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Publication Date: 25th Sep 2011


Her entire life, Joanna had struggled with the anger that colored her view of the world. She had sought an outlet and found it in the service of many powerful masters. But it was not until the mutant called Legion warped reality and created the Age of X, that Frenzy finally found a life worth living. In this new reality, mutantkind had taken refuge in Fortress X where they battled outside forces to maintain their freedom on a daily basis. Frenzy was a fierce warrior, part of the lauded Tempo Cadre and passionately married to Basilisk, this reality’s version of Scott Summers. She had found a place to channel all her anger and passion and was viewed as a hero and a legend by her people. In the week she spent within this reality, Joanna found a contentment and purpose that she had never known before. [Age of X Crossover]

When Legion’s errant personality was finally defeated and reality restored, Joanna was one of the few mutants who decided to keep all of her memories of the Age of X. She confronted Cyclops, eager to rekindle the passion they had shared. Cyclops made it clear that to her that she had earned her place there but that he had no interest in recapturing what they had shared. He believed it to be a mere illusion but for Frenzy it was very real.

This prompted a major turning point for Joanna Cargill. She decided that she wanted what she had there - a clear and noble purpose, the respect and admiration of her fellow soldiers, and the love of a devoted husband. She cut her hair and donned a costume like the one she wore in Legion’s fantasy world. She then made her intention to become an X-Man and earn her place there as she had at Fortress X clear. She now fights as a member of Rogue’s squad of X-Men alongside her former savior, Magneto and her former adversary Gambit. [X-Men Legacy (1st series) #249]