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Publication Date: 7th Sep 2023
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.


In time, Cloak & Dagger’s relationship went through a rough period. Tandy became uncomfortable with Tyrone’s smothering presence and the codependent nature of their relationship. She ended their partnership and insisted Cloak let her stand on her own. Tandy became a deputized member of the LAPD, working under detective Brandon Ikeda when super-powered assistance was needed in a bust. Meanwhile, Cloak was adrift and found work as a bodyguard and security detail for the traveling pop star Happy Hour. He found a new relationship with his boss and co-worker, Maya. They reunited (uncomfortably) on regular intervals so that Dagger’s light could quench Cloak’s darkness, but otherwise they lived apart.

Their lives were drawn back together after Dagger tackled some small-time super-villains called Fix and the Drug Lords for the LAPD. The Fix was found desiccated and grey-skinned, just like Tyrone’s first “kill” all those years prior. Tandy was already worried about Ty’s involvement before Detective Ikeda told her there had been six similar bodies found in the last few months. She started to avoid Cloak and their regular feedings, which provoked a confrontation where Dagger nearly accused Tyrone of being the serial murderer. In truth, Grey had survived his trip through the Darkforce Dimension years earlier, although he was much worse the wear for it. Grey attacked Ikeda and the LAPD to draw out Dagger, forcing her to fight him physically as well as his memory-distorting fog and illusions. He abducted Dagger to serve as a regular feast for his powers.

Cloak returned from Happy Hour’s tour to learn that Dagger was missing and Grey was back. He tracked them down, but Grey was too dangerous after feeding on Dagger’s light. Both of them were weakened and Tyrone barely managed to rescue Tandy and teleport them away. Grey took over the Happy Hour tour to draw them out, mind-fogging the crowd into attacking them on sight. Cloak teleported the civilians to safety, but Dagger impulsively stayed behind to face Grey alone. Tyrone returned to stand beside her, and together the duo stood up to Grey and Cloak swallowed him into the Darkforce permanently. Cloak and Dagger reunited and began to work on rebuilding their relationship. [Cloak & Dagger (4th series) #1-6]

Although they were working together again, Cloak and Dagger still had some uncomfortable distance between them. Tyrone agreed to join Tandy as a deputy super-hero with the LAPD, but she also started dating Detective Ikeda. Having two boyfriends trying to backseat drive in the field didn’t help Dagger’s craving for independence, even though her powers had been genuinely weakened by her time with Grey. While Brandon and Tandy argued after a bust, Tyrone was approached by an adrenaline junkie and motorcyclist named Vivian. Her forward demeanor and lack of fear regarding the Darkforce Dimension was intriguing to Ty, and left Tandy feeling jealous and abandoned as a result of her own choices.

Into this complicated dynamic, Mr. Negative returned, allied with a creature from the Darkforce Dimension known as the Devourer. This creature feared Dagger’s light and needed Cloak more powerful in order to escape that dimension, so it offered to free Negative from his philanthropic half in exchange for his help. In truth, Cloak and Dagger needed little help to drive each other apart. Dagger was determined to prove herself and rushed herself and Brandon Ikeda headfirst into a trap with Mr. Negative. Ikeda was “inverted” by Negative’s power, turning him into a puppet for Negative to sway Dagger over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Cloak was spending more and more time with the thrill-seeking Vi, base-jumping through the Darkforce Dimension with his teleporting ability. At her suggestion, he spent more time in the Darkforce Dimension, actively manipulating its substance and landscape as his control over his powers grew.

With the Devourer’s help, Mr. Negative got Cloak to bisect his soul and separate him from his other half, Martin Li. Mr. Negative’s compromised version of Detective Ikeda presented as the perfect boyfriend for Tandy to build her confidence in staying independent from Tyrone. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of making Dagger realize she just wasn’t that interested in Brandon. She went to Ty’s place to confront him about bailing on the LAPD work, but Tyrone told her he had only been doing it for her in the first place. When she started ghosting him, he was done. Tandy finally broke and admitted she wanted Tyrone back in her life, the whole way. She was sorry that her need to prove herself had pushed him away. Tyrone eagerly embraced her back, which got awkward when Vi woke up on his couch and saw her boyfriend kissing his ex.

The argument between Tyrone, Vi and Tandy was interrupted by the Devourer’s forcibly pulling Cloak into the Darkforce Dimension using his own powers. Cloak’s strengthened connection to the Darkforce Dimension had made him a much better portal for the Devourer to invade Earth through. Mr. Negative appeared and revealed himself as Ikeda’s puppet master, but Dagger purged the crime boss from her boyfriend and then used his Darkforce to access the dimension. Making use of Mr. Negative’s effect on their powers, Dagger inverted to become Darkforce and then used her connection with Cloak to invert him into Lightforce-based powers, ruining his use to the Devourer. The portal closed, and the Devourer was cut to pieces by the effect. In the aftermath, Cloak & Dagger quit the LAPD and broke up with their respective partners to work towards rebuilding the most important relationship in their lives: each other. [Cloak & Dagger: Negative Exposure #1-6]

Inevitably, Cloak and Dagger found their way back to the streets and back alleys of Manhattan. When Malekith brought the War of the Ten Realms to Earth, Thor and the Avengers led the defense of the entire world of Midgard. Tandy and Tyrone focused their efforts on defending the homeless and the helpless threatened by the invading elves and frost giants. [War of the Realms: War Scrolls #1] Carnage returned to lead a culling in the name of his symbiote god, Knull. In response to a call for help by Misty Knight, Iron Fist re-assembled the heroes who fought against Carnage and his gang years earlier. Cloak and Dagger joined him with Morbius, Firestar and a Deathlok to stand against the symbiote legions. [Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #1-3] Thanks to their connections with Nova and the New Warriors, Cloak and Dagger were also recruited to fight against the Cancerverse invasion of the Negative Zone. [Annihilation Scourge: Omega]

Despite all they had been through together, Tyrone and Tandy felt uncomfortable about fully embracing each other. Cloak was working up the nerve to tell Dagger he loved her when a death cult activated a Madbomb in New York City. The threat brought together a curious collection of vigilantes, including the Black Knight, Weapon H, Agent Anti-Venom and Elektra as the new Daredevil, Woman Without Fear. They found a member of the Deathlok Army time police trying to eliminate Conan the Barbarian, who had been trapped in the modern age for months. This mad melee ended when Conan severed the Deathlok’s arm with his sword, triggering his time jump device in the process. Cloak, Dagger and all those who would become known as the Savage Avengers fell through the time portal this created to the Hyborian Age of Conan’s origin. [Savage Avengers (2nd series) #1]

25,000 years ago, there were many perils to threaten these heroes. Dagger found herself separated from Cloak and imprisoned alongside Conan and Anti-Venom at first. Flash Thompson and Tandy Bowen were quickly taken with each other and began flirting, much to Cloak’s chagrin when he and the others arrived. Ty’s possessive streak only provoked Tandy into declaring her independence again and considering Anti-Venom’s attention if only to be contrary.

In addition to Deathlok, these Savage Avengers were forced to contend with Thulsa Doom, necromancer in the service of Set, who wished to sacrifice Conan to summon his god. Elektra used the rites of the Hand to “resurrect” their pursuer Deathlok, reviving the mind of the man he had been in life, an alternate universe’s Miles Morales. With Deathlok on their side, the Avengers fought to rescue their barbarian from his foes. Conan was sacrificed, but Dagger’s healing light brought him back to face his tormenters. Despite their turbulence, Dagger also reached out to Cloak to support her as they wove together chains of light to bind Set as he began to manifest on this plane. Conan stayed behind to force Set back into his realm while Deathlok used the same portal to transport the Avengers back to the future. [Savage Avengers (2nd series) #2-5]

Unfortunately, they overshot their mark, and the Savage Avengers arrived in 2099. This timeline had been taken over by Ultron, thanks to technology left behind in the present by Deathlok’s severed arm just before the trip to the Hyborian Age. Now the world was overrun by Deathloks under Ultron’s control. Trapped in the horrors of a future they made, Black Knight brought the Savage Avengers to the ruins of Avengers Mansion to arm themselves from the team’s vault and archives. Tyrone toyed with using Doctor Octopus’s arms while Dagger found the Power Prism a fantastic conduit for her light. [Savage Avengers (2nd series) #6]

Teamed with Punisher 2099, the Avengers fought for an advantage over Ultron. Tyrone gritted his teeth to work with Flash, and even Elektra spoke up and told Tandy she would have to make a choice soon, if only for unit morale. The team attacked Hellrock prison to free Doom 2099, for Latveria was one of the final holdouts against Ultron’s conquest. Doom’s time gauntlet could be used to return to the past and undo this cataclysmic future. Unfortunately, Ultron anticipated them and intercepted the Savage Avengers. He virtually murdered the entire team before immersing them in his Formula-D nano-solution, turning them into Deathloks under his dominion. Tyrone’s last words before he died in Tandy’s arms were to finally admit he was in love with her. [Savage Avengers (2nd series) #7-8]

Only Punisher 2099 and Miles Morales remained free after this debacle. On the run from their former allies, Deathlok managed to enter cyberspace and confront the minds of these new Deathloks, restoring their humanity. The Savage Deathloks returned to the Formula-D vats and Black Knight programmed the nano-fluid to restore their human bodies and purge the cybernetic elements. Acting upon the last words she remembered, Dagger let Anti-Venom down easily before rushing into Cloak’s arms and making it clear she returned his love. As the Savage Avengers and Ultron’s freed prisoners made a commotion, Morales and Doom 2099 located the time gauntlet and used a portal to retrieve the Deathlok arm from the past, thereby negating this future entirely. In his last moments, Deathlok cast the Savage Avengers back to the point in the timeline that they left. [Savage Avengers (2nd series) #9-10]