Publication Date: 11th Jul 2023
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.
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In the Age of Apocalypse, Madison was a member of the Brotherhood of Chaos, a group of mutant fanatics serving Apocalypse. When the Brotherhood received word of the X-Men arranging for hundreds of humans to be transported to the still human-run Eurasia, they arranged for Box and Copycat to board the transport undercover. After arriving at the landing site in Eurasia, they were discovered, though, and killed by Weapon X and Jean Grey.

Madison’s counterpart in the altered reality ruled by the House of M had also been forced by Weapon X to create weapons that would be used on his fellow mutants. His brother, Lionel,  had also been a captive of the Weapon X program and, though the Jeffries brothers were eventually liberated when Magneto established himself as monarch, they both came out with severe mental issues. Not wanting to be embarrassed by the two nutcases, Magneto couldn’t keep the Jeffries brothers close by, yet he also deemed them too valuable and resourceful to not make any use of them. As such, Madison and Lionel were tasked with governing the nation of Santo Rico and overseeing the mining of its precious metal ores. When the Masters of Evil invaded Santo Rico, Madison and Lionel both grew significantly in size and power by absorbing dozens of Santo Ricans and the mined minerals into their masses. Regardless, they were outnumbered by the Masters, who killed the Jeffries brothers in order to conquer Santo Rico for themselves.

In the reality warp known as the Age of X, Madison and his brother Lionel were responsible for fusing Tony Stark into his Iron Man armor when he contracted a tech-virus, apparently mutant in origin. The fusion caused Stark to become slightly deranged and to take the name “Steel Corpse.” At some point, Madison took refuge at Fortress X, a safe haven for mutantkind, which had been hunted to the brink of extinction. Madison struggled with his humanity in this reality, becoming more and more machine every time he used his Box armor, although he did not like it when he was called Box. While attempting to map stars one evening, he was visited by Legacy, who gave him a mysterious camera. There were 247 images on the camera, which Legacy assumed was some sort of cryptic clue because the images were blank – but Jeffries assured her the images were nothing more than someone pointing at nothing and clicking the button. Jeffries was later confronted by Magneto, who was unhappy that Jeffries was assisting Legacy. In turn, Legacy had become suspicious about the goings-on at Fortress X, and threatened to destroy Jeffries' lab and equipment should he continue to help Legacy. Jeffries later revealed some important information to Berserker about the status of the stars around Fortress X.