Publication Date: 
4th Jan 2013
Real name

Jonothon Evan Starsmore


Decibel II


5' 9"


140 lbs.




brown, formerly Red with no visible

First appearance

Generation X (1st series) #1

Known relatives

Jack Starsmore
Apocalypse and other members of
Clan Akkabba (distant relatives)


staff at the Jean Grey School
for Higher Learning

Group affiliation

Jean Grey School for Higher Learning,
X-Men; formerly New Warriors,
Weapon X, Generation X


• psionic biokinesis enables him
to unleash raw energy discharges
that strike with concussive
force or disrupt the binding properties of matter so that it explodes violently
• this energy has destroyed a significant portion of his body from his navel up to beneath his nose, altering his physiology so that he no longer needs to eat or breathe and developed telepathic powers, enabling him to communicate mentally over a distance, sense psychic phenomena, and transmit mental impressions from one mind to another
• formerly equipped with a high-tech neck brace that provided "sonic telekinesis", converting the sound of his voice to create a deafening wail, shatter or crumble solid objects, allow thrust for flight and form solid-sound constructs including force fields, transportational platforms, and animated figures, also used Pym Particle and impact webbing capsules