Publication Date: 
9th Feb 2017
Written By: 
Real name

David Charles Haller


5' 9"


130 lbs.

Hair color



one green, one blue

First appearance

New Mutants (1st series) #26


Numerous splinter and absorbed personalities

Known relatives

Charles Xavier (father),
Gabrielle Haller (mother),
Cassandra Nova (aunt),
Cain Marko / Juggernaut (step-uncle),
Sharon Xavier (grandmother, deceased),
Brian Xavier (grandfather, deceased),
Daniel Shomron (godfather, deceased)


former student

Group affiliation

X-Men, formerly Muir Islanders, Force Warriors


•Capable of spontaneous mutation to develop countless
new mutant abilities on command, limited only by his
mental disorder which assigns each ability to a different
splinter personality in his fractured mind
•Formerly utilized a wrist keypad to focus his power,
enabling him to summon his abilities without the
personality associated with them for a short period of
•Formerly employed an interface helmet that contained his personalities in a psychic brig and “paroled” them to use their powers through David’s body under his direction; also employed a Hazeguard and Xtractor mental archetypes to achieve the same effect without the helmet
•Formerly possessed only four active personalities that shared his body: the childlike David Haller, the telepathic Jemail Karami, the telekinetic Jack Wayne, and the pyrotic Cyndi