Publication Date: 1st Jul 2024
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Douglas Mangum.
Alternate Versions


Although a few other versions of Puck might have made a cameo appearance in an issue of “What if... ?” or some other comic depicting an alternate timeline, none of them were significantly different from the main universe version of the character.

In a dark reality, Eugene Judd was one of the crew of the Zeta Flight a group of space pirates whose Corporal Danvers had been replaced by Carol Danvers of the Earth-616. In this reality, Judd did not like being called Puck, and was relatively meek. He was also a terrible pilot. The Zeta Flight crew worked alongside the Widower to obtain this world's Reality Stone. This led to an encounter with Lord Starkill and his Ravagers, who attempted to turn the crew over to this reality's hand of justice – a peace-loving Thanos. Eugene and the others assisted “Corporal Danvers” against the foe who trapped her in this reality to begin with. Aside from having a full head of hair and his general cowardly nature, Eugene Judd appeared not overly different from his Earth-616 counterpart.