Publication Date: 11th Jul 2023
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.


Madison Jeffries and his younger brother Lionel were born somewhere in Canada to as yet unmentioned parents. During puberty, both Jeffries brothers developed mutant transmutation powers. While Lionel relished in his power over organic materials and flesh, Madison hated his ability to manipulate inanimate matter and machines, and tried to avoid any use of it. As they grew up, Lionel used his powers to become a doctor and a skilled surgeon, while Madison preferred to stay in menial jobs like ditch-digging or basics mechanics.

Despite their differences, Madison and Lionel enlisted in the United States Army during a war, as a mechanic and medic respectively. Tragically, their unit was struck by a bomb blast that killed all the other soldiers present, gruesomely scattering their bodies. Lionel Jeffries tried to bring back his friends using his power, but even his transmutating ability could not bring back the dead. He drove himself hopelessly insane trying to do so and became Scramble, the Mixed-Up Man. Madison had to forcibly restrain his brother and made arrangements to keep him locked up in a sanitarium at Montreal General Hospital. To keep him from using his powers, Scramble was denied any human contact, fed intravenously and constantly held in an all-encompassing straightjacket. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #30]

Jeffries’ experiences at war and the loss of his brother led to him spending time in the V.A. hospital after he returned from abroad. It was there that James MacDonald Hudson located Jeffries as a potential recruit for Department H’s superhuman programs. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #89]

[Note: Alpha Flight (1st series) #46 tells a different story about Jeffries’ early days. In that issue, Madison claimed to have been friends with Roger Bochs after meeting in the “Clinic for Socially Maladjusted Super-Beings” before joining Department H after being diagnosed as “cured.” However, when Jeffries and Bochs introduced themselves to each other in Alpha Flight (1st series) #16, it was quite clear that they had never met before, which was also confirmed in Alpha Flight (1st series) #63. Obviously, Alpha Flight (1st series) #46 has to be regarded a continuity error. It’s possible, though, that Jeffries and Bochs found some common ground to build their friendship on when they learned  that they both had undergone psychotherapy at the respective clinics.]

Despite his reluctance to use his powers, Jeffries took a personal liking to Hudson and agreed to join H’s “farm team,” Gamma Flight. In Gamma, he became good friends with his almost-psychotic teammate, Wild Child, during his calmer periods. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #105] He also met Lillian Crawley, aka Diamond Lil, and the two of them began a casual relationship. Not too long after Jeffries was recruited, however, the Canadian government pulled funding for Department H and the Flight program was disbanded. For unknown reasons, Jeffries faked his death after Gamma Flight was shut down, leaving Lil and the others believing he had died from unrevealed circumstances. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #1, 28]

For the next months, Madison Jeffries returned to a simple life digging ditches. One day, he was sent a plane ticket and $1000 cash by former Beta Flight member, Roger Bochs, to come visit him in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. When he arrived at Bochs’ place, Madison learned that his former Gamma Flight teammates had been hired by an artificial woman named Delphine Courtney to work as Omega Flight for Jerome Jaxon, an old enemy of James Hudson. Bochs also explained his unwilling role in Guardian’s death – his “Box” robot had been commandeered by Jerry Jaxon as the instrument of James Hudson’s demise. To ensure no one could ever take over the robot from him again, Bochs wanted Jeffries’ assistance in repairing and upgrading Box. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #16]

Madison Jeffries agreed to work with Bochs and together they created a new variation of Box’s “living metal” armor that allowed Roger to physically merge himself into the robot. This symbiosis was keyed to Bochs’ genetic code, providing a failsafe against misuse by anyone else. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #22] Box joined Alpha Flight shortly after his modifications were complete, but Jeffries did not meet up with the group until several weeks later, after the return of Omega Flight.

Hearing of their return, complete with the Delphine Courtney robot dressed up as a “dark” Guardian, Jeffries sought out his former teammates from Gamma and stopped them as they fled from their battle with Alpha Flight. Jeffries single-handedly disabled Omega Flight with his transmutative powers and used his abilities to gain vengeance for James Hudson by forcibly turning Delphine Courtney inside out, destroying the robot for daring to pose as the good man Jeffries remembered. He also had a regretful reunion with Lil. Although Madison correctly reasoned that Courtney must have been using some sort of behavior influencer to make his Gamma teammates become as hateful as they did, he knew that they still had to answer for their part in Hudson’s murder. He used his mechanical constructs to contain Lil and Omega Flight before turning them over to the authorities. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #28]

With that, Madison Jeffries was swept up into Alpha Flight, just as the team underwent substantial membership changes and moved to a remote headquarters on Tamarind Island. Jeffries went along with the team as their resident machinesmith, working with his buddy Roger Bochs as a two-man mechanical team to adapt “Mansion Alpha” to the team’s needs. Although he was not a full member of the team, his skills attracted the attention of the team leader, Heather Hudson, particularly when he made an off-hand mention of his super-powered brother.

Not knowing the history behind Lionel and his powers, Heather saw it as her duty to seek out other super-powered recruits for Alpha Flight and located Lionel at Montreal General Hospital. Her visit accidentally unleashed Scramble the Mixed-Up Man on the hospital staff, forcing Madison Jeffries and Alpha Flight to come to their rescue. Jeffries was forced to face his brother once again, as they attempted to turn their powers on one another. Locked together in a transmutative circuit, Scramble’s power was turned back on him as he used Madison’s “sane” brain as a template to undo his own madness. Seemingly cured of his insanity, Lionel restored the people he had deformed and the brothers Jeffries were reunited. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #30]

Madison Jeffries’ assistance proved invaluable to Alpha Flight over the following weeks. His transmutative power enabled him to control their headquarters’ many systems as an extension of himself and he even served as a one-man “Danger Room,” animating the equipment in their combat suite to help train Alpha Flight. He and Roger Bochs also restored the Guardian suit to give Heather Hudson a chance to actively lead her team in battle as Vindicator. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #32] His partnership with Bochs grew even stronger after they learned he could “mind-tap” with Roger, allowing Bochs’ inventive vision to guide Jeffries’ transmutative power and create technological marvels of which he would never have conceived on his own. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #36]

Thanks to his ongoing displays of skill and bravery, Heather Hudson nominated Mr. Jeffries for full membership in Alpha Flight and he graduated from tinkerer to hero. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #41] In one of his first outings as a full Alphan, Jeffries was mind-controlled by Kara Killgrave, the teenaged Purple Girl, who had just discovered her pheromone-based powers and crossed paths with Alpha Flight. The misguided Kara fled from Mansion Alpha with Jeffries under her control and forced him to indulge her every whim on a shopping spree through downtown Toronto. After being caught by the criminal Auctioneer, the Purple Girl and Jeffries needed Alpha Flight to get them out of trouble. Once freed from her control, Jeffries carried no grudge against Kara for her immaturity. Indeed, when Kara was inducted into the new Beta Flight for training, Mr. Jeffries personally promised her mother that he would look after Kara during her time with Alpha. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #42]

As he grew more self-assured in the role of a super-hero, Madison Jeffries became more at home with using his powers in an ever-increasing variety of ways. Whereas he had previously relied upon Roger Bochs to guide his power in creating anything too advanced, Jeffries’ newfound confidence led him to develop his own knack for invention separate from Roger. Madison’s ingenuity and grounded personality - especially compared to the rest of Alpha at the time - drew the attention of his team leader, Vindicator, and a mutual attraction began to grow between them over several weeks. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #43]