Publication Date: 9th Sep 2021
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Ruth and Gremlin.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Alternate Versions


In one future reality that some members of the New Mutants accidentally visited, there had been a war between mutants and humans, started by the humans. Mutants won, thanks in part to the alliance Magneto had forged between Xavier’s School and the Hellfire Club. The Lords Cardinal, led by Sunspot and Magma as Chief Arbitrators, built a paradise for mutants in uptown and created a perfect mutant state while the humans left in the slums down below had to fend for themselves. Mutant children were taken away to a better life, and those in disagreement with the Chief Arbitrators had their personalities altered by mutants with mind-altering powers. [New Mutants (1st series) #49-50]

In the Age of Apocalypse, Magma was among the many mutants supporting Apocalypse’s view of survival of the fittest. Because of her powers, she was picked for a rather special assignment, a pre-emptive strike against the Human High Council. Magma interrupted their supposed secret meeting in London by melting her way though the ground, and erupting with a burst of lava. However, before she could seriously injure anybody, Magma was killed by Weapon X, who was working together with the humans.

In the Ultimate universe, Magma was one of the very few mutants who declined to take the cure, a serum that wiped out mutant abilities. Instead, she chose to live with the rest of the remaining mutants on Reservation X aka Utopia, led by Kitty Pryde. Life was tough at first but Magma’s command of tectonics and lava helped heat the base.

Her abilities allowed her to make sheer rocky cliffs around Utopia, limiting outside attacks and creating large areas to set up farms. Someone once asked her why she wasn’t part of the main defense squad of Utopia, to which Amara replied that her presence was a simple deterrence, given that she was able to sink continents with nothing but a thought.  

On a team visited by the Exiles, the Earth had been ravaged by a natural disaster, and so people had looked to the moon for survival. While much of humanity remained on Earth, the Moon had been terraformed and was now habitable, housing the White House out of which Earth’s President Aquilla governed.  When the Exiles crossed swords with the villainous Black Panther, they were forced to seek help from Amara and her forces.

In the warped reality of the Age of X, Amara’s early life isn’t known, but first reports have her entering the US from Mexico, having travelled from somewhere in Brazil. Once in the US, she crossed paths with the Exonim forces, who had been deployed to apprehend any mutants. An Exonim field video shows her being confronted by squad member wielding a flamethrower, only to shrug off the attack and completely melt his suit, killing him instantly. Magma sought out Magneto, and soon found him engaged in a battle with Exonim forces. Her arrival tipped the balance in his favor, as she wiped out the specially designed non-ferrous Exonims sent to deal with him. Magma remained a loyal follower of Magneto and was with him when he set up Fortress X, after which she joined the Moonstar Cadre. Magma’s ruthlessness on the battlefield earned the unwanted attention of the Exonim forces, who put a bounty out on her head, despite the practice being banned. No bounty was ever collected, as she proved to be too powerful to take down.

In a possible future that depicted The End of the X-Men, Amara came to the team’s help when the mansion was destroyed and a group of Warskrulls were hunting survivors. Magma and Kitty worked together to take out the Warskrulls and protect the injured mutants.

In New Mutants Forever, which depicted an alternate set of events after New Mutants (1st series) #54, the team received a distress call from Nova Roma. When Magma and Cypher went to investigate, they were captured by the Red Skull and brainwashed. Magma became the Skull’s consort, but she tried to resist the conditioning as much as possible. In this reality, Selene was revealed to be Amara’s grandmother and the sorceress helped the rest of the New Mutants investigate Nova Roma. As a puppet of the Skull, Amara fought against Selene and her teammates, becoming a formidable foe, thanks to her powers. The Red Skull was eventually defeated but he was quickly replaced by a man called Tiberius Rex, who had some kind of psychic power that forced Magma to do his bidding. In the final battle between the New Mutants and Tiberius’ forces, Cannonball flew Magma high up into the air where she couldn’t do as much damage, allowing the rest of the team to defeat Tiberius. Without the power over her, Amara was finally freed and she rejoined her grandmother and the New Mutants.