Publication Date: 14th Sep 2012
Written By: Peter Luzifer.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.
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In the Age of Apocalypse, Sister Carlysle, aka Copycat was a member of the Brotherhood of Chaos, a group of mutant fanatics serving Apocalypse. When the Brotherhood received word of the X-Men arranging for hundreds of humans to be transported to the still human-run Eurasia, they arranged for Box and Copycat to board the transport undercover. Unfortunately, after arriving at the landing site in Eurasia, they were discovered and killed by Weapon X and Jean Grey.

When Arcadia DeVille accidentally opened up a dimensional rift with overlapping timelines, [X-Force (1st series) #100] Warpath briefly met an X-Force version that counted both Deadpool and Copycat among their line-up. Although the details regarding their memberships were left unrevealed, there stands reason to believe that this Copycat had impersonated Domino too. After all, she was wearing a similar blue and purple costume. Possibly she was inducted into X-Force after she came clean about her working for Tolliver. The real Domino was not shown to be among that X-Force line-up, though, and Cable had apparently perished in battle against the M.L.F.