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Publication Date: 19th Dec 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Ruth and Monolith.


Jean lent her psychic powers to X-Haven as they sought out mutants threatened by the Terrigen cloud. She used her telepathy to help repair Nightcrawler's mind after the horrors of the M-Pox panic had driven him to the brink of madness. She also kept her promise to Logan, freeing him from the influence of a future symbiote that tried to turn him against the team. Jean's X-Haven team worked alongside a squad of younger X-Men being trained by Colossus, including Glob Herman. Glob had a massive crush on Jean Grey and kept meaning to ask her out, but never fully worked up the courage. Jean being Jean, she almost certainly was aware of his feelings, although she didn't let on. [Extraordinary X-Men #6-16]

When war finally came between the X-Men and Inhumans, Jean helped Fantomex and the Stepford Cuckoos contain the martial philosopher Karnak. Afterwards, she reunited with the original X-Men. Henry had tested a new time machine and supposedly learned they were not from the past of this timeline, meaning the original five no longer needed to worry about returning to the past. Scott had also been unburdened after learning Emma Frost was responsible for the final actions of "Cyclops," not the real, adult Scott. He impulsively kissed Jean after learning this, but they had grown apart in the past few months and Jean gently rebuked Scott, saying they couldn't go backwards, only forwards. [All-New X-Men (2nd series) #19]

Marvel Girl returned to the original five after this and assumed a leadership role. Jean met with Magneto, who asked her and her team to work with him to help mutantkind. Magneto was currently believed dead and would always be seen as a villain, so he needed the X-Men as heroes to protect their people. Jean was allowed to scan Magneto's mind to determine if he was being sincere and she experienced the depth of his pain and loss, dating back to Auschwitz. Jean believed Magnus genuinely wanted to help others, but she also trained her X-Men to watch over Magneto, preparing for the day he reverted to type. [X-Men: Prime (2nd series) one-shot, X-Men: Blue #1-2]

Meanwhile, Jean struggled with a personal crisis of her own. She experienced a vision that warned her the Phoenix Force was returning to Earth and would be targeting her. Jean didn't want the burden of carrying the cosmic firebird, for she knew how much trouble it had caused her future self. To prepare, Jean reached out to past hosts of the Phoenix Force for insight, and spoke to numerous mutants and other heroes for training to perhaps fight off the Phoenix when it tried to claim her. In a time travel twist, she even got the opportunity to speak to the Phoenix itself, during the time when it was living Jean Grey's life in her place. [Jean Grey #1-6, Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey #1]

The most unexpected assistance, however, came from the ghost of Jean Grey herself. Somehow, the adult Jean returned from the White Hot Room to haunt young Jean, making heavy-handed attempts to prepare Jean for the coming of the Phoenix. She even forced Jean into Emma Frost's mind to recover a sliver of Phoenix power Emma had held onto, hoping Jean could "inoculate" herself to the Phoenix this way. It all failed, in the end. The Phoenix arrived and cast aside the psychics and former hosts trying to defend young Jean. Worse, Jean realized the Phoenix Force was not here to possess her. It was here to kill her. And it did. [Jean Grey #7-10]

The Phoenix Force actually wanted to resurrect the original Jean Grey, the one it had bonded with in the past. The young Jean was nothing but a distraction it wanted removed from the board. After burning Jean to ashes with cosmic fire, however, the Phoenix found Jean in the White Hot Room. Jean thought she was being tortured by the Phoenix or sent to hell, but she soon realized even the Phoenix Force didn't understand why Jean was aware in the Room. Jean exerted control over the Phoenix's home ground, causing ice to form in the White Hot Room and melt to wash away the flames. Faced with a lack of options, the Phoenix was forced to resurrect the young Jean Grey, for it could not contain her and it could not control her otherwise. Jean returned to the realm of the living to meet the adult Jean Grey, who had also been restored by the Phoenix Force in her absence. [Phoenix Resurrection crossover, Jean Grey #11]

Outside of cosmic concerns and identity crises, Marvel Girl still had an X-Men team to lead. Her team discovered Jimmy Hudson, son of Wolverine and a dimensional cast out from the Ultimate Universe on the run from Miss Sinister and the new Marauders. Jean invited the amnesic Jimmy to join their X-Men while he adapted to this world. Jean was notably attracted to Jimmy, which was unsettling to both Scott and Hank. [X-Men: Blue #4-6]

During Hydra's takeover of America, Jean's X-Men acted as rebels opposing Steve Rogers' Hydra and the New Tian mutant city-state on the west coast, run by Emma Frost and Xorn. Magneto had arranged the existence of New Tian with Rogers in exchange for his promise not to intervene, and so the X-Men acted in his stead. During an encounter with the New Tian government, Emma Frost tried to reprogram young Cyclops' mind. Jean entered Scott's mind to counter the brainwashing and accidentally created a permanent psychic link between her and Scott. [X-Men: Blue #7-9]

In the days that followed, Jean and Scott had to get used to hearing each other's thoughts all the time. It was now impossible for the duo to hide their feelings for one another, although they still weren't comfortable acting on those feelings. Scott was perhaps more uncomfortable since Jean (as a telepath) had more practice controlling her thoughts and could therefore hide some things from him, whereas he was always an open book to her. This wasn't fun for Jean, either, since she was fully aware of Scott's attraction to their latest teammate, another dimensional castaway named Bloodstorm. [X-Men: Blue #10-12]

One day, the timeline became fundamentally unstable as the original five watched events change and allies disappear right before their eyes. After passing through several altered time periods, they returned to the past and discovered the "original X-Men" operating there were actually imposters, the Brotherhood of the future. Marvel Girl and the others found Professor X a prisoner of Xavier II and his gang, and joined forces with the local Magneto plus Generation X and the X-Men 2099 of other time periods to defeat the imposters. Everything was only put right when the present Magneto used his time machine to intercept and apparently kill the Brotherhood before they ever tampered with the past. Jean and the original five were forced to accept that the timeline was still endangered by their presence in the present. Returning to the past and their old lives was now an inevitable necessity. [X-Men: Blue #16-20]

Before they had time to process this, Marvel Girl and the original five X-Men traveled out into space with Venom to rescue Scott's father Corsair, who was attacked by Klyntar symbiote hosts. During the search for the symbiote-enhanced mercenaries and their captives, the X-Men also encountered and bonded with a cache of symbiotes stolen from their homeworld. This became calamitous when they were met by the Poisons, extra-dimensional foes of Venom who were the natural predators of the Klyntar. When a Poison touches a symbiote with a host, it consumes both bonded entities, forming a new body based on the host and symbiote's powers and memories, but fully dominated by the Poison and their Hive mind. The original beings die in the process, leaving only an echo of what they were. Jean Grey and the mercenary leader Killer Thrill were the first to die. Jean became a Poison, severing her psychic link with Scott and turning her against her friends. [Poison-X crossover]

As the Poisons made their way to Earth, they stopped off at Klyntar to kidnap a planetfull of symbiotes to feast upon. The Poisons deliberately bonded Earth's heroes with symbiotes to create better meals for their young, and began transforming the symbiote-enhanced heroes into Poisons, including Jimmy Hudson. Poison-Jean joined versions of Thanos and Doctor Doom from the Poisons' previous reality in leading the attack on Earth. Miraculously, the echo of Jean's original consciousness remained sentient and fought the Poison that had consumed her. She managed to destroy the Poison from within, emerging from it like a butterfly from chrysalis and telekinetically rebuilt her body using remnant genetic material. Jean psychically engaged the Poison Queen and destroyed it, obliterating the Hive and causing the deaths of virtually every Poison connected to the Hive. [Venomized #1-5]

Jimmy Hudson proved an exception. Marvel Girl and the X-Men hunted down their former comrade, whose mind was now a twisted mix of Jimmy's original consciousness and a Poison permanently separated from the Hive. Jean empathized with Jimmy more than anyone after her ordeal, and she tried to reach out to him. Jimmy wasn't certain if he was really Jimmy Hudson, though, or just the Poison's memory of its last meal. He left the X-Men in order to find out for himself who and what he was. [X-Men: Blue #29-30]

During the ordeal with Jimmy, the X-Men faced Daken, who had been sent by Magneto to kill Jimmy. Much had changed while the X-Men were in space, and Magneto blamed them for not being around to deal with the Mothervine outbreak, where he was forced to kill fellow mutants who were mind-controlled against him. A fighting mad Magneto was ready to kill Emma Frost for putting him in that position, and Jean's team put themselves between Magneto and Emma. They won, but their alliance with Magneto was finished after this. [X-Men: Blue #31-32]

Jean and her team started to prepare themselves for returning to the past. They began wrapping up loose ends from their adventures, and setting the stage for wiping their own memories to ensure the timeline was properly maintained. Having died and come back several times herself now, young Jean met with her older counterpart one last time, questioning whether she was even still "Jean" after her Poison ordeal. She and Scott also gave in and admitted their feelings for each other fully. They shared a memorable kiss with one another before it would all be wiped away. [X-Men: Blue #35-36]

Before they could leave, though, the original five X-Men were attacked by multiple parties. The time-travelling mutant hunter Ahab came for Cyclops, killing Bloodstorm in the process. Ahab intended to kill at least one of the original five, setting off a paradox that would unravel mutant history and potentially destroy the X-Men. Meanwhile, a new teenaged version of Cable intervened from the future to prevent Ahab from succeeding. Uninterested in asking permission, Kid Cable attacked, sedated and kidnapped Iceman as he began collecting the original five to send them back immediately.

Kid Cable got to young Beast and Angel as well, while Marvel Girl searched for him under the protection of X-Force and Cyclops was placed under house arrest in Searebro with adult Jean's team. Ahab had his own tricks, however, using a pair of mutant twins named Manon and Maxime to revolutionize his Hound process. Weeks of brainwashing with outside devices was now reduced to a single psychic attack, as the twins could rewrite the emotions and memories of Ahab's victims, turning X-Men against X-Men immediately.

After getting on the same page as Kid Cable, Jean and her teammates were reunited and prepared to return to the past while ending the threat in the present by traveling into the future, one more time. Manon and Maxime were once Xavier students years in the future before Ahab kidnapped them. Jean visited the twins at the future school before Ahab got to them, and had them teach her how to psychically create the same effects they did, as well as how to undo the process. Armed with this knowledge, Jean and Kid Cable brought the original five back to the day they left home with the adult Beast. After everyone was in position, Jean used Manon's memory talent to remove all their memories of the future, sealing those memories as a "message in a bottle" that restored all the original X-Men's memories as adults moments after the original five left the present. Armed with the knowledge of Manon and Maxime's abilities young Jean had learned, adult Jean was able to reverse the Hound effect on the X-Men serving Ahab. The Hound Master's time machine was destroyed and his plans failed, while Jean and the original X-Men's time in the future came to a close. [Extermination #1-5]