Publication Date: 
10th Aug 2016
Real Name

Anna Marie

Former Aliases

Dr. Kellogg, Miss Smith, Anna Raven


5' 8"


120 lbs

Hair Color

Brown with a white stripe



First Appearance

Avengers Annual (1st series) #10

Known Relatives

Owen (father),
Priscilla (mother, deceased),
Carrie (aunt),
Destiny (adoptive mother, deceased),
Mystique (adoptive mother),
Nightcrawler (foster brother),
Graydon Creed (foster brother, deceased)


Adventurer, former hostess, mechanic

Group Affiliation

Avengers Unity Squad, X-Men, formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Advocates squad leader


•Absorb the essential energy of others on contact, allowing her to drawn upon a template of their memories, learned skills, and superhuman powers, with the strength of the template proportionate to the side-effects to the victim, ranging from minimal weakness to leaving them temporarily powerless or comatose; accumulated residual templates make her mind extremely difficult to read
•Permanently imbued with the ionic flux of Wonder Man, giving her ionically-sustained superhuman strength, limitless endurance, invulnerability to physical harm, and supersonic flight speed
•Formerly unable to control her mutant powers, draining people upon any physical contact to an unpredictable degree, formerly jumpstarted by Sage so she could recall the power templates of anyone she touched in the past on command
•Formerly permanently influenced power template of the Skrull Z'Cann, causing past power templates to spontaneously manifest out of her control, mental conditioning allowed her to limit these spontaneous templates to Wolverine and Cyclops, giving her regular use of their abilities, and the psychometric ability to recreate the actions of people she had previously touched, stepping into their shoes and instinctively recreating their movements
•Formerly permanently stored Sunfire's power template, giving her the ability to ionize matter and transform it into a plasma state, displacing atmospheric gases as nuclear-charged solar fire which she can use as pyrotechnic blasts or to create thermal updrafts for flight
•Formerly had permanently stored Ms. Marvel's power template, which used to give her flight, superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and durability, a seventh sense that allowed her to react instinctively to danger