Publication Date: 25th Apr 2019
Written By: Daytripper.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


In the MC2 timeline, Julia had long since retired from career as Spider-Woman when she made a surprise visit to the laboratory of Peter Parker, himself no longer Spider-Man. Julia had a warning for Peter, informing him that she thought the new Spider-Man may be a threat to his daughter, Spider-Girl. The son of Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, this new Spider-Man had gained his powers when subjected him to experimentation to cure him of a rare blood disease. While he had gained powers, the disease persisted. Julia accompanied Peter on a visit to Jessica's home, but Jessica claimed she didn't know where her son, Gerry, was – other than that he was out there risking his life as Spider-Man. Because the use of his new powers had accelerated his rare disease, Gerry's use of his powers put himself in danger. Disguised as the original Spider-Man, Peter located Gerry and convinced him to give up being Spider-Man and seek help for his illness. Knowing that the original Spider-Man was supposed to be dead, Julia realized that Peter was in fact the original Spider-Man, but kept this to herself.