Publication Date: 15th Apr 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Alternate Versions

In the Ultimate universe, Kwannon was a young Asian woman of unknown heritage who had lingered in a coma for ten years. The circumstances that caused this condition or any other information on Kwannon’s past have yet to be revealed. However, when the mind of the slain telepath Betsy Braddock sought refuge in her brain, Kwannon gave Betsy her blessing to take over her body, as that meant she was finally free and could die.


In a world where Betsy Braddock was Queen of England, Kwannon was the ex-wife of Warren Worthington III – the current paramour of the Queen. When the Earth-616 Betsy Braddock found her soul floating through realities after she was killed in battle on Otherworld, she took up residence in Queen Betsy's body. Kwannon was tasked with breaking into the King James III Memorial Intelligence Center, this reality's version of Excalibur's Lighthouse, where a connection to Otherworld was available. Kwannon did not want to know anything about Betsy or her reality, as per Queen Betsy's instructions. Given the difficult relationship Betsy had with Kwannon back in her own reality, she felt the need to bombard this reality's Kwannon with all sorts of information to try and ease her own mind – but Kwannon was not interested and started to push Betsy through the portal back into her own reality. They fought, and Betsy tried to apologize to Kwannon, who wasn’t interested in anything Betsy had to say. [Excalibur (4th series) #17]