Later, when Excalibur investigated the civil war in Genosha, Brian was shocked to learn that a certain mutant-killing ammunition the Magistrates were using in Genosha had been developed years ago by a mutant, with the help of James Braddock, Brian’s father. [Excalibur (1st series) #87] Eventually, Brian’s visions and nightmares were narrowing down. Trying to return to normalcy, Brian focused on ordinary things, foregoing the Britanic identity and using his skills as a physicist and engineer around Muir Isle, where Excalibur had relocated their base of operations during the time Brian had been missing. He designed the Midnight Runner for fast response, and later a medical response plane called the Moonlight Flit. [Excalibur (1st series) #86,91]

One day, Brian was asked by Shinobi Shaw of the American Hellfire Club to take his inherited position in the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club’s British version. He was informed that it had been infiltrated by the mutant named Mountjoy and that the British branch was up to some unsavory things. Unlike his sister, Brian had no great love for the Club but felt he could not let a murderer run free and therefore applied for the position as Black Bishop and was accepted. He quickly learned that the Inner Circle intended to hook into some unholy energy source beneath London and called in Excalibur to help with the situation.

Soon enough London was going mad, thanks to a psychic wave the Circle had loosed. Brian had to face the Black Queen and Mountjoy, who had disguised himself as the innocuous Scribe. Already prepared, though, Brian had brought one of his old uniforms, which he had modified so that it would alter his force field, keeping him from being influenced by the psychic wave and saving him from the anti-mutant ammunition Mountjoy was using. Brian bested Mountjoy and learned in the process that his father had developed that ammunition with the best of intentions and the Club had then perverted it and sold it to Genosha. [Excalibur (1st series) #96-100]

From that point on, he was back to using the Captain Britain identity and outfit.

After things had calmed down a bit, Brian and Meggan drove to London, where they bought Meggan’s engagement ring. That moment, Brian was kidnapped by three super-powered warriors calling themselves Dragons of the Crimson Dawn. They coveted his powers to breach the walls between their dimension and Earth and loose the Crimson Dawn across the world. The double-dealing Spiral helped Excalibur to cross over to the dimension, where they were keeping Captain Britain prisoner. By this point, however, the Dragons had already started the process of creating a rift between dimensions with Brian’s power.

With Meggan’s help, he drained the energy from the portal and used it to seal the rift between the Crimson Dawn and Earth. As a result, Brian’s powers were completely gone and Brian took a leave of absence from Excalibur and from Meggan to come to terms with his new situation. [Excalibur (1st series) #107-110]

Brian had hoped to somehow regain his powers, but that wasn’t the case. Upon his return, he and Meggan finally decided to go through with the wedding. However, during the time Brian had been traveling, Meggan felt lonely and had somewhat fallen for Colossus. Being a gentleman, Piotr tried to clear things up with Brian, shouldering the blame himself. Brian didn’t buy it, though, faced Meggan and apologized to her for having kept her waiting so long. With all obstacles out of the way, Brian and Meggan finally got married by Roma on Otherworld, a wedding attended by all their friends (and surprisingly many enemies). As Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Colossus wanted to rejoin the X-Men, Excalibur disbanded after the ceremony. [Excalibur (1st series) #124-125]

Back from their honeymoon, Brian started to work as a scientist again, and did research work at Darkmoor. After a few months, he began to suffer from nightmares about members of the Captain Britain Corps dying. When Brian came forward about his concerns before Meggan, Betsy and another old friend, the Black Knight, suddenly an injured Captain UK was teleported in by a now hostile Widget, along with several strange super-powered beings who intended to kill Brian. The heroes chased them off and Linda informed them that Roma had apparently gone mad, as she was leading an army of invaders that was destroying Otherworld and killing the members of the Captain Britain Corps.

The heroes teleported to Otherworld, where they learned that they had to keep Roma from getting her hands on Excalibur, the Sword of Might, as she already possessed the Amulet of Right Brian once owned. Him having no more super-powers and as such being the most expendable, Brian decided that he would go on a quest to look for the sword, while the rest were to defend Otherworld from its mystery attackers. Brian started his trek into the Forest of a Thousand Sorrows, where soon he had to fight a warrior named Sir Benedict, for right of passage. By sparing the guardian’s life after beating him, Brian proved his worth. As far as Benedict was concerned, he considered Brian the true King of Otherworld and revealed he had known Brian's father. Following Benedict’s directions, Brian walked through a firewall, which turned out to be a hologram, and found himself in a cave. There, he happened upon an old Captain Britain uniform, the one worn by his father in the past, as well as a sentient hologram of his father as a younger man, who told him of his father, also hinting that his parents had actually programmed the computer to kill them years ago. The hologram returned Brian’s powers to him.

However, when he grasped Excalibur, he was found and beaten by “Roma,” who actually turned out to be Mastermind, the sentient computer, who had the real Roma locked away in a dungeon and also captured Brian’s friends in the meantime. Mastermind had felt that Brian had failed in protecting the Warpies (who had become his army) and intended to use the Sword and Amulet to remake the cosmos. With the help of his friends, Brian managed to bust loose and soon found himself in a duel with Mastermind. In a twisted way, the sentient computer considered itself as Brian’s brother, having always been jealous of him. Mastermind bested Brian but self-destructed afterwards, as the Sword, not being his to wield, destroyed him. Brian then wisely used the power of the Sword and the Amulet to turn the Warpies into ordinary human youngsters again. In the aftermath of the conflict, Roma revealed that her time as Omniversal Guardian was up, as she had other matters to attend to, and she asked Brian to take over her job, and he and Meggan stayed in Otherworld. [Excalibur (2nd series) #1-4]

[Note: Despite the confusion from the above series, Excalibur and the Sword of Might are two independent swords.]

Some time later, Otherworld was under attack by Morgan Le Fay who tried to destroy Great Britain by killing Captain Britain. In his role as Omniversal Guardian, Brian approached an Englishwoman named Kelsey Leigh, who had bravely died defending some of the Avengers against the Wrecking Crew. Hovering between life and death, Brian offered her the same choice Merlyn and Roma had offered him so long ago. Unlike him, Kelsey chose the sword and, while still turning into the new Captain Britain, her fate was a different one: Brian warned her that, due to her choice, she could never see her children again, as they would die otherwise. The reluctant Kelsey, along with the Avengers, saved Brian and Meggan from Morgan, who wasn’t prepared for a new Captain Britain. [Avengers (3rd series) #77-81]

Several months later, Brian and Meggan briefly returned to Earth to bury Brian’s sister Betsy, who had been killed by a new enemy, Vargas. [X-Treme X-Men (1st series) #3] Brian and Meggan remained living happily in Otherworld, working alongside Roma and Saturnyne, when disaster struck as Earth-616's reality was taken and altered by the insane, nigh-omnipotent Scarlet Witch. This set off a multidimensional tidal wave, threatening not only 

Otherworld and the other parallel realities of the Multiverse, but also caused the resurrection of Mad Jim Jaspers, more dangerous than ever as he seemed to be merged with the Fury. Captain Britain could barely prevent Roma from being killed by Jaspers. In the meantime, Saturnyne had decided to destroy the 616 Universe to prevent the reality cancer from spreading. She was kept from doing so when Brian's mad brother, Jamie, showed up and destroyed the annihilator device. Roma and Saturnyne gave Captain Britain and Meggan a 48 hours ultimatum - the time necessary to fix the device. They had to change the 616 Universe back, otherwise it would be destroyed.

However, as Roma had already feared, once they were on Earth, Brian and Meggan became part of the altered reality - they were now the King and Queen of Great Britain and didn't remember their mission. During a party, they were reunited with Brian's sister Betsy, as well as with their former teammate Rachel. Brian's subconscious began to remember details of their mission during sleep. Realizing that something was very wrong and that time was running out, Brian and the others set out to act but instead ran afoul of the House of M. Along the way, they a found a young woman named Nocturne, who shouldn't even be part of this reality. The fight with the troops of the House of M delayed the heroes even more and, by the time they had located the hole in reality through which the tidal chaos wave was about to spread, it was almost too late. Working together, Captain Britain, Psylocke and Rachel managed to seal the gap, but only because Meggan ventured into the void beyond and sacrificed herself in order to deflect a large amount of the impacting chaotic energies. Witnessing her final moments, Brian could only admire his wife for her nobility. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #462-465]