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31st October 2020

In the real world, DEATH is a fact of life. For the X-Men, rebirth occurs just as frequently. Over the years, the X-Men both individually and as a group have been declared dead time and time again, only to be reborn or reappear at a later date.

The following article lists every instance when an X-Man has literally died, or been believed dead for a time by their teammates, the general public of the Marvel Universe or even us, the readers. If that character has since been resufrrected or their death revealed to be a hoax, that has also been chronicled here. The issue and date of each death and resurrection is included to help understand just how long "Dead means Dead" lasted for each character.

The article has been split into two sections. The Characters section lists individual members, the personal deaths he or she suffered and their subsequent reappearances over the years.

The Events section deals with conflicts or scenarios where numerous characters were killed in a single act or series of events. Each event contains the death of at least one X-Man, but for the sake of completeness all mutant or X-related fatalities are also listed.

At the present time, the Death Chart includes members of the X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, X-Force & Generation X. Future updates may add new sections for characters who were only members of Excalibur, Weapon X, X-Corporation etc. Characters are only listed if they have a death to chronicle. Major X-characters (such as Gambit) cannot be found on the chart because, to the best of our research, they have never died or been widely believed as dead.

Given the fluid nature of the X-Men's membership since Manifest Destiny, some clarification is necessary about who is included. Members of the New X-Men and Young X-Men training squads are part of the chart, as are any students who were active in San Francisco and Utopia, since Cyclops typically treated them as reserves. The general student body from before Messiah CompleX and after Schism are not included. All Utopia-era subgroups are included, but the general Utopia population is not.

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