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Publication Date: 17th Oct 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Monolith and Gremlin.
Image Work: Dean Clayton.


Beast’s actions weighed heavily on his mind night and day, but he still held on to the hope that what he had done would work out right in the end. One night, he was visited by the Watcher, who confronted him about what he had done and asked what he was doing to fix things. Beast remained steadfast in his belief that he had done more good than harm and so the Watcher showed him visions of numerous alternate realties, good and bad. He told Beast that none of these events would ever come to pass now and he had destroyed a myriad of timelines. The Watcher declared that Beast disgusted him and then left the X-Man to contemplate the true ramifications of his actions. [All-New X-Men (1st series) #25] 

All the while that was going on Beast was still secretly working with the Illuminati to try and solve the problem of the incursions and the collapse of the multiverse. The group built a device that would allow them to observe incursions from their own universe, and Beast spent a long time collecting and analysing the data from many incursions. The results were bleak though as it became apparent as well as the incursions, they were also working against numerous other forces such as the mysterious Mapmakers and Builders, races that were determined to capitalise on the dying universes. [New Avengers (3rd series) #14-15]

When a mysterious artifact called the Black Vortex appeared, Beast and the X-Men were dragged into a cosmic battle along with the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Vortex was able to imbue anyone with great cosmic power and it was desired by many of the universe’s empires as a weapon of war. The X-Men and Guardians got hold of it and fled to Spartax to figure out their next move. One of the Guardians passed through the vortex and became empowered, showing the various heroes the ramifications of the device. As the group argued about using the Vortex, Beast slipped away and allowed himself to be empowered by it too. The transformation was immediate and his superior intelligence was taken to its maximum extent. Beast now saw the entire universe in a way he wasn’t able to before and believed himself to be much more enlightened. He decided that he was now in a position to help mutant-kind and solve all of Earth’s problems. The others were worried about the sudden transformation but Beast deemed their concerns unimportant, as they could not see things from his point of view. Beast, along with the other users of the Vortex, took the device so that the others wouldn’t be tempted to destroy it. He began using his superior intellect to create a visual map of the whole of space-time so he could properly manipulate it to gain the best outcome. However, when the map was complete, he saw that space-time was in fact broken and his earlier actions of bringing the original five X-Men to the present contributed heavily to it. Shocked by what he could see, he fled to a distant planet to contemplate what he had done and what he had become. Meanwhile, the war for possession of the Vortex was heating up as numerous parties entered the fray, all trying to claim it for themselves. When the Kree homeworld of Hala was destroyed, Beast rejoined his teammates to put an end to the chaos. It was Shadowcat who managed to stop the carnage by passing through the Vortex and becoming one with the universe. When everything had died down, Beast chose to have the Vortex’s influence stripped from him, as he was much happier without the power. [Black Vortex crossover]

Despite all the recent events telling him otherwise, Beast was still in denial of the extent of the damage he had done to the universe. His cavalier attitude with science had not gone unnoticed by his teammates and they held an intervention to get him to stop damaging space-time any further. Rather than see things from their perspective, though, Beast saw it as an attack and tried to defend his actions. Rather than face up to the consequences of his actions, Beast quit the X-Men instead. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #600]

Despite their best efforts Beast and Illuminati were powerless to stop the collapse of the multiverse and soon enough Earth-616 was faced with an incursion of its own. The only way to save their own universe would be to destroy the Earth of the alternate reality, but the other world wasn’t going to go without a fight. Knowing what would happen if neither Earth was destroyed in time the Illuminati had built “life-rafts”, machines that could protect a select group of people from the end of the universe. Beast was one of the lucky few to be allowed on the life-rafts thanks to his superior intellect, and so whilst the heroes of the two realities fought he gathered up the rest of the chosen scientists. Sadly in the firefight between the worlds, the plane Beast was on was destroyed, killing him and everyone on board.

Ultimately, neither world managed to destroy each other and both were lost to the multiversal collapse. In a strange twist of fate Doctor Doom managed to save fragments of various dying universes and he used his powers to create a new patchwork Earth called Battleworld. Doom’s rule over the world was brought to an end and in doing so a new multiverse was create, with Beast’s former Illuminati teammate Reed Richards in charge of designing it. A new universe was created that echoed Earth-616’s history and Beast was brought back to life, along with all the other heroes who died. [Secret Wars #1-9]

Unfortunately, despite it being a new world all the old problems for mutants were still there. Months before the Inhuman’s Terrigen Mists were released into the atmosphere and it soon became clear that they were deadly to mutants. When Jamie Madrox was killed by one of the killer Terrigen clouds that were circling the globe Beast leapt into action to figure out how to destroy the clouds and prevent more deaths. Beast worked closely with the Inhumans in a bid to ease the growing tensions between the two groups. His diplomatic progress was thwarted by Cyclops and his band of renegade X-Men who had decided to solve the Terrigen situation in a more direct and violent way. They managed to destroy one of the clouds but in the carnage there were more deaths, including that of Cyclops, who had apparently been slain by Black Bolt. [Death of X #1-4]

There was still another Terrigen cloud circling the globe and Beast knew it would only be a matter of time before Emma Frost and her group of X-Men targeted it, sparking a war between mutants and Inhumans. Beast volunteered to stay at the Inhumans base of Attilan so he could work with them on finding a peaceful solution to the Terrigen situation. The various X-Men and Inhuman factions formed an uneasy truce to allow Beast time to solve the crisis peacefully. All sides put their hopes in Beast and his intellect but they also started to prepare for the worst. As well as dealing with the Terrigen situation, Beast also helped out the Inhumans in other ways such as when Kang the Conqueror attacked the group. Kang was killing off ancestors to the current Inhumans, effectively making sure they would never be born. Beast was very familiar with time travel and its effects so he developed a device that would create a temporal bubble. As long as they stayed in the bubble they couldn’t be removed from existence, allowing the group to take on Kang without fear of disappearing. [Uncanny Inhumans #1-4]

Despite being alligned with the Inhumans Beast was more than happy to help out his former Avenger teammates when the Unity Squad were in need of his medical expertise. He proved invaluable in removing the brain of his former mentor Charles Xavier from the Red Skull's head. [Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #21-22]

Much like the legacy virus or the decimation, Beast saw the new situation as a challenge he could sink his teeth into, but one that would ultimately consume him. He teamed up with one of the new Inhumans called Iso, a gifted young scientist, and the two worked closely to solve the problem. Weeks passed and although he was unable to make much progress on removing the Terrigen from the atmosphere, he did develop a way for the Inhumans to identify and evacuate any mutants out of the cloud’s path.

The weeks turned into months and Beast wasn’t making much progress, in fact he determined the cloud was shrinking but he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. Medusa, queen of the Inhumans, had been very generous with Beast but even she had begun to see a war was coming between the two groups unless he found a solution. [IvX #0]

Eight months after moving to Attilan Beast discovered that the remaining Terrigen cloud was on the verge of dissipating, poisoning the entire planet for mutants. Beast kept it quiet from the Inhumans, instead gathering all the leaders of the X-Men to tell them that time was up. He told them that in two weeks the world would be uninhabitable for mutants and that their best chance was to get off the planet. The other X-Men did not see his point of view though and he was shocked to discover they had all been conspiring behind his back to take out the Inhumans. Now that the time had come they held a vote and they all voted to attack the Inhumans and destroy the cloud. Beast was outraged at the audacity of his friends and he turned to leave, to report his findings to the Inhumans. He never made it out the door though and he was knocked out by Storm, who told him that she had also helped design that plan to attack the Inhumans. Beast was held prisoner as the X-Men unleashed their attack on the Inhumans, catching them off guard and capturing a lot of them. Things didn’t exactly go smoothly though and the machine Forge had built to destroy the cloud was damaged. Beast’s time-displaced younger self came to him for help in building a new machine but Beast refused to help. It didn’t matter as one of the Inhumans’ youngest members helped to build another one and the cloud was destroyed. With the battle over, the two sides went their separate ways and the X-Men released Beast from his captivity. Despite their actions he forgave them as they had managed to solve the situation where he couldn’t. [IvX #1-6]

After the situation with the Inhumans was cleared up Beast was no longer required to stay with them and so he decided to join up with a new group of X-Men being led by Xorn. Based in New Tian the mutants there had come to a truce with Steve Rogers, who was currently ruling over America as head of Hydra. Beast acted as a diplomat to the city alongside Sebastian Shaw. Once Hydra was toppled from power the citizens of New Tian went their seperate ways and Beast was a free agent once more. [Secret Empire: United #1]

Upon hearing his friend Wonder Man was alive and well again, Hank decided to visit him to catch up on old times. As they were reminiscing, they even got the chance to team-up to take down the villainous Whirlwind. [Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #28] Beast was on hand with the Avengers Unity Squad then when Earth was stolen by the Grandmaster and the Challenger for one of their cosmic games. Jarvis was injured in the chaos, however, and so Beast and Wasp spent much of the crisis trying to stabilize their old friend. Mercifully, he pulled through. [Avengers (1st series) #675-690]

During his time as a visiting professor at Harvard University, Beast dedicated some of his time to the recuperation of Sean Cassidy, who had been incapacitated ever since the Apocalypse Twins brought him back to life using a Deathseed. Hank was drawn into a fight between Havok and the O*N*E, briefly joining an ad hoc X-Men team Alex assembled. Hank's work with Banshee had progressed enough for Sean to help them in battle but, as he regained his senses, Banshee decided to leave and pursue further recuperation on his own. Havok and Beast's team disassembled almost as quickly as it began and, with his professorship gig ruined by combat on campus, Beast returned to the Xavier Institute. [Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #13-17]

The X-Men became involved when the Mutant Liberation Front threatened a hospital working on a vaccine to prevent X-Gene development. Beast snuck into the hospital after the battle to acquire a sample of the vaccine and test it. He was horrified to discover the vaccine was based on Kavita Rao's cure from years ago, and his own sample of the cure under deep security lockdown had been compromised. Hank determined the young X-Man named Anole was responsible for stealing the cure and confronted him about the theft. Before they could discuss it more deeply, however, Beast and Anole were drawn into a major battle with the Celestial-empowered X-Man. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #1-10]

The conflict with X-Man led to all the X-Men being drawn into a constructed reality forged by Nathaniel Grey. Beast did not thrive in this new reality, and was convicted of thought crimes. [Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #1-5] In his absence, it was revealed that Emma Frost telepathically pushed Anole into releasing the cure, and Hank's doppelganger the Dark Beast came up with an anti-vaccine to the vaccine that made it functionally unusable. Thus, Beast no longer had cause to feel guilty about maintaining a sample of the cure once he finally returned to the main reality. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #18,20,22]