Publication Date: 
18th Jan 2022
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Real name

Jean-Paul Beaubier


Jean-Paul Martin


5' 11‘‘


185 lbs.




Black with
silver streaks

First appearance

X-Men (1st
series) #120

Known relatives

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier / Aurora
(twin sister), Joanne (adoptive
daughter, deceased), Louis Martin
(adoptive father, deceased),
Kyle Jinadu (husband),
Stevie (sister-in-law),
unnamed in-laws


Investigator, former
trapeze artist, ski champion,
government agent

Group affiliation

X-Men, Alpha Flight, X-Factor, the Hand,
Team Northstar Extreme Snowsports,
Dawn of the White Light, Cell Combattre,
Front de Libertation du Quebec


• Harness the random atomic motion found within his molecules to propel his body at superhuman velocity approaching the speed of light, possesses increased endurance, reaction time, and durability in his physical make-up to resist damage, wind resistance and temperature extremes
• Limited psychic link with his sister, able to alter the phase-shift between his molecules and his sister’s upon physical contact, generating a radiant cascade of blinding light in all directions or focused photon blasts
• Formerly canceled out both his sister's and his own powers on contact, formerly could generate light on his own as concussive bursts or blinding flashes of half the intensity the twins could generate together