Publication Date: 4th Jul 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.


Lillian Crawley was one of many super-powered Canadian citizens recruited by Department H in an effort to start the nation’s own governmentally sanctioned hero team. Nothing prior to her recruitment has been revealed, neither her birth town nor the environment she grew up in, nor the circumstances under which she manifested her mutants powers. Her indestructible bio-aura, after which she was codenamed Diamond Lil, made her a prime candidate for the Flight Program. However, personality-wise, Lillian still had ways to go. She always carried a chip on her shoulder, and bickered with her teammates among the training squad Gamma Flight quite often, the sole exception being Madison Jeffries, with whom she became romantically involved. Apparently, the affair wasn’t that serious, as when the government decided to cut the funding and close down Department H, the pair went their separate ways, Madison even faking his death in order to gain a fresh start. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #28]

Just like most other members of Beta and Gamma Flight, Lillian was found herself out of job and without a future. Jerry Jaxon, an old rival of James Hudson, took advantage of this and had his associate, a robot woman named Delphine Courtney, equipped with a behavior influencer, recruit Diamond Lil and the others for Omega Flight. Jaxon’s revenge was well planned and he lured Hudson, aka Guardian, away from Canada, but he still managed to contact Alpha Flight for help. In battle, Diamond Lil easily defeated a weakened Snowbird, using a string of her indestructible hair to choke the goddess, though Shaman soon found Lil’s weakness to be her mind and kept her busy with mystical attacks. During the confrontation of the two teams, Guardian‘s suit was damaged and he was seemingly killed in the ensuing explosion. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #1, 11-12]

Though Jaxon too died, Delphine Courtney later returned with Omega Flight to finish the job they had started - the destruction of Alpha Flight. Courtney assumed the guise of the late Guardian, claiming to be back from the dead, and then lured Alpha Flight into a set-up.  Diamond Lil and her teammates defeated Alpha Flight, though when Courtney turned Shaman’s pouch inside out, resulting in a vortex consuming all of reality, they fled the scene. Their getaway was stopped by Madison Jeffries, the only member of Gamma Flight that Delphine had not recruited, for his control over technology was a threat to her. After dismantling the robot woman with ease, he crushed any hopes Lil might have had to rekindle their romance, telling her that, despite the fact she and the other Omegas had been manipulated by Courtney, they were still accomplices to murder. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #25-28]

Just like Wild Child, Diamond Lil was taken into custody and sent to prison. Many months later, though, during a time that Alpha Flight had gone rogue and severed all ties with the Canadian government, Department H started to assemble a new governmentally sanctioned team. Naturally, Lillian accepted the offer of being pardoned in exchange for her serving among this new Gamma Flight. The group still in its starting phases when she was released from prison, Lil almost immediately went to Madison‘s place, not knowing that, in the meantime, he had become engaged to Heather Hudson, Guardian‘s widow, who was now wearing his electro-magnetic suit and leading Alpha Flight. This didn’t stop her from trying to seduce her former lover back, though.

Lillian’s visit occurred right in the middle of a crisis, as Alpha Flight targeted by one of their archenemies, Llan the Sorceror. The magical opponent transported the entire team to another dimension, and Lil got caught in the effect. After humiliating the team,  Llan left them to die in the strange dimension, though Talisman found a means to eventually return home. It involved the strange realm known as the Crossroads of all realities, and Alpha Flight had to journey from one reality to the next, in order to get home. Naturally, Heather didn’t like having around the woman who helped kill her husband, and they argued quite a lot, sometimes even fought. However, during the long way back through many hostile dimensions, Lil and Heather had to rely on each other to watch their backs, and saving each other’s lives, they reconciled their differences. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #71-73]

When Alpha Flight finally returned to Earth, they learned that three months had passed, and Gamma Flight had been formed without Diamond Lil, and they no  longer had need for her. She volunteered to remain with Alpha Flight instead, considering that the group was a bit understaffed with several other members recovering from recent injuries. At the same time, though, the old love between Lillian and Madison seemed to blossom anew. Under the pretension that it was just until Alpha Flight had found a new headquarters, Lillian moved in with Madison, though they kept their relationship secret. The time didn’t seem right for Madison to end his engagement and break up with Heather, considering what else the leader of Alpha Flight had to deal with at the time. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #75-76, 78]

Other than the issue of the new base, Alpha Flight found themselves framed for several crimes by Llan, which led to the team being outlawed and getting arrested by Gamma Flight. Bitter irony for Lil, finding herself sent to prison again, sent there by the group she was supposed to join upon being pardoned. With the Sorceror’s attacks on Earth increasing on a daily basis, Alpha Flight had no choice but to bust out and hope to clear their names later. Gathering a number of former Alpha Flight members and even convincing Gamma Flight of the severity of the threat that Llan posed, Earth’s invasion of his mystical army was be prevented at the last minute. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #79-86]

Later, while Heather was busy clearing Alpha Flight’s name in a trial, Box was approached by General Clarke about operatives of Roxxon having asked for someone with his abilities to help them in a crisis involving one of their experiments having gone wrong. When it was revealed that the mission was to be kept secret from Heather, Diamond Lil couldn’t resist and tagged along. Together with Roxxon’s own super-powered agent,  Windshear, and the X-Man Forge, the couple learned that there was actually a man inside of the technological structure that was causing Roxxon so many problems - it was none other than James McDonald Hudson. Turned out that he hadn’t died. Instead, he had been fused together with some of his suit’s cybernetic components, turning him into a cyborg. Box managed to get through to him by reminding James of the woman they both had loved - Heather, and he immediately ceased his attacks, allowing the others to free him from the devices that Roxxon had attached to him in hope of using him for their purposes. Considering her involvement in his original “death,“ Lillian was a bit awkward around Hudson, though he told her not to be - if Alpha Flight could accept her attempt to redeem, so could he. At the same time, Lil hoped that the return of Heather’s husband would clear the way for her and Madison. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #87-90]