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Publication Date: 3rd Feb 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.


Bishop spent nearly two years wandering the wastelands alone, scrounging for food and facing off against enormous and predatory new types of animals. He was nearly killed by one such creature, but was found before he died by the Brothers of the Order. They took him back to their monestary for healing and recuperation. From the Brothers, Lucas learned about what remained of humanity in the 68th century. Society was still reeling from the Great Corruption that unleashed the Revenants on Earth. Revenants, known in the 21st century by the Shi'ar name Mummundrai, were the dark reflections of humanity who once inhabited a mirror universe of their own, and only occasionally crossed the Veil from their portion of the astral plane known as the Underworld. That is until the Revenant Queen, the Great White Owl, unleashed the Great Corruption and dropped the Veil entirely, bringing them all over to this side.

Grateful for his rescue, Bishop dedicated himself to the Order and learning at the feet of the prophet, Sibyline the Haruspex. As with all things, Lucas threw himself into this new life with everything he had, learning the 79 sacred protocols of the hunters of the Order, mastering their weapons, potions and strategies for Revenant hunting, and so on. Upon his final initiation, Bishop confronted and killed his own Revenant, and was fully accepted as a Brother of the Order. [Uncanny X-Force (2nd series) #5,11]

[Note: Bishop's missing arm and eye are never mentioned once he reappears in Uncanny X-Force. The Brothers of the Order allegedly brought him back from death when they found him, so it's possible they restored the rest of his body as well. This was not specifically addressed, however.]

Blessed by the Sister Superior of the Order, Bishop took to roaming the countryside on the hunt for Revenants. How long he operated in the future is unknown, but he claimed to have killed at least one Revenant a day since taking his vows, as penance for his past sins. One day, he saved a young girl named Amber who was being attacked by her Revenant-possessed father. Bishop killed the Revenant, only to discover Amber was infected with a Revenant as well. His training commanded Lucas to kill Revenants wherever he found them, but Bishop had finally learned from his past, and was no longer able to stomach the idea of killing little girls. Instead, he adopted Amber as his apprentice.

After tracking a Bull Revenant called the Demon Bear for two months, Bishop and Amber found it in the forests outside a human settlement. Little did they realize that the Demon Bear was part of a trap set by the Great White Owl herself, for the Revenant Queen wanted Bishop for herself. Bear and Owl attacked, and Lucas held them off long enough for Amber to flee to safety, but ended up being possessed by both Revenants for his heroism. The Revenant Queen intended to use Bishop as a vessel, traveling back in time to set off the Great Corruption several thousand years earlier than it originally happened. [Uncanny X-Force (2nd series) #5]

Re-materializing in the present outside Union Station in Los Angeles, California, the Owl Queen directed Bishop's body towards finding a worthy psychic to sacrifice for the Corruption's rituals. She zeroed in on a new mutant named Ginny Guzman, but the girl was already being fought over by Spiral and a team from the Jean Grey School. The Revenant Queen allowed the Demon Bear to run roughshod over the girl's defenders until she got close enough to project her own corrupted psyche into the child. She left behind a very rattled and confused Bishop and Demon Bear, who were knocked cold by Puck. [Uncanny X-Force (2nd series) #1-4]

Storm and Psylocke telepathically entered Bishop's mind and found it unraveling, his memories deteriorating thanks to the Great White Owl's final act before abandoning his body. While the two women were investigating Bishop's psychic plane, Storm came across the representational memories of Bishop's hunt for Hope. In a self-indulgent moment, she deliberately destroyed that part of Bishop's psyche, hoping to cleanse him of the obsessive madness that previously drove him away from the X-Men. In the meantime, Psylocke telepathically extracted the Demon Bear from Bishop's mind into hers, and then tamed the Bull Revenant so that it willingly assisted her instead of the Revenant Queen. [Uncanny X-Force (2nd series) #5-6]

Bishop was catatonic for a time, but he eventually revived and warned Storm and her allies about the horrors of the Revenant Queen. (As she had hoped, Storm's action in Bishop's head successfully removed his conscious recollection of Hope and the end of his last stay in the 21st century -- he remembered the X-Men as friends and teammates only, and not the events that divided them in their last encounters.)  As Bishop tried to convince Storm, Psylocke, and Puck of the threat the Revenants posed, the Owl Queen unleashed upon them a horde of the psychic demons, who successfully drew forth the Revenants of Bishop's trio of allies as well. Psylocke passed the Demon Bear back to Bishop telepathically, leading Revenant and Revenant Hunter to escape in an unlikely partnership. Using his training from the Order, Lucas recreated Revenant envenom from materials at hand to stage a counter-attack, and succeeded in freeing his friends from their Revenant captors. [Uncanny X-Force (2nd series) #9-11]

The group joined up with Spiral, who had tried and failed to rescue Ginny on her own. Cassandra Nova was outted as the Revenant Queen, alerting Bishop to the connection between Revenants and Mummundrai for the first time. Using Ginny as her host body, Cassandra killed another new mutant psychic to begin the Great Corruption, and Revenants were unleashed by the hundreds throughout Los Angeles. Bishop and his allies attacked the Owl Queen at her base at the Griffin Observatory and, through a complicated sequence of events, trapped Cassandra in the humanized body of Psylocke's Revenant counterpart, and then sacrificed her in a ritual that reversed the Great Corruption before it fully dropped the Veil to the Underworld. [Uncanny X-Force (2nd series) #13-15]

Unfortunately, Cassandra had the chance to send Bishop to his "Black Bug Room" during the fight, awakening the memories of his hunt for Hope that Storm had tried to suppress. Furious at Ororo for tampering with his mind without permission, Bishop stormed off to cope with his newly  reformed memories. Things became more complicated when word of Bishop's return reached the X-Force bunker in Wyoming, and Hope Summers saw the man from her nightmares alive and well in the present. She traveled alone to Los Angeles in an effort to kill her boogeyman once and for all. Before Hope could succeed, however, she and Bishop were kidnapped by Stryfe, back for revenge against Cable and Bishop for abandoning him to Apocalypse in 2973. Stryfe left Hope alone in a room with Bishop, goading her into using his psimitar lance to kill her tormentor in cold blood. He also captured Cable and forced him to watch from the next room, unable to stop Hope or alert her to his presence. Bishop begged Hope for forgiveness, but not for his life. He apologized for everything he had done to her throughout her childhood, but warned her that killing him in cold blood would be following in his example, not Cable's. He told her that she deserved better than to turn out like him. Hope stabbed Bishop with the lance, but it was a clean cut and ultimately couldn't bring herself to kill him.

Disappointed, Stryfe was confronted with Hope and Bishop's teammates arriving on the scene to rescue them. Unable to complete his artistically crafted vengeance, Stryfe instead restored to blunt force. Before teleporting away, he telepathically forced Hope to mimic his full telepathic/telekinetic potential, leaving her with more power than she could handle. With Hope on the brink of virtually going nuclear, Bishop stepped up to help her cope. With his experience channeling energy and discipline from the Order, he coaxed Hope into controlling the power she mimicked, and releasing it safely up into the atmosphere. The Phoenix-level burst of energy dispersed safely, and everyone lived. In the aftermath, Cable and Hope both reluctantly swore off any further vengeance against Bishop...for the moment. [Vendetta crossover]

Following his own experiences across numerous timelines, Bishop found new purpose in life by establishing himself as a "time cop." He acquired time travel technology and began charting future timelines, future catastrophes. His Endtime Database contained data on countless world-ending threats referenced across different timelines. It was programmed to send him an alert once recorded signs of a future catastrophe became manifest in the modern era. Lucas put his detective skills to work investigating the origin points for these threats before they came to fruition, safeguarding the future by taking action in the present. In this way, he hoped to make amends for his past actions.

Lucas was performing research when he received a psychic call to action from Psylocke in London. The Shadow King was conducting psychic warfare, using the astral plane to seize control of other psychics and direct them against the world. A team of X-Men assembled and half of them entered the astral plane to seek out Farouk, while Bishop and Archangel remained outside to guard Psylocke as she guided their passage. The Shadow King gained control of Gambit and Old Man Logan during their quest, forcing Bishop to take an active hand in protecting London. However, Bishop soon was claimed as well, not by the Shadow King directly, but by the mysterious energy he was throwing around to possess others. [Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #1-6]

Professor Xavier was miraculously reincarnated in the body of Fantomex during this crisis, but it didn't end with the defeat of Farouk. The energy Shadow King had been using to possess others was consolidated into a "green sun" over London by X as he removed it from the possessed victims. Bishop's Endtime Database had records of this image, serving as a harbinger to something called the Mindkiller Apocalypse. The green sun turned out to be the energy form of the reality-altering mutant Proteus reconstituting itself. Proteus attempted to bring his power to the entire world, destroying the concept of reality by allowing everyone to have anything they desired. Together, Bishop and Rogue were able to absorb Proteus' physical energy between them, redistributing it through their powers to disperse his essence once more. Farouk attempted to return and seize control of the "reality gardens" Proteus seeded, bringing about the Mindkiller Apocalypse Bishop foresaw. Mercifully, Psylocke and X were able to defeat the Shadow King and end the threat before it came to pass. [Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #7-12]

Following these adventures, Bishop returned to the X-Men and operated as one of their reservists out of the X-Mansion in Central Park. He joined Bobby Drake in defending a new generation of Morlocks, lent his time travel expertise to a complicated crisis involving Jamie Madrox and his duplicates, and helped the X-Men against Typhoid Mary when her power levels were augmented by another mutant named Amp. [Multiple Man #1-5, Iceman (4th series) #1-5, Typhoid Fever: X-Men #1] However, all of his good acts could not buy Bishop forgiveness from the one person he truly wanted it from. When Cable died in battle, Lucas attempted to pay his respects to Hope. She still rejected him and his attempts at peace and consoling her. [X-Men: The Exterminated #1]

Bishop's Endtime Database began chirping about a new threat, but he was unable to see the full picture. His detective work discovered Dark Beast and the Sugarman, refugees from the Age of Apocalypse, on the run from a mysterious presence targeting them. This seemed tied into another situation where normal people suddenly gained mutant powers and started a riot in a coffee shop. Strange events around the world began to draw the X-Men's attention, along with some targeted disappearances and sightings of Jamie Madrox at various hotspots, displaying new mutant powers of his own through different duplicates.

Bishop's Endtime cataclysm finally took shape: Nathaniel Grey, the X-Man from the Age of Apocalypse reality, was dying. Before he could die, however, X-Man had pushed himself past Omega-class power levels using a Celestial Lifeseed. He empowered a team of Horsemen of Salvation and intended to remake the world into a better, more peaceful place before his any means necessary, including kidnappings and the assassination of these other refugees. Legion, a second Omega-class mutant responsible for creating the Age of Apocalypse in the first place, wanted to stop X-Man. However, his own erratic powers and psychology caused more harm than good, as he cast his powered personalities into innocent bodies to hunt X-Man, before settling on Multiple Man as a mass-produceable source of host bodies.

Bishop and the X-Men tracked X-Man to Quadra Island for a confrontation. Legion arrived and tried to contain Grey within his mind, using a recreation of the Age of Apocalypse to make X-Man believe he had been sent home. Several of the X-Men's students were swallowed up by Legion as well, however, leading to a debate whether they were acceptable sacrifices to contain the X-Man, spearheaded by one of X-Man's captives, Apocalypse himself. Bishop refused to accept that, and had Psylocke send him into Legion's mind to retrieve the kids. Once X-Man saw the boundaries of his cage for what they were, he broke free and merged his power with Legion's, becoming an even more powerful threat. The struggle on Quadra Island grew to include nearly every member of the X-Men being summoned to contend with Nate Grey, a massive army of mutants gathered against one of their own. [Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #1-10]