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25th Apr 2019
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Real name

Julia Eugenia Cornwall Carpenter


Spider-Woman II, Arachne III


5' 9”


140 lbs.




Strawberry Blonde

First appearance

Marvel Super-Heroes
Secret Wars #6

Known relatives

Rachel Carpenter (daughter),
Elizabeth Cornwall (mother),
Walter Cornwall (father),
Larry Carpenter (ex-husband,
deceased) Evelyn
(unspecified relative)


Former government

Group affiliation

Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Force Works, Freedom Force, Commission on Superhuman Activities, Omega Flight III, Secret Avengers (Civil War), Secret Defenders, Queen's Vengeance


• Spider-serum injection gave her the proportionate abilities of a spider, including superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, leaping ability, power over interatomic binding forces allowing her to cling to solid surfaces with her hands and feet, and "psionic webbing" woven out of thought energy, with a tangible substance that can conduct her clinging ability, and can read "psychic vibrations" reverberating through the web, allowing her to feel the presence of other nearby minds
• Inherited a connection to the Web of Life and Destiny from the previous Madame Web, leaving her physically blind but in possession of a second sight, allowing her to navigate her surroundings through clairvoyance, remotely sense events, telepathically scan and communicate with others, cast a life-like astral projection, and possesses and awareness of the future and of all possible futures that can result from different sequences of events