Sidestep teleported to the Guardians of the Galaxy shortly thereafter, and pointed them to evidence with which they could clear Charlie-27’s name. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #52] Afterwards, though, she returned to Haven II.

Rancor either apparently never learned of Sidestep’s betrayal, or she didn’t care, as she mellowed somewhat over the next months. Being pregnant, she found herself at peace with herself and everyone else. She even managed to empathize with the many Inhuman females in the breeding program Rancor had set up to produce the next generation of slaves. [Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #4] Several months later, Rancor gave birth to her heir, a mutant/Inhuman hybrid son, whom she named Talogan. [Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #61]

It is currently unknown whether Talogan possessed any super-powered abilities, as in the past sometimes mutant and Inhuman genes canceled each other out. Whatever the case, it should only be a matter of time before Talon will pay Haven II another visit to try liberating his people and reclaiming his child.