Publication Date: 30th Dec 2007
Written By: Peter Luzifer.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.
Alternate Versions


In the Age of Apocalypse, Aurora and Northstar were part of Mr. Sinister’s Mutant Elite Force (M.E.F.) and, as such, were assigned to patrolling the breeding pens. The siblings were rather snotty about their superior status as mutants and seemed to take great pleasure in punishing those prisoners who acted up or tried to escape. When the M.E.F.’s leader, Cyclops, switched sides, secretly helping some inmates to escape, he was caught in the act by the speeding twins. Still, the one-eyed Summers managed to take both Northstar and Aurora out before they could report him. In fact, he rendered the twins comatose, keeping his betrayal secret for the time being. The twins were cast into the role of outlaws when Apocalypse's rule ended and a democratic system was re-installed. Magneto and his X-Men promised to hunt down all mutants that had worked for Apocalypse, and eventually Weapon X and X-23 found and killed the speedster twins.

Jeanne-Marie never joined Alpha Flight in the reality shown in What if (2nd series) #60. The original X-Men having disbanded much earlier - due to Scott and Jean getting married, Xavier had to look for new mutants and recruited both Aurora and Northstar before they would have been contacted by Alpha Flight. Along with them were also Storm, Colossus and Catseye. As this team was still somewhat inexperienced, Xavier accompanied them when he picked up a powerful signal from the mutant island, Krakoa. The entire group was defeated within minutes and, as Xavier was among the captured people, nobody realized the X-Men’s disappearance until it was too late. By the time the Avengers were alerted to the danger of Krakoa and had defeated it, the new X-Men’s bodies had already been drained of all their energies.

In a variation of the alternate future timeline known as Days of Future Past, Jeanne-Marie once again became a nun following Northstar’s death, and was living in a convent in Lourdes, France.  When most of the X-Men were killed or captured by operatives of the Weapon X program, Wolverine assembled a new team, for which he also recruited Aurora. However, because of the overwhelming odds they had to face, Logan preferred her third, rather violent personality, to be in control, and slapped Jeanne-Marie several times, thus provoking the personality switch. The third personality still had no name, and was only referred to as “her”, both by Logan and by herself. Unfortunately, five years later, these new X-Men were ambushed by Agent Zero, and Aurora was either seriously injured or killed.