Publication Date: 11th Jul 2023
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.


While his relationship with Heather began to blossom, Mr. Jeffries friendship with Box was souring at the same time, largely due to Bochs’ affair with the fickle and flirtatious Aurora. The beautiful Aurora had turned to the brilliant Bochs for comfort after the apparent death of her previous genius boyfriend, Sasquatch. When an underwater mission left Bochs suffering from the bends and trapped inside his living robot, however, Aurora incessantly reminded Roger that she could never love him  so long as he remained a machine. Madison thought Aurora was callously manipulating Roger’s feelings, but still resolved to do whatever he could to save his friend from a lifetime as a machine.

Knowing that his brother Lionel Jeffries had returned to medicine at his New Life Clinic, Madison hoped the former Mixed-Up Man could save Box’s life and delivered him to Lionel for treatment. Mr. Jeffries’ poor opinion of Aurora only grew once she began flirting with him on a mission while Box was laid up in the clinic. Despite her charms, Jeffries was disgusted at her behavior and threw her advances back in her face out of loyalty to Bochs. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #43-44]

Everything appeared to work out for the best once Roger Bochs returned from the New Life Clinic. Lionel had not only cured Bochs of the bends, he also reconstructed legs and an excellent physique for the formerly pudgy paraplegic hero, making the shallow Aurora ecstatic at his return. Madison hoped Lionel’s success with Bochs would help mend fences with Vindicator, who was still leery around Lionel from her first horrific encounter with him as Scramble. Events degenerated in a single evening, however, once Walter Langkowski returned to life. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #45]

Although he was now trapped in the body of a woman, the return of Aurora’s former lover caused her to thoughtlessly toss Bochs aside in the hopes of fully restoring Walter to her. Unstable to begin with and now facing the loss of Aurora and his own rapidly-decaying new legs, Roger Bochs went mad and turned on Alpha Flight, going so far as to attempt to murder Aurora. Jeffries did his best to reason with his friend but Bochs was beyond consoling at this point. After Box physically assaulted Heather and Kara, the woman Madison loved and his surrogate “daughter,” Mr. Jeffries had no choice but to disable his friend. Using his transmutative powers, Jeffries reconfigured the living metal of the Box robot to accept his own genetic template and reject Roger’s, allowing Jeffries to phase into the machine and force Roger out. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #46]

Seeking some sort of solution for Roger’s madness, Mr. Jeffries and Alpha Flight returned to Lionel and the New Life Clinic. When Lionel started talking about how he used the excess tissue from corpses to recreate Roger’s legs in the first place, however, Madison quickly realized his brother was nowhere near as “cured” as he might have seemed. As Lionel began ranting about harvesting Alpha Flight for their superior genetic material, Jeffries tried to stop him, only to be shifted into an immobile mass of tissue by Scramble’s powers. Jeffries managed to get to the Box armor and phase in, taking off after Scramble. Lionel’s madness was out of control at this point, leading him to fuse with the still-crazed Roger Bochs to become the “ultimate lifeform” called Omega, with Roger’s genius guiding Scramble’s power to morph and mutate himself into a thousand different forms.

Faced with the horror his brother and his friend had become, Jeffries chose to match them change for change, reconstructing the Box armor into a modular robot that made better use of his transmuting power. Alpha Flight defeated Omega and Purple Girl managed to assume control of him with her power, but not before Lionel lobotomized Roger Bochs inside of the Omega gestalt when Roger’s last shred of sanity caused him to rebel. After Purple Girl forced Omega to restore Madison’s human form to normal, Jeffries realized his brother was too crazy and too dangerous to live. With the threat he posed to all life if Kara’s control ever faded, Madison re-entered the Box armor and used its armaments to kill Omega so that he could do no further harm. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #48-49]

Alpha Flight went through significant membership changes in the days that followed, leading Vindicator, Box and Sasquatch as the only active members besides Beta Flight. Despite these changes, Alpha became a far more stable team with the downsized roster. As things settled down, Jeffries and Heather Hudson finally had time to act upon their feelings for one another and became a couple. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #52]

The new Alpha Flight ran into trouble fighting a former Department H creation called Bedlam, leading to their headquarters on Tamarind Island being destroyed and the group trapped in Bedlam’s North Pole complex even after the villain’s defeat. While waiting for a blizzard to settle down before they could consider leaving, Alpha was confronted by the Great Beasts, who had arrived to claim their “sister,” Sasquatch. Faced with the enormous Tundra, who only grew larger and larger through his contact with the land, Jeffries acted quickly and used his powers to add the entire mass of Bedlam’s complex to his Box robot, making him the giant’s physical equal. As Alpha Flight took to safety inside his metal body, Box battled the Great Beast hand-to-hand. Tundra continued to grow even beyond Box’s ability to counter him, however, so Sasquatch suggested Box convert some of his mass into energy. The resulting explosion destroyed the Beast and a good portion of Box’s body, blasting Alpha off of Earth entirely. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #55]

Mr. Jeffries became a hyperspatial “Boxship,” carrying Alpha through distant space as they tried to find their way back home. Their journey was further complicated when Alpha Flight found themselves under attack by Bedlamites, organic experiments of Bedlam’s that had been left behind in the complex and were competing with Jeffries’ consciousness for control. When the heroes located the Boxship’s processing center, they learned it was actually the representation of Jeffries‘ brain, infected with a black lump of Bedlamites. They knew that they had to destroy the cancerous growth, even though it meant risking lobotomizing Madison. Luckily, following the medically trained Manikin’s orders, Heather successfully destroyed the creatures without harming her lover. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #56]

Alpha Flight eventually returned to Earth after new Betan Laura Dean transported the team to the other-dimensional Liveworld where they battled the Dreamqueen, a fight which carried over to the borders of Communist China thanks to a doorway between worlds. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #58-60] Alpha Flight’s conflict with the Dreamqueen and the Red army in Tibet nearly started World War III and they were called before Canadian Parliament to answer for their “recklessness.” On behalf of Alpha Flight, Vindicator rejected government oversight of their activities and refused to answer to Parliament any more. Without any funding to support the team, Alpha Flight chose to disband. Despite the sad news, Heather proposed to Mr. Jeffries and he gratefully agreed to marry her. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #61-62]

To prepare for the wedding, they returned to the Hudsons’ old residence in Ottawa. Although Alpha Flight was disbanded, Heather and Madison still had time for a few adventures. While interfacing his armor with the American Air Force computer systems, Box accidentally caught a computer virus intent on transferring “units”… in this case, units being nuclear missiles. Forced to fight his own armor, Jeffries attempted to purge the virus from his software from the inside. When that failed, he bailed out of the living robot in the midst of its attack on the Air Force and cannibalized enough raw materials to build himself a second Box armor on the fly. Box blasted Viral-Box to smithereens and the nuclear arsenal remained untouched. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #63]

The wedding preparations were further disturbed by Heather Hudson temporarily being unable to take off her battle-suit,  all the while Madison was plagued by reoccurring dreams. Even worse, when he woke up, he would find evidence that the Box armor had been used. Eventually, he realized that his subconscious guilt over the death of his brother and best friend possessed the Box suit and turned it against him. When the out of control Box tried to harm Heather, though, Madison overcame his fears and came to accept his part in the deaths of Madison and Bochs. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #65-66]

The other former members of Alpha Flight had experienced some strange incidents too, making them realize that the Dreamqueen had continued to manipulate them since their last encounter, bringing the team back together to break her curse and prevent her from invading Earth. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #67-70] Jeffries and Alpha Flight next became entrenched in a long-running conflict with the demonic Llan the Sorcerer over several months. Madison and Heather’s wedding plans were put on indefinite hold while dealing with the Sorcerer. Vindicator became caught up dealing with Talisman, who was the Sorcerer’s ancient reincarnated nemesis, constantly undermining her leadership and taking independent action from the team.

Mr. Jeffries had his own troubles once Diamond Lil was paroled from prison and came looking to rekindle their former relationship. Unaware that Heather was observing them, Madison didn’t protest when Lil kissed him, though he informed her of his engagement to Heather right thereafter. Regardless, Lillian chose to accompany Madison when he received a distress call from Alpha Flight, as they were under attack by Llan. The magical opponent transported the entire team to another dimension and Lil was caught in the effect. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #71-72]

It took Alpha Flight three months to find their way back to Earth. As the war with Llan continued, Madison and Heather continued to drift further apart. Lil’s presence as a new member of Alpha Flight  made it clear to Jeffries that his feelings for her were not in the past. Under the pretension that it was just until Alpha Flight had found a new headquarters, Lillian moved in with Madison, though they kept their relationship secret. The time didn’t seem right for Madison to end his engagement and break up with Heather, considering what else the leader of Alpha Flight had to deal with at the time [Alpha Flight (1st series) #77-78]

It seemed Madison and Heather’s relationship was essentially over and they just hadn’t gotten around to telling each other yet. However, in the final battle with the Sorcerer, things turned around and they seemed ready to recommit to one another fully, [Alpha Flight (1st series) #86] but that ultimately wasn’t to be.