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Publication Date: 17th Oct 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Monolith and Gremlin.
Image Work: Dean Clayton.
Alternate Versions


When the original Exiles recruited a new team, they plucked a version of Beast out of his world, seconds before he was due to die. This Beast had taken the serum which changed him into his blue, furry form but a side effect was that he had begun to lose his intelligence. The team hopped from reality to reality for a short time before they demanded answers from their teammate, Blink. She filled them in on the history of the team and what would happen if they went back to their own realities. Beast decided to stick around as his lover, Wonder Man, had also died in the mission that would have killed him too. The silver lining to the ordeal was that when Beast connected with the Exiles’ base, the Crystal palace, his full intellect was restored. 

Many versions of Beast were shown to his 616 universe counterpart when he met with Dr. Strange in the quest to save his Endangered Species. Whilst they all hailed from different universes, they were all united by their common goal and the challenges it presented. As well as a Beast who had become a priest, there were versions who had turned to sorcery, versions were more machine than man, and versions where his mutation had deviated from his traditional, blue, furry appearance.


In the alternate timeline depicted in Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2, the Earth had been devastated by an invasion force from another dimension. Beast had been severely injured and now had the mind of a child. Armor and Wolverine took care of him as they travelled to Kalispell, Montana, in the hopes of escaping the planet. At some point, Beast attacked his friends out of confusion and ended up with a scar on his face, courtesy of Wolverine. When the trio got to Kalispell, they discovered that had been a trap set by the invasion force to draw survivors out. Realizing that there was no hope left for them, Armor finally snapped and decapitated Beast, before killing Wolverine and then herself.

When the Shadow King possessed an alternate Professor X, he used the telepath’s power to corrupt his universe’s original X-Men. The Shadow X-Men, including Beast, travelled to Earth 616 and set out to take it over. When they found resistance in the form of Captain Britain and his new Excalibur team, the Shadow X-Men joined forces with the mysterious Albion to combat Excalibur. However, when the Shadow King was defeated, Beast’s mind was freed and he switched sides to take down Albion. Unfortunately, he was killed by Sage, who had seemingly betrayed her Excalibur teammates and sided with Albion.


In the future that depicted The End of the X-Men, Beast had retained his ape-like appearance and was married to Cecilia Reyes. He quit the X-Men when they accepted Vargas as a member of the XSE and went to work as a doctor in Africa. When many of the X-Men were killed in an attack on the Institute, he returned to help the survivors. More attacks came thick and fast and it soon became apparent that Cassandra Nova and the Sh’iar were the cause. Whilst the other X-Men went to space for the final fight, Beast stayed behind to tend to the wounded. Beast was one of the few X-Men to survive and, in the twenty years afterwards, he and Cecilia had two children.

In the House of M reality, Hank McCoy worked alongside Forge and Hank Pym in Stark Industries. Whilst he looked human, he still retained his large hands feet and athletic abilities. When Pym came to him expressing an interest in cracking the mutant genome, McCoy told him outright that it was a bad idea. He looked down on regular humans as an inferior species and saw them as the dinosaurs, about to be wiped out but too stupid to realize what was happening

One of the many possible timelines the Watcher showed Beast in All-New X-Men (1st series) #25 was one where Beast had given in to his animalistic nature. Without the guidance of the X-Men to give him purpose, his intellect faded until only a feral creature remained. Before the last of his sense left him, he moved to the Savage Land away from any humans.

In the X-Men Forever timeline that span out of the events of X-Men (2nd series) #1-3, Beast still retained his ape-like appearance. The timeline quickly diverged from the main one when Wolverine was murdered by Storm and Xavier revealed that mutants were susceptible to a condition that would violently cause their powers to burn out. When Wolverine died and Cyclops left, Jean had grown much closer to Beast. They even kissed at one point, although Jean was happy to just remain friends. The X-Men soon stumbled on to a mysterious organization called the Consortium that wanted to rid the world of mutants. They had captured and analyzed Fabian Cortez’s mutant abilities to overload a mutant’s power and incorporated it into a machine. They intended to use the machine, which was on a satellite, to overload the powers of all mutants on Earth, causing them all to burn out. Beast and the X-Men travelled to the satellite and hijacked the device so that it would be destroyed. Unfortunately, someone needed to stay with it to ensure it was destroyed and not inadvertently charge up instead. Beast saw it as his duty to finish what he started and so, after a tearful goodbye with Jean, he sacrificed his life to save the world.

In the Battleworld domain of Mutopia, Beast and the X-Men were left to continue their lives after Xavier was killed by Cassandra Nova and Magneto took over the school. Years passed and in that time Magneto found a Phoenix Egg and decided to use the power inside for himself. The X-Men opposed him and he was killed, but the power of the Egg attracted other parties interested in it. The sentient bacteria Sublime had taken over another version of Beast on Battleworld and he gathered together and army of alternate reality Hank McCoys. Together they attacked the X-Men to claim the Egg for themselves and they managed to give the X-Men a run for their money. Sublime was stopped by a resurrected Xavier who purged the bacteria from the Beasts bodies and set them free once more. Many of the alternate Beasts died when the Phoenix emerged from the Egg, corrupted by Cassandra Nova. 

The ramifications of taking the original five X-Men from their timeline became apparent as a future version of Beast came back in time to try and make the X-Men send the teenagers back. This version of Beast had undergone another mutation and now half of his body looked more feral than the other half, and he even sported a curled horn on the side of his head. Claiming to be with the future X-Men, he managed to convince the present-day X-Men that his young counterpart needed to go home. When the real future X-Men showed up, his deceit was revealed and they found out he really belonged to the future Brotherhood. Some catastrophe had occurred in his timeline because of the original five and he left the X-Men as he had become disillusioned with them. He was seemingly killed in the final showdown between the various factions that had been fighting over the teenagers. He showed up alive a few weeks later with the rest of the Brotherhood as the attacked the X-Men once more. However, it was soon discovered that the leader of the Brotherhood, Charles Xavier II, was mind controlling many of the other members. When Xavier was taken out Beast was freed from his influence and he was horrified at what he was made to do. After coming to a truce with the X-Men he travelled back to the future to try and fix the damage he had caused. 

In one timeline, the original five X-Men never returned to the past. Young Hank evolved into his demonic Beast form seemingly permanently. He was seen battling Magik for control of Limbo on behalf of his patroness, the Goblin Queen. In the end, however, nothing could stop the rise of the Sentinels and the Reavers virus. Beast was one of the first X-Men killed in this timeline as the final battle came.