Publication Date: 
30th Sep 2019
Real Name

Warren Kenneth Worthington III

Former Aliases

Avenging Angel, Angel, Death III, Dark Angel


6' 0"


150 lbs

Hair color




First appearance

(1st series) #1

Known Relatives

Warren Kenneth Worthington Jr. (father, deceased), Katherine Worthington (mother, deceased), Burtram Worthington / Dazzler I (uncle), Uriel (son), Eimin (daughter)


CEO of Worthington Industries, former student, mutant hunter

Group Affiliation

X-Men, formerly Champions, Defenders, X-Factor, X-Terminators, X-Force, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Horsemen of Salvation, Mutantes sans Frontieres


• As Angel, aerodynamic Cheyaraphim physiology gives him peak human strength, speed, aerial agility, endurance, reflexes, eyesight, a hollow bone structure, zero body fat, and large feathered wings extending from his shoulder blades that enable him to fly, and a secondary mutation healing effect in his blood that increases his regenerative abilities and those of anyone else it touches who has a compatible blood type
• Empowered by the Celestial Lifeseed, he drew both his powers and life-energy from the finite Lifeseed energies in his body, directing them for blasts of force, shaped constructs like his energy sword, a healing effect capable of reviving the recently deceased, and energetic thrust propeling his new, more ornate bio-metallic wings
• As Archangel, Celestial Deathseed provided him with blue skin and an enhanced physique, biometallic retractable wings that fired paralysis fluid-filled wing fletchettes; his transformation into Archangel was intermittently permanent or transitory, allowing him to shift between Angel and Archangel at will by manipulating the "Apocalypse Strain" in his body
• As heir to Apocalypse, he demonstrated improved bio-metallic armor that made him virtually invulnerable, enhanced psychic defenses and even the power to reflect telepathic intrusions or the Phoenix Force back at his attackers
• Formerly could generate solid light from his own supercharged lifeforce into energy wings, life-energy darts that caused a metaphysical disruption in others, healing powers that affected the mind and body, and the ability to extend his fingers into raking talons
• Formerly transformed by the Black Vortex and endowed with collapsible wings made of celestial fire, increasing his flight speed, allowing him to breathe in the vacuum of space, exert cosmic pyrokinesis and project flaming darts or extract flaming swords from his wings to wield