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X-Men Prime and Excalibur (1st series) #87 state that the Sugar Man (he crossed over from the Age of Apocalypse twenty years in the past) was responsible for creating the mutate bonding process. The Genegineer received it from his hands.


Uncanny X-Men #235: Right before he is killed, a Genoshan citizen is able to hide his baby in an airplane leaving for Australia. The Press Gang (Punchout, Pipeline and Hawkshaw) travel to Australia to retrieve both the baby and a former Genoshan nurse, Jenny Ransome. In the same incident, Madelyne Pryor gets in the way and is taken captive too. Later, when the Press Gang take the baby from a nearby hospital, the X-Men intervene. Pipeline teleports some Magistrates, as reinforcements and the Genoshan forces are able to capture Wolverine and Rogue. They escape, leaving some of the Magistrates behind.
Uncanny X-Men #236: In Genosha, Wipeout cancels the powers of Rogue and Wolverine. Probing the Magistrates left behind Psylocke learns that in Genosha every citizen is tested for mutant genes. If tested positive, one becomes property of the state. In a special process designed by Genegineer David Moreau, the person is stripped of any free will and turned into a mutate to serve the state. Genetic material is taken to create more mutates. The Genegineer's son, Philip Moreau, is shocked to discover that the same fate is in store for Jenny Ransome, his girlfriend, who tested as a mutant too.
Uncanny X-Men #237: A bar fight ends badly for Philip Moreau, as he is thrown on a train headed for a mutate camp. This could have meant certain death, because the mutate process is terminal for humans. Though powerless, Rogue and Wolverine escape from prison and they rescue Philip Moreau. An attempt to test Madelyne Pryor for mutant powers results in a lab explosion. Meanwhile, the X-Men arrive in Genosha.
Uncanny X-Men #238: Rogue, Logan and Philip examine the mutate camp only to end up captured again by Chief Magistrate Anderson. Jenny Ransome undergoes the mutate process. Just in time, before Madelyne is killed, the X-Men arrive to rescue them all. Psylocke forces Wipeout to undo his power-negating effect on Rogue and Wolverine. Havok blasts the Magistrates citadel. Philip and Jenny decide to leave the island nation.

In between

  • Cameron Hodge was spokesman for X-Factor but was also secretly a mutant hater. During Inferno, he made a deal with N'astirh and gained immortality, as such he did not die when Archangel chopped his head off. Unfortunately for him, Hodge had to discover that being immortal can be a curse, as he now needed to rely on an ugly robotic spider-like body.
  • To escape from the approaching Reavers, Havok, Colossus, Dazzler and Psylocke saw no other chance but to step through the Siege Perilous. They knew that this would mean that their lives would be judged, and that they would eventually re-appear somewhere else on Earth, no longer remembering their former lives as X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #251]
  • Chronology continued

    Uncanny X-Men #259: In New York, Philip and Jenny are attacked by Pipeline and some more Magistrates. Jenny soon discovers that her body is programmed to obey the orders given by the Magistrates, and that she is unable to defend herself. Fortunately, right at that moment, the amnesiac Colossus emerges from the Siege Perilous and helps them. The Magistrates are put into police custody, but escape when Pipeline is allowed to make a phone call, enabling him to digitalize all of the Magistrates and send them back to Genosha.
    Uncanny X-Men #260, X-Factor (1st series) #54: Jenny and Philip invite Colossus to live with them in their loft. They soon become friends, and the two former Genoshans encourage Colossus to become a promising new artist.
    Uncanny X-Men #262: Pipeline teleports Chief Magistrate Anderson and Genosha's foreign minister to the White House. A discussion with Val Cooper regarding the fate of Philip Moreau and Jenny Ransome, whom the Genoshans consider a “piece of bio-technology” brings no results.
    Uncanny X-Men #264: The Press Gang and Wipeout once again attempt to abduct Jenny and Philip, who are currently residing in X-Factor's headquarters. After being defeated, the Genoshans claim to have diplomatic immunity and leave.
    X-Tinction Agenda
    [ Uncanny X-Men #270-272, New Mutants (1st series) #95-97, X-Factor (1st series) #60-62 ]

    - Genosha wants to put the X-Men on trial for the "crimes" they committed on their island. They attack Xavier's school and kidnap Storm and four of the New Mutants: Wolfsbane, Boom-Boom, Rictor and Warlock. In the eyes of the Genoshans, the New Mutants are guilty by association. Surprisingly, one of the attacking Magistrates is Havok.
    - After being teleported (by Pipeline) to Genosha and stripped of their powers (by Wipeout), the prisoners learn the true face of the enemy. Cameron Hodge, an arch-enemy of X-Factor, has taken control of the island.
    - Warlock spends his last energies helping the others escape. On her way out of the citadel, Rahne learns that Hodge plans to transfer Warlocks shapeshifting power to himself. She is able to prevent the transfer, but not Warlocks death. She herself is captured again and turned into a mutate.
    - Meanwhile, the remaining New Mutants and X-Men contact X-Factor for a rescue mission.
    - The Genegineer starts to disagree with Hodge, yet President Reneau orders him to go along.
    - The rescue team arrives on Genosha's coast and encounters a full team of Magistrates. Cyclops is shocked to discover Havok as one of them. He attempts to restore his memory but Pipeline teleports Havok and the Magistrates out.
    - Traveling through South Asia, Wolverine, Psylocke and Jubilee, learned of their friends' fates through the news. They make their way to Genosha and rescue Boom-Boom and Rictor from being re-captured by a team of Magistrates. Jubilee is left to care for the powerless couple, while Psylocke and Logan, disguised as Magistrates, infiltrate the citadel.
    - Storm hides in the Genegineer's office and takes him hostage, but she is easily defeated by Hodge and is then turned into a mutate too.
    - Ironically, it’s Havok who discovers the infiltrators and captures Logan and Psylocke.
    - One half of the rescue team (Jean, Cable, Gambit, Forge and Sunspot) attacks the Magistrates' citadel, but they are easily captured thanks to Wipeout using his power to cancel theirs.
    - The other half of the rescue team (Cyclops, Banshee, Cannonball, Archangel, Beast and Iceman) try a different approach. Disguising themselves as mutates, they make their way into the citadel, only to be discovered as well. Upon seeing his brother, Cyclops, being beaten by Hodge, Havok remembers who he was before he stepped through the Siege Perilous.
    - A mock trial takes place, the X-Men are found guilty, they are given the choice between a life as a mutate or death. They choose death and are handed over to Hodge.
    - Havok secretly tries to help the X-Men.
    - Anderson and Moreau are plotting behind Hodge's back. They even contact Wipeout to help. However, Hodge learns of their plans and kills Wipeout to insure the X-Men remain powerless; framing Havok for the murder.
    - Outside the citadel, Jubilee, Rictor and Boom-Boom observe the Genegineer as he enters the citadels substructure to plant a bomb.
    - Anderson takes the mutate Storm to the X-Men, who have just freed themselves. As Storm throws a lightning bolt at Cyclops something strange happens. Storm is restored to adulthood and regains her free will. At the same time, Cyclops' optic blast returns. Anderson reveals that Storm was the Genegineer's secret weapon. Instead of being turned into a mutate, she received the ability to restore the others’ powers.
    - The explosion from the bomb causes much confusion. Havok is able to escape from prison. Hodge kills the Genegineer for destroying his lab and his plans.
    - Storm returns all of her teammates powers except for Wolfsbane, whose powers can't be restored properly since she underwent the mutate process. However as long as she stays in her wolf-form, she has a free will, but if she ever changes back to her human form, she will be a mindless mutate once again.
    - United the X-Men fight and defeat Hodge; Rictor destroys the citadel. Led by Anderson, the Magistrates turn against their government and take control of Genosha. Havok and Wolfsbane stay in Genosha to make sure that the new government cares for mutant rights.
    X-Men (2nd series) #1-3: A fight between the X-Men and Magneto's Acolytes causes major damage in Genosha. Due to UN sanctions, the Genoshans have not enough firepower to defend themselves. Anderson calls the UN for help and is quite angry to see that instead of providing them with immediate help, the UN are in disagreement and begin to debate about the best way to respond.

    In between

  • President Reneau suffered a nervous breakdown and was left in psychological care. [mentioned in X-Factor (1st series) #62]
  • Still immortal, Cameron Hodge eventually re-surfaced as a part of the techno-organic collective known as the Phalanx. [Uncanny X-Men #313]
  • When Val Cooper organized a new X-Factor team, she traveled to Genosha and convinces Havok into becoming the group’s new leader. Wolfsbane joins the team as well. [X-Factor (1st series) #71]
  • Fabian Cortez, one of the original Acolytes, betrayed Magneto and tried to kill him. He hoped that Magneto would become a martyr, with Cortez then using the dead man’s legacy to surrounding himself with a group of worshippers. For a time his plan worked, but when Fabian's followers learned of the truth, he was banished from the Acolytes. [Uncanny X-Men #304]
  • Chronology continued

    X-Factor (1st series) #81: A ship full of Genoshan refugees arrives in New York harbor. They have already been turned away from four other nations, and this time they won't leave until they are granted asylum in the US.
    X-Factor (1st series) #82: Since the situation in Genosha has changed, the immigration office sees no reason for granting political asylum. X-Factor is called to deal with the superpowered refugees. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants IV also arrives at the harbor and they invite the refugees to join their ranks. During the fight between the two teams, the X-Patriots (Prodigal, Pirouette, Lucas and a few more unnamed characters) stay neutral. After X-Factor wins, they offer to take the X-Patriots back to Genosha, to show them that the country has truly changed.
    X-Factor (1st series) #83-84: Jenny Ransome and Philip Moreau try to talk to the X-Patriots. They have founded a Genoshan Awareness League but the X-Patriots are not interested. X-Factor divides the X-Patriots into smaller groups taking them on sight-seeing tours of New York. In an art museum, one of them named Taylor is beaten up by a group of mutant haters and is taken to a nearby hospital.
    X-Factor (1st series) #85: While X-Factor is away on a mission, Madrox is assigned to watch the X-Patriots, who are staying at the hospital with their ill comrade. Lukas and Prodigal seem to have other plans, though, as they knock out their guard.
    X-Factor (1st series) #88-91: The local authorities call mutant-for-hire Random to deal with the X-Patriots. X-Factor interrupts the fight between them and, after seeing that Taylor gets the required treatment, they board a plane to Genosha. The new Genoshan president gives them a warm welcome. Pirouette returns home to her grandmother. Prodigal is offered a seat in the new government as a voice for mutate rights. Sasha Ryan is introduced as the new Genegineer. She not only works herself through old documents about the mutate process, but also works on the Legacy epidemic that has fallen many of the Genoshan mutates. [Note: There is a scene where Ryan is reporting to some mutant-hater. This subplot was never followed upon, but in interviews was revealed that Ryan’s employer was supposed to be Hulk villain Armageddon.]
    Avengers (1st series) #367, Bloodties crossover: Fabian Cortez fuels the mutates' rebellion against the Genoshan government, resulting in the deaths of the Sasha Ryan, the new president and several other officials. The Avengers and the X-Men arrive in Genosha to deal with Cortez and the rebellion. Exodus, himself appointed heir of Magneto, gets involved as well and tries to liberate Genosha's mutate population from the renegade Acolyte. Along with Professor X, Jenny Ransome and Philip Moreau travel to Genosha too, and they meet with Renee Majcomb, leader of a resistance group consisting of both mutates and humans. Together, they prevent the slaughtering of hundreds of mutates. As the heroes defeat Exodus and Cortez, the battle ends, but the hatred is still exists. Jenny and Philip decide to stay in Genosha.
    Excalibur (1st series) #85: The economy of Genosha collapses as the mutates no longer work for free. The citizens are again in street fights. Excalibur heads to Genosha to investigate.
    X-Men Prime, Excalibur (1st series) #87: Excalibur comes close to finding out the real person responsible for the Genosha's mutate process - the Sugar Man. Jenny Ransome has become the island nation’s interim governor.
    Cable (2nd series) #22, Uncanny X-Men #326: Cable prevents the Magistrates Hawkshaw and Pipeline from abducting the Genoshan scientist Renee Majcomb, who is on her way to a conference about the Legacy Virus.
    Cable (2nd series) #26-28: The Press Gang (with new member Gunshot) get a tip where the Genoshan rebels have their quarters. Cable and Domino help Jenny Ransome and Philip Moreau to defend the rebels from the Magistrates. They drive them off and before Pipeline can teleport himself out after his teammates, Cable enters his mind, ordering him to stop. Together they follow a tip from Sinister and discover the Sugar Man as the secret benefactor, responsible for the mutate bonding process which he handed over to the former Genegineer, David Moreau. The Sugar Man takes Philip Moreau hostage and leaves with him, setting off a self-destruct sequence in the process. Fortunately Cable is able to disarm the bomb before it goes off.
    X-Man Annual '96: The Sugar Man uses the life forces of captured mutates to power a gateway back to the past of the Age of Apocalypse. Nate Grey gets sucked into the gate, but eventually travels back through the 616 reality, causing the gateway to implode.
    Cable (2nd series) #40: Cable rescues Dr. Renee Majcomb and a mutate named Nils Styger from an agent of Operation: Zero Tolerance. Majcomb is working on a cure for the Legacy virus, with Styger functioning both as her bodyguard and test subject, since he has been infected with the virus.
    Quicksilver #1: The Acolytes make use of a huge mutate army to conquer Wundagore Mountain. The mutates were later referred to as having been "dispatched." [Theory: This mutate army might be the same horde of no-name Acolytes that appeared in the Magneto miniseries.]
    Fantastic Four (3rd series) #10-12: The Genoshan Press Gang along with Jenny Ransome and Fantastic Four villain, the Trapster, kidnap Mr. Fantastic and transport him to Genosha. His teammates come after him but, once they are on Genosha, they fall into the hands of Crucible and Ayesha, who are fueling the recent rebellions. Crucible switches the minds of the Fantastic Four members with those of three mutates, who then use the heroes’ powers to aid their rebellion. Stuck in powerless bodies, the Fantastic Four search for Mr. Fantastic and run into Chief Anderson. As it turns out, the ruling party wanted Mr. Fantastic’s help against Crucible and, fearing he would deny their request, they decided to take him by force. Together, the Fantastic Four defeat Crucible and are returned to their right bodies. They discover that their old enemies, the Enclave, are behind Crucible. In the resulting battle, the Enclave, Crucible, Ayesha and Anderson are all apparently killed.

    In between

  • Renee Majcomb stayed in contact with Charles Xavier, and would occasionally help him out, such as when Xavier placed the little Mannite Nina in her care. [Onslaught Epilogue]
  • It is unknown to where the Sugar Man escaped when his secret labs were exposed. Many months later, he was again spotted in a secluded base in Genosha, but whether he spent the entire time on the island is questionable. [Excalibur (2nd series) #9-10]
  • The fact the Philip Moreau was captured by the Sugar Man seems to have been completely forgotten. In the Magneto Rex limited series, he reappeared on Genosha without further explanation. How he got free and what the Sugar Man may have done to him remains a mystery.
  • After the destruction of their orbital base, Avalon, the Acolytes fell apart. Cortez used this chance to get involved with the Acolytes again, trying to rally them into staying together and keep Magneto’s dream alive. [Magneto #1-4]
  • Magneto himself was missing since the fall of Avalon. It was later discovered that Magneto had returned to the Savage Land to plot his next scheme. [Uncanny X-Men #350] He could do so undisturbed, as the X-Men believed their latest member, Joseph, to be a rejuvenated and reformed Magneto. In actuality, he was a clone.
  • Chronology continued

    X-Men (2nd series) #86, Uncanny X-Men #367, X-Men (2nd series) #87: During the Magneto War, the UN need the help of a mutant expert but, as Professor Xavier is unavailable, they call Dr. Alda Huxley instead. She just spent 18 month in the war-torn Genosha, and presents the UN another solution to the Magneto problem than the usual "shoot nuclear weapons at him." Reasoning that Genosha has enough problems of its own that would to keep him busy (Legacy epidemic, civil war, famine), Huxley suggests for the UN to offer Magneto to take over the island nation and try to turn it into a safe haven for mutants. While the UN debate the issue, Huxley destroys incoming reports that the Magneto War has already ended with Magneto’s defeat, as such ensuring that the UN deciding in favor of her suggestion. Magneto accepts to rule Genosha, keeping the fact secret that he lost nearly all his powers and doesn’t pose a real threat anymore.
    Uncanny X-Men #368: The UN officially hand the position of consultant on genetic mutation, formerly inhabited by Xavier, to Alda Huxley. Magneto travels to his new country.
    Magneto takes over
    [ Magneto Rex #1-3 ]

    - Magneto arrives in Genosha and painfully learns that not everyone is happy to have him there. Because of his weakened powers, he almost dies in an attack by Magistrates. Luckily, a mutate saves him.
    - Amelia Voght is assigned by Magneto to watch over his son, Quicksilver. When Quicksilver discovers that he is being followed, he demands that she takes him to his father. Pietro is surprised when she teleports him to Genosha, as he hadn’t heard of the takeover. Unknown by them, Pietro and Amelia are being watched by a group of mutates, their leader is Mutate 665.
    - Magneto is filled in on recent events on Genosha: upon hearing of Magneto's imminent arrival, many humans fled the island. The Magistrates were forced to pull back to protect their fleeing countrymen making it easy for the mutate rebels to take over the citadel and establish an interim council consisting of Philip Moreau, Jennifer Ransome, Pipeline (former Magistrate who switched sides) and Alda Huxley, Genosha's voice in the UN.
    - Rogue departs to Genosha as well, wanting to talk to Magneto one more time.
    - The council informs Magneto of a new threat: a fanatical band of mutates who are against Magneto as the new ruler of Genosha. These mutates are led by Zealot, formerly known as mutate 665, who happens to be the brother of Philip Moreau.
    - On the streets, Quicksilver is captured by Zealot’s forces. As Amelia wonders what to do, she sees Rogue arriving.
    - Magneto asks Pipeline to teleport him to Fabian Cortez. Needing him to up-power him on regular basis (to hide his current weakness), he offers Cortez a place among his Genoshan cabinet and forgiveness for all former double-crossing.
    - Rogue and Amelia spy on the Zealot's mutates group and learn that they plan to make a statement by killing Quicksilver, the son of their hated Magneto.
    - Magneto demands full sovereignty from the UN, and he destroys some of their aircrafts and satellites as they are invading Genoshan space.
    - Amelia and Rogue come to the citadel and inform Magneto about Pietro's imminent execution, but he gives them a cold shoulder; as Quicksilver always opposed him he couldn't care less. Rogue realizes that the Magneto she once knew and came to talk to may no longer exist. The women then start a rescue operation on their own.
    - The various council members are surprised of Magneto's fast pace, yet they stand with him for the time being; believing that he could actually deal with Genosha's various problems. However some of the less loyal members, such as Cortez and Alda Huxley, have already started scheming behind his back.
    - Amelia and Rogue manage to reach Quicksilver's holding cell but Amelia is wounded in the process. As they try to leave, they are suddenly confronted by Zealot's forces. Fortunately for them, Pipeline teleports the rest of the council to the scene. Magneto also shows up, not out of concern, but because he wants to deal with the Zealot once and for all.
    - During the fight, Magneto is almost crushed to death by Zealot, but Quicksilver, using Cortez to augment his powers, helps his father. Afterwards, Magneto engulfs the Zealot in metal coils and sending him into outer space to die.
    - Disgusted with his actions, Rogue leaves and Pietro is about to do the same, However Amelia shows him the Legacy camps in Genosha. Thinking that his father really could change the conditions in this country, Quicksilver decides to stay on Genosha to observe and if needed, oppose his father, acting as a voice of conscience and reason.
    - Magneto announces that he intends to completely close Genosha's borders within 48 hours, allowing anyone wanting to leave the country time do so.
    - Once they are alone, Magneto thanks Amelia for her performance. The whole time her real task was to lure Quicksilver into staying on the island.
    X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #24: Magneto and his cabinet start to rebuild Genosha. Not only do they have to deal with the real threat of Famine, which is even more embellished due to the lack of support from any other country, but they also have to deal with the sheer magnitude of legacy-carrying patients in the camps and former Magistrates banding together into resistant groups.
    Fantastic Four (3rd series) #21: Some mutates flee the island and live in refugee camps in Tanzania. Hercules defends them when military forces try to rob them of what little they have left. The Fantastic Four in need of Hercules' help, join the fight and quickly the battle is won.
    X-Force (1st series) #94-95: X-Force joins Pete Wisdom and secretly enters Genosha to retrieve a friend of his, who was turned into an artificial intelligence. They manage to evade street fights between the Acolytes and the Magistrates, but are spotted by Jenny Ransome who alerts Quicksilver to their presence. He asks her not to inform Magneto, wanting to deal with the situation himself. However, X-Force is not in the mood for talking; they defeat Quicksilver and go on with their mission. On the way out, they run into Magneto. When Jesse Aaronson shuts down the island's main power grid, Amelia calls Magneto for help against the invading forces, forcing him to let X-Force go. Quicksilver later reveals that he could have intervened and stopped X-Force leaving the country but, since they did not come with bad intentions, he let them go.
    X-Men (2nd series) #96: Xavier contacts Magneto about Apocalypse and the Twelve. Right before he leaves for the meeting, Magneto requires another of Cortez's hypercharges. Of course he knows that Cortez can't be trusted but, for the time being, he has no other choice.
    Uncanny X-Men Annual '99: During Magneto's absence, Exodus mentally disguises himself as Magneto and takes his place. None of the council members recognize the imposter. Exodus tries to make up for the crimes of his past, and he stops the civil war on Genosha by putting every single mind under his mental control. Having been assigned to an undercover mission on Genosha, Forge and Multiple Man alert the few X-Men that aren't involved in the Twelve incident with Apocalypse, and they stop Exodus. Naturally, once the mental hold is off, the war starts anew.
    X-Men (2nd series) #98: Magneto discovers that he could use Polaris to tap into the Earth's magnetic field, realizing that it would mean he would no longer need Cortez, He asks her to join him on Genosha.
    Uncanny X-Men #379: Cortez is already talking about treason to the other Acolytes (apart from Amelia) as Magneto returns with Polaris. Magneto proves to Cortez in a painful way that he no longer requires his power upgrades. Polaris worries about the risk she takes joining Magneto, yet hoping to help to stop the war in Genosha she thinks she is doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Beast and Iceman illegally enter the island to study the Legacy patients. Later that day, the High Evolutionary causes all mutants to revert to the baseline humans they would be without the X-factor gene.
    X-Men (2nd series) #99: In Genosha, Beast and Iceman meet the powerless Magneto, Polaris and some Acolytes fighting the rebels. Having an escape vessel made only for two, they hand it over to Iceman and Beast, so that they may inform the X-Men of the fast degenerating condition of the Genoshan mutates, whose physical reactions to the Evolutionary's manipulations are threatening their very lives.
    Uncanny X-Men #380: As the X-Men turn off the Evolutionary's device all mutant powers return. Fully powered again, Magneto and his Acolytes beat the Magistrates and retake the capital. Genosha’s mutant population celebrates Magneto, but later in his secret quarters "he" meets with the real Magneto, shutting off an image inducer - "Magneto" is revealed to have been Polaris who posed for the still weakened Magneto. Not even Amelia Voght recognized it.
    Magneto rules
    [ Magneto Dark Seduction #1-4 ]

    - About six months later Magneto's forces have brought the whole island under their control, except for a small village called Carrion Cove. However, supplies are running out and Alda Huxley asks the UN for help. Since the UN no longer considers Huxley trustworthy, they name a new liaison officer - the Scarlet Witch.
    - Quicksilver is very concerned about Polaris, who seems to be addicted to Magneto's power training. She constantly provides Magneto with a connection to Earth's magnetic field so that he no longer needs to rely on Cortez.
    - Led by a mayor Boerke, the people at Carrion Cove hide a deadly secret. To ensure it remains hidden, they have hired outside help - the Acolytes abandoned by Cortez: Senyaka, Barnacle, Rem-Ram. Kleinstock Brothers, Spoor, Projector and Static. A battle starts between them and a group of Magneto's followers (Cargill, Scanner, Pipeline, Jenny Ransome and Philip Moreau).
    - By making use of a long range transmitter, Cortez secretly provides the abandoned Acolytes with his power-ups, so that they can hold their ground against Magneto's forces. Suddenly, though, the connection breaks down.
    - Quicksilver heads into Carrion Cove and is ambushed by Voght, who went there to investigate before him. Voght has apparently switched sides, but when Quicksilver uncovers the secret of Carrion Cove, he also feels that it is too dangerous to fall into the hands of Magneto. He wants to order Pipeline to stop the fighting, but Pipeline has decided to separate himself from Magneto. He wants to win back Genosha from any outside interference and, with the secret of Carrion Cove, he might achieve just that. He digitalizes both Voght and Quicksilver into his transmat pad and destroys it.
    - The Scarlet Witch observes the prospering country’s growth and can’t help but be impressed. Still, she doesn't trust Magneto.
    - It was the UN who provided Cortez with the technology to power the renegade Acolytes. However, with the transmitter breaking down, they are easily defeated. As such, the UN decides to send in the Avengers to protect Carrion Cove instead; arriving at the same time as Magneto's forces invade the village. During the fight between the Avengers and Magneto's troops, Pipeline releases Voght and Quicksilver from their state. Quicksilver sides with the Avengers, but all of them are held at bay by Magneto. He draws more and more power out of Polaris and creating an avalanche in inhabited areas to distract the Avengers.
    - While the Avengers and Polaris are busy saving the citizens, Magneto rushes off to the secret caves near Carrion Cove, where he meets the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Hidden in the caves are the machines of the Sugar Man and Magneto realizes he can use them to regain his full power. Even though the twins and Polaris do all they can to prevent the process, they are too late; Magneto's magnetic might is fully restored and brought to its peak.
    - In the meantime, Philip Moreau and Alda Huxley discovered Cortez' involvement in the crisis around Carrion Cove and have him arrested. In exchange for valuable information she can use against the UN, Alda Huxley arranges for Cortez to leave the country.
    - Magneto faces the Avengers once more. Demonstrating his vast powers, he picks up the escaping Cortez from 50 miles away and hurls him to the battlefield, crushing him to death. He then easily defeats the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and banishes them from his island along with his son, Quicksilver. Polaris also decides to leave Magneto’s side, but secretly she and Quicksilver sneak back onto the island.
    - Pipeline realizes that there is no way to win the island back from Magneto that day, and teleports away to prepare for another rebellion.
    - The remaining loyal followers of Magneto wonder about what the future has in store for them.
    [Note: During the whole storyline Magneto was in telepathic contact with a yet unidentified person.]
    X-Men (2nd series) #111: With the Legacy virus cured overnight, Magneto suddenly has an army of superpowered mutates at his disposal. He prepares troops to launch a war against humanity. Quicksilver has been found by Magneto and exiled from Genosha a second time, this time though Magneto severely beat his son. Joanna Cargill has been made Genoshan Ambassador and speaks in front of the UN. In Magneto's name, she offers safety for any country that accepts Magneto as ruler. At the same time, Magneto captures Xavier as a symbol for his imminent war on the human race.
    Uncanny X-Men #392, X-Men (2nd series) #112, Uncanny X-Men #393, X-Men (2nd series) #113: While Cyclops and Wolverine secretly enter Genosha to help Polaris get the remaining humans off the island, Jean assembles an interim team of X-Men. One of them is Cargill, who had been captured by FBI agents. She is mentally controlled by Jean, who needs the tactical knowledge that she holds about the island. Once on Genosha, the X-Men entangle Magneto in an illusionary fight on the astral plane and free their mentor with the help of Amelia Voght. Magneto is startled and, before he can react, he is stabbed in the gut by Wolverine. Cargill and the other interim team members return with the X-Men to Westchester, but then decide to leave for personal reasons.
    New X-Men (1st series) #115-116 While Magneto is recovering from his injuries, a temporary peace returns to Genosha and the people living there, until Xavier’s heretofore unknown twin, Cassandra Nova, takes control of a breed of wild Sentinels. Cassandra orders the destruction of the world’s largest concentration of mutant signatures, and the new, ever-adapting Sentinels head towards Genosha. Once there, the mutant hunting robots go on a rampage, slaughtering Genosha’ population and combining into a huge Mega-Sentinel along the process. Confined to a wheelchair, Magneto is helpless to stop them and is apparently among the victims. Of the 16 million people living on the island, only a handful survives. One of them is Emma Frost, who was teaching a telepathic class in Hammer Bay. She survived the incident by manifesting a so called secondary mutation, the ability to transform into organic diamond, protecting her from the attack.
    Uncanny X-Men #431: Another survivor is Polaris, who protected herself in a magnetic force bubble. However, seeing countless people die right in front of her, effects her state of mind.

    In between

  • While 16 million people died on Genosha, there are no confirmed casualties other than Shadowcat’s father, Carmen Pryde. Even though no mutant himself, he had been living on Genosha for several months. What he had been doing there remains unclear, though he was still present when the Sentinels attacked. [X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #36]
  • Due to the natures of their mutant powers, Pipeline and Amelia Voght are likely to have escaped the massacre, even if they still were on Genosha when the Sentinels attacked.
  • Punchout, Hawkshaw and Gunshot have not been seen since Magneto became Genosha’s ruler. Supposedly, they either fled the island or were part of the Magistrates movement trying to restore the former order.
  • The X-Patriots too have made no documented appearances since they returned to Genosha, and they might be among the countless people who were killed by the Sentinels, just like the remaining loyal members of Magneto’s cabinet, Jenny Ransome, Philip Moreau and Alda Huxley.
  • After recovering from Magneto’s beating, Quicksilver returned to active duty with the Avengers. [Avengers (3rd series) #38] However, he soon felt somewhat out of place and eventually quit the group again.
  • Unus was long believed dead as he couldn't turn off his out-of-control force field and seemingly died from asphyxiation, [Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man #91] when actually he might have merely been rendered comatose. It seems that he was among the many mutants who came to Genosha shortly before Magneto attempted to lead his army of mutants and mutates into war against humanity.
  • Chronology continued

    New X-Men #132: Accompanied by several members of the X-Men and the X-Corporation, Xavier and Quicksilver arrive on Genosha to survey the devastation. They learn that several mutants including the Toad and the Shocker have come to Genosha and are constructing a monument to Magneto out of the remains of the Mega-Sentinel. The X-Men also find Unus in a state of deep shock. Apparently, he was present during the Sentinel attack but survived due to his force-field. Unus tells Xavier of “ghosts” following a green haired woman through the remains of the city. Realizing that he must be referring to Polaris, the team goes looking for her and finds Lorna in a deranged state. Electro-magnetic energy fields are floating all around her, and she feels attracted to a certain spot, where the X-Men uncover a black box. Apparently, Magneto recorded everyone’s last words in the moments of their deaths, and as Magneto’s final message is being played, Quicksilver and Polaris use their powers to help complete the monument to their father, Magneto. [Note: As revealed in New X-Men (1st series) #147, the black box contained an electro-magnetic virus that enabled Xorn to disable all sorts of technology. As such, apparently the box and the recordings inside were a forgery, and must have been planted there for the X-Men to find.]

    In between

  • Shola Inkose, a Genoshan mutant, happened to be at the University of Chicago as an exchange student when the Sentinels attacked Genosha. During his stay in Chicago, he befriended two of Xavier’s students, Karma and Shadowcat. [Mekanix #1-6]
  • Karima Shapandar, ex-girlfriend of the X-Man Thunderbird III, was turned into an Omega Sentinel against her will. [X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #27]
  • Shortly after the Genoshan massacre, the X-Men had taken in a Chinese mutant by the name of Xorn. However, he only infiltrated the X-Men to gain their trust and attack them when they would least expect it. Adopting the guise of Magneto, Xorn assembled a new version of his Brotherhood and went on a rampage slaughtering thousands of innocent people in New York. Eventually, Wolverine killed him, but not even in death was Xorn revealed for the imposter he was. [New X-Men Annual 2001, New X-Men (1st series) #146-150]
  • Him being one of Magneto’s most loyal followers, Xorn included the Toad into his short-lived version of the Brotherhood. Following “Magneto’s death,” the Toad must have returned to Genosha on his own.
  • Not able to handle her ever growing powers to alter probabilities, the Scarlet Witch lost her grip on reality and eventually turned on her teammates, the Avengers, accidentally killing some of them and facing the others in battle. [Avengers (1st series) #500-503]
  • Chronology continued

    Uncanny X-Men #442-443: Following “Magneto’s” rampage through New York, Xavier decides to give his old friend a proper burial. He transports the coffin containing the corpse to Genosha, much to the chagrin of Wolverine. Having recently discovered to be Magneto’s daughter, Polaris contacts Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and convinces them to participate in the ceremony as well. However, as soon as they arrive, the few mutants living there bow before them, treating Magneto’s offspring, especially Polaris, like royalty. Wolverine has enough of the worshipping and dismantles the Magneto monument. Tempers flare and a fight seems inevitable, but Xavier provides a voice of reason. Polaris enters the argument as the “devil’s advocate,” defending Magneto’s actions though in the end, Xavier convinces her that his dream could still work. Before leaving the island together with her siblings and Wolverine, Polaris magnetically re-erects the monument, it now displaying both Magneto’s and Xavier’s faces.
    Excalibur (2nd series) #1-2: Unus has taken up residence inside the monument to Magneto with some fellow survivors and is not happy with Xavier staying on the island. The professor drags “Magneto’s” coffin through the ruins, and befriends two teenage mutants, Wicked and Freakshow, who help him carry the coffin and fend off an attack from Unus and his lackeys. Arriving at his lodgings, Xavier is greeted by none other than Magneto, who is still alive, even though he doesn’t know how he survived the Sentinel attack. After being filled in about the imposter’s actions in New York, Magneto agrees to keep his presence secret. Callisto interrupts the reunion, sent to check on Xavier by the X-Men, but she decides to join the two old friends in their attempt to rebuild the island nation. Xavier empties the coffin, it actually containing lots of useful equipment for their upcoming tasks. While Unus ponders what to do about Xavier and his friends, he is unaware that Hub, one of his followers, is secretly working for another, unknown third party.
    Excalibur (2nd series) #3-4: Hub and her friends, Hack and Purge, teleport aboard a plane heading to the island. They find two stasis pods, containing Shola Inkose and Karima Shapandar, and a team of Magistrates planning to conquer Genosha for themselves. A fight breaks out between the groups, which causes the plane to crash. Immediately, the Magistrates attack all the mutants on Genosha, regardless of whether they belong to Unus’ or Xavier’s sect. While Wicked and Freakshow find an unexpected ally in Shola upon releasing him from his stasis pod, Xavier and Magneto retrieve the second pod from the ocean ground. Combining their powers, the two friends are able to override the Sentinel programming and save the mind of Karima. With her on the Genoshans’ side, the Magistrates are quickly defeated and arrested. Unus demands the Magistrates be handed over to him, but Xavier declares that he and his allies will create law and order for Genosha.
    Excalibur (2nd series) #5-7: A man called Stripmine secretly enters Genosha with a handful of Asgardian Trolls. They plan to strip Genosha of all its treasure, and they manage to capture nearly all of Xavier’s group and block their powers. They can expect no help from Unus, as he has made a deal with Stripmine and is rather eager to get rid of Xavier. Hub ponders getting involved, but her friends remind her that their mysterious leader, Chimere, doesn’t want them to. Shola helps the others break free and then attacks Unus, but is knocked out when the Dark Beast enters the fray, making his presence known. Working together, Xavier, Callisto, Freakshow manage to evade their pursuers and they distract the pirates and the Dark beast long enough for Karima to regain the use of her Sentinel tech to arrest them all. Xavier and Magneto discuss the future Republic of Genosha, noting that they already have a police officer and prisoners in custody.
    Excalibur (2nd series) #8-10: After unsuccessfully trying to recruit Unus and his allies, Xavier strikes an uneasy bargain with Genosha’s current prisoners, (Dark Beast, Stripmine, the Trolls and the Magistrates) in exchange for their services they regain their freedom. Whereas Callisto and Xavier depart to search the Genoshan highlands for other survivors, Xavier’s young followers continue with their efforts to rebuild the island. They begin the task of demolishing the ruins of Hammer Bay while searching for any useable resources that might remain. They gain two more allies, Broadband and Book, but when Magneto sees a broadcast from New York about the destruction of Avengers Mansion, he promptly uses his powers to open a wormhole and returns later with his unconscious daughter, the Scarlet Witch, who he snatched away from her fight with the Avengers. Magneto then orders Karima to fetch Xavier and, with the help of Hub, she gets Xavier and Callisto to return. Xavier is quite shocked when Magneto begs for his help in saving the mind and soul of his daughter. Meanwhile, the Dark Beast and the Magistrates try to access a vault filled with supplies, which actually is the Sugar man’s hiding place, and all but the Dark Beast are slaughtered by the villain. Callisto and Karima later engage the Sugar Man in a fight and apparently kill him, despite receiving severe injuries themselves.
    Excalibur (2nd series) #11-14: Xavier reprimands Magneto for his brash actions in rescuing the Scarlet Witch and exposing himself publicly, especially to the Avengers. Still, he agrees to help Wanda, though over the course of several months there is next to no progress. Eventually, Xavier seeks the aid of Dr. Strange but his magics provide no solution either. Meanwhile, Callisto, Karima, Shola and Hub form a small strikeforce and depart to the nearby Zanzibar as soon as they learn that the African nation is under attack by Viper and the Weaponeers. After helping to deal with the situation, they teleport back to Genosha.
    House of M #1, 7: The Scarlet Witch is tampering with reality again, posing a threat to all creation. Xavier psionically forces her to sleep, but he knows that he is running out of options and secretly travels to New York City, where he meets with the Avengers and X-Men. Unaware that Quicksilver is spying on them, the heroes ponder the situation, some of them suggesting to kill Wanda. By the time that the heroes arrive on Genosha, Quicksilver has already persuaded his sister to alter reality once again, using Xavier’s telepathy as a focus to give everyone present what they desire most, resulting in a world ruled by Magneto’s House of M. Some of the heroes realize what has happened and confront Magneto and his royal family, which eventually led to Wanda restoring reality to what it was before, though with “No more mutants.”
    House of M #8: 90-95 % of Earth’s mutant population lose their powers, including most of the people living on Genosha. Searching for their mentor, the X-Men find Magneto powerless on Genosha, but there’s no trace of Xavier, Quicksilver or the Scarlet Witch.

    In between

  • The Scarlet Witch ended up in a village in Transia, apparently powerless and totally oblivious of her former life as a mutant and Avenger. [New Avengers #26]
  • One of the few mutants to retain his powers, the Toad left Genosha and ended up becoming one of the 198. [X-Men: The 198 #1]
  • The X-Men were eventually reunited with Xavier, who had also lost his powers, but regained them after an exposure to the M’Kraan crystal. [X-Men: Deadly Genesis #5, Uncanny X-Men #486]
  • Karima Shapandar was next seen as an unwilling test subject of the Clinic. [X-Men (2nd series) #188] It has yet to be revealed how she ended up there, but she was taken in by the X-Men after being freed.
  • There being nothing left to salvage, and no one holding him back anymore, the Dark Beast left Genosha and kept a low profile. However he next surfaced during the X-Men: Endangered Species crossover.
  • The fates most of Unus’ gang as well as Book and Broadband have yet to be revealed.
  • One of the depowered mutants himself, Quicksilver stole the Inhumans Terrigen crystals and uses them on his daughter, Luna, and himself, gaining the ability to jump forward in time. [Son of M #1-3]

    Chronology continued

    Son of M #4: In a misguided attempt to redeem his actions, Quicksilver (and Luna) travel to Genosha with the intent of helping restore the powers to those mutants that lost them. The first person he meets is Callisto, whose heightened senses are restored after breathing in the Terrigen mists. However, they are much stronger than before, putting Callisto in agony making mere rain feels like acid on her skin. Magneto finds her in this state, and realizes that he has to stop his son.
    Son of M #5-6: Quicksilver finds a group of other Genoshan survivors (Unus, Wicked, Freakshow, Shola, Hub, Hack and Purge) who are intrigued by his proposal. Some are unsure but they all take the opportunity to restore their abilities. Carrying a comatose Callisto, Magneto confronts Pietro, telling the others that his son may have “poisoned” them all. Pietro beats up his father, scaring his own daughter, Luna, and Magneto decides to leave for the sake of his granddaughter. The other mutants begin to suffer at the hands of their new powers, just as the Inhumans arrive to take back Quicksilver, Luna and the Terrigen crystals. When the US military in the form of the O*N*E arrive, they take the Crystals that Quicksilver accidentally left behind. They claim the crystals for themselves and a three way battle starts, only ending when Unus dies - due to him suffocating within his out of control force field. The military arranges for the Genoshans to get medical attention, leaving Magneto on the island alone.
    New Avengers #19-20: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and the same held true for the energies of the numerous depowered mutants. Eventually, these energies gathered in the form of an unsuspecting energy-absorbing mutant named Michael Pointer. Dubbed “the Collective” by the Avengers, against whom he then fought, the Collective travels to Genosha and reaches out to the startled Magneto. The Collective attempts to restore Magneto’s powers and tries to convince him to lead the remaining mutants into taking over the planet. However, to the Collective’s surprise, Magneto resists and begs for the Avengers to rather kill him than let himself become a pawn to the Collective. Eventually, they manage to separate the energy from his body and send it into the sun. The comatose Magneto is also taken into SHIELD custody, but the helicopter that was supposed to transport him off Genosha explodes once it lifts off. Magneto’s body is not found.


  • Quicksilver returned to New York and set himself up in Mutant town as a “savior,” using his new powers to give depowered mutants their powers back. [X-Factor (3rd series) #8]. For his part in stealing the Terrigen crystals, he was excommunicated from Inhuman society forever.
  • Magneto has yet to re-surface since New Avengers #20.
  • Apparently, Genosha is now completely dead. Already in ruins before, the battle between the Inhumans and the O*N*E further destroyed the once proud island nation. Since Magneto was the last person on Genosha, it seems that it’s now totally uninhabited.