Publication Date: 1st Jul 2024
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Douglas Mangum.


Eugene Milton Judd was born in 1914 in the Canadian city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Judd grew tall and strong during his adolescence, eventually standing over six-and-a-half feet tall. Eugene was an adventurous type, always seeking to learn more and broaden his horizons, and he left home to travel the world as soon as he was old enough. He made for India and Tibet and studied the ways of yoga and other mental disciplines to help him towards enlightenment. However, he also began a career as a soldier of fortune there and would eventually leave Tibet to ply his trade the world over. He was a selfish man in those days, and viewed his quest for adventure and zeal for uncovering ancient secrets as more important than human life, and killed many men in his path. In 1937, during the Spanish civil war, Judd was in northern Spain, honing his fighting skills in a bullfight arena. There, he also befriended the writer Ernest Hemingway and his friend, Inez. [Wolverine (2nd series) #35]

On another occasion, in 1939, Judd was commissioned to steal the legendary Black Blade of Baghdad. He succeeded in infiltrating the compound where it was being held but, upon touching the blade, his own dark heart unleashed the demon sorcerer known as Raazer, whose essence had been imprisoned within the blade centuries previously. Raazer used the blade as a focus for his power to drain the life essence of his opponents - each slice of the blade would weaken his victim and shrink them six inches in height in the process. Judd fought back against the freed sorcerer and, using some rudimentary magic skills he had learned in his travels, forcibly imprisoned Raazer's essence inside his own body. This act shrunk him down to a diminutive size, and left him in constant pain for the rest of his life, as he struggled to prevent Raazer from escaping his living prison. On the other hand, Raazer's essence seemed to preserve Judd's youth, keeping him young and vital decades past the prime of his life. In order to keep his mystical problem a secret, when asked, Judd would simply identify himself as a typical dwarf, suffering from achondroplasty. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #32]

Eugene would continue his world travels for the next decades and, at times, would cross paths with other mercenaries and covert operatives, like the Black Widow,  Wolverine or Domino. He apparently fathered a daughter during his travels, but Judd was forced to give her up under so far unrevealed circumstances.

Occasionally, Eugene attempted to put down roots and get in touch with his humanity, such as when he worked as a construction worker in Orloo, Ontario. There, he also worked as a volunteer at the Hull House orphanage, often playing basketball with two boys by the names of Jared and Adrian. It was during this time that Judd first met James MacDonald Hudson, under the name Weapon Alpha. There was an accident at a nearby science project that created the cosmically-mutated man known as Chinook. Wanting to protect the city he considered home, Judd helped to fight and defeat Chinook. After the battle, Hudson asked for Judd‘s name but, learning that he was working for the ministry of defense, Judd preferred to remain anonymous and left after making a quick excuse. [Alpha Flight #minus 1]

Judd would return to his wild ways eventually and, calling himself Puck, he hooked up with a team of other paranormal mercenaries known as the Outcasts. Eugene's flagrant disregard for the laws of man eventually got him imprisoned for the crime of murder.

Not much is known about the details behind his incarceration, but it may have been due to something done while he was with the Outcasts, and Eugene was wholly remorseful for his actions. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #122-123]

When Hudson came to him in prison with an offer to join Department H's training program, Judd swore to his benefactor that he would never kill again, and was paroled into the government's charge. Because of his experience, he was immediately submitted into the Beta Flight team, rather than the Gamma training squad. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #15] 

Next to his work for the Flight Program, Judd was holding a civilian job as a bouncer at Corky's Tavern in Toronto, Ontario.

Just as Judd officially passed the grade to be raised from Beta Flight to Alpha Flight, however, Department H's funding was pulled by Parliament, and the team was disbanded.  When the threat of the Great Beast known as Tundra arose, though, Alpha Flight was gathered together independently by James Hudson, and Puck joined the active team along with Marrina, another rising member from Beta Flight. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #1]

Despite their attempts at teamwork, Alpha Flight's members were based all throughout Canada, and gatherings proved to be few and far between. What's worse, Judd was sidelined from action during a training exercise when Marrina spontaneously developed a vicious streak and sliced open his midsection. While recovering in a hospital in Fort Albany, Puck noticed that one of the nurses was addicted to drugs. Further investigating, he exposed an entire drug ring led by the hospital’s chief administrator. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #2, 5]

Just like his teammates, Puck had his share of solo adventures. On one occasion, he fought the threat of the Brass Bishop, a centuries old Spanish bishop who sold his soul to Mephisto for a woman, but attempted to back out of the deal by sealing himself inside a brass armor that protected his soul from the devil. He was now trying to keep himself out of Hell permanently by retrieving that woman's soul from Heaven itself, as a bargaining chip with Mephisto. Puck teamed up with the sorcerer known as Modred the Mystic to repel the Bishop's plans, and they ended up fighting their way through an army of zombies to a reconstructed Tower of Babel, which the Brass Bishop was using to ascend into the heavens. They defeated the Bishop by stealing the Solomon Seal he would have used to open the Gates of Heaven, thus thwarting the Bishop's plans. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #16]

The next time all of Alpha Flight were called into action they had to face Omega Flight. They were the remaining members of Beta Flight and Gamma Flight, who had been recruited by an archenemy of James McDonald Hudson, or Guardian as he was calling himself by then. The mission ended with Guardian's death, and the apparent dissolution of Alpha Flight itself. Puck stayed with Hudson's widow, Heather, during her mourning period and even developed an unrequited interest in her in the process. Regardless of his personal feelings for her, though, Judd pressed Heather not to give up on Alpha Flight and pushed her into re-establishing the team under her own leadership.

As Heather was recuperating, Puck began investigating a series of "ripper" murders occurring on or near Lake Ontario. Working with Namor and Marrina (who had quickly recovered from her savagery earlier),  they learned the murderer was the only other survivor of Marrina's race, the Plodex, being controlled by the Master of the World, the same man who in part instigated Marrina's earlier attack on Puck. Captured and trapped in a transparent tube, Judd managed to outsmart the Master with a technique he had learned during his time in the Orient. By consciously modulating his own lifesigns to simulate death, he tricked the Master into opening the tube enabling Puck to escape his prison and free the Sub-Mariner. Judd further earned the Master's hatred when he ripped off the villain's helmet to smash open Marrina's prison, little realizing at the time that the helmet was surgically attached to the Master's head. Puck and his friends managed to escape the Master's submarine base, and the resulting explosion left the madman apparently dead. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #12-17]

In the weeks that followed, Puck helped Heather reassemble Alpha Flight into a working team once more. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #18-20] Alerted to a magical disturbance in Ungava Bay, Alpha Flight teamed up with the X-Men as they were looking for Cyclops and his wife, Madelyne Pryor, whose plane had disappeared in the same area. Usually covered with snow and ice, the heroes found Ungava Bay transformed into a beautiful golden city and the missing people joyfully living in it. A mystical fire fountain had given Madelyne, now calling herself Anodyne, the power to heal. Demonstrating her talents on Judd, she restored him to his full height and also removed the pain that he was constantly in. However, as the X-Men and Alpha Flight soon learned, the Norse god, Loki, was behind the gifts that Madelyne and several other humans had received, and these gifts came with a price. In return, the world was purged of all magic, causing the predicament of Snowbird and Shaman. Those who had been changed for the better by Loki’s gifts, including Puck, soon had to battle the few who opposed the “gift,” though eventually all the heroes realized that the price was too high and the gift was rejected by those who had taken it. Judd became a dwarf once more, leaving him with a bitter-sweet memory of what it would be like to be able to look Heather straight in the eye. [X-Men & Alpha Flight (1st series) #1-2]