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Publication Date: 29th Dec 2007
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.


Several months later, fully recovered, Elizabeth went shopping at a mall. By then, she had found a way to disguise the tiara as a normal headband. Just as she received a serious case of déjà vu, she was attacked and subsequently defeated by a new Omega Flight, who tricked her into releasing the deadly Ska’r. Elizabeth was taken to a hospital, where she was contacted by her father, at the time busy with one of Alpha Flight’s missions. He told her to “understand what has been unleashed.” Looking inwards, Elizabeth realized that it was the power of the Talisman who banished the Ska’r from Earth once before, and she had failed to do her job as their jailer. Them again free could mean the death of millions. She finally decided to put self-pity behind her and, hoping that it was not too late, she managed to rally her Beta Flight teammates in defeating the Ska’r, Omega Flight and their creator - once again the Master of the World. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #110-112]

Considering their good performance, Beta Flight were then upgraded to a second active strikeforce, though Talisman did not take part in all their missions. From time to time, she was instead helping out her former colleagues of Alpha Flight, as the team’s own mystic, Shaman, had once more departed from Department H without notifying anyone. Shortly afterward, Canada had its own version of the Super Powers Registration Act and, with this danger looming on the horizon, each of the Alphans were given the own choice as to whether they would stay with the team or not. Like most others, Talisman remained. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #115, 120]

Shortly afterwards, a newly-born Goddess set out to reorder the universe in her spiritual order and she contacted those Marvel Heroes with strong beliefs to follow her. Talisman was among several other Alphans who accepted but, once in the Goddess’ Paradise Omega, they were forced by Witchfire to relive some painful moments of their pasts. In Elizabeth’s case, it was the death of her mother and how her father had not been able to save her. Momentarily, Talisman began to doubt the Goddess’ claims, but soon her faith in her was restored when she was reminded of how she had been able to live and love again. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #122-124]

Shaman was also among the heroes in the Paradise and Elizabeth sensed that he wasn’t dedicated to the Goddess like the other were; in fact his presence was an error by the Goddess. Although he believed in the higher orders of the universe, he was not convinced of their wisdom. Elizabeth threatened to expose him and urged him to run away, just like he had always done when he couldn’t handle the hand that life had dealt him.  Father and daughter engaged in a brief battle and, though being far more powerful than Shaman, Talisman let herself be tricked by him. Later on, after the Goddess was destroyed by her own duplicity being revealed, the heroes that had been following her and those opposing her made up with each other. Still, both groups had learned something of the experience. Shaman and Talisman too made up. Shaman agreed with Elizabeth’s accusations and apologized, hoping they could start anew and act like family again. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #125, 127]

With anti-mutant / superhero hysteria rising in Canada, mostly due to the schemes of Joshua Lord, the Senator already responsible for the Superhuman Registration Act, it was decided to temporarily shut down Department H’s Flight programs and lay low for a while. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130]

Several months later, Alpha Flight was restarted. However, as Talisman was not part of the new line up, it is a possibility that she returned to archaeology, her true passion in life. While the most of the classic Alpha Flight members eventually came back to work for Department H, and a bizarre series of events would lead to a past version of the team being brought to the present, Elizabeth continued to maintain a low profile. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, Alpha Flight (3rd series) #12]

A devastating event soon took place in which Alpha Flight, including Shaman, were slain by Michael Pointer, possessed by the Collective. [New Avengers (1st series) #16] However, it has not been expressly stated which version of Shaman and his teammates were killed, or whatever became of the other Flight, but the survivors have mourned the slain members of Alpha Flight as if they were truly gone.

After being informed of her father’s apparent death, Elizabeth mourned for him and took over his duties as the shaman of the few people living at the Sarcee Nation Village.  At one point, Talisman answered Wolverine’s call to aid him and She-Hulk against the Wendigo. However, despite her clear power, she was not allowed to enter the SHIELD restricted area. It would seem that all this time out of the spotlight, no one recognized Talisman anymore. After the other two heroes defeated the mythological creature, though, Elizabeth warned Wolverine about the now captured Wendigo that was being taken to a holding facility in the United States. [Omega Flight #1, She-Hulk (2nd series) #16]

Around that time, a shocking tragedy between super heroes and villains in the United States led to the passage of the super-human registration act. This in turn divided the super hero community, resulting in a Civil War between two opposing factions of heroes. Even though it was quite similar to a law which Canada already had for years, the results of the Civil War caused countless super-powered criminals to flee to Canada.

Talisman was soon visited by Sasquatch, who was to assemble a new Canadian team to deal with the influx of American criminals - Omega Flight, and wanted Talisman to be a part of it. However, Elizabeth was not interested, and rejected his offer, telling him to let Alpha Flight go and let the American’s deal with their own problem. [Omega Flight #1]

Soon thereafter, Sasquatch went missing, and when Department H’s Agent Brown requested her help. Talisman used her magical abilities to ascertain what happened to him, while also learning of an imminent attack from the Great Beasts. Talisman then met the new Omega Flight - two former Force Works members, Arachne (formerly known as Spider-Woman II) and USAgent. She got on well with the former, but not the latter.  However, when the third Omega Flight member was introduced, Talisman spat the dummy as it was Michael Pointer - the man who was responsible for killing Shaman and the rest of Alpha Flight. Despite the fact that he was possessed at the time, Talisman expressed her extreme hatred for the man and refused to work with him in the rescue of Sasquatch. That the man felt extremely guilty and, adopting the guise of the new Guardian, wanted to redeem himself was of no interest to Talisman. [Omega Flight #2-3]

Talisman and Omega Flight made their way to Toronto to counter the barrage of incoming demons, when suddenly Sasquatch appeared, once again under the influence of the Great Beast Tanaraq. He attacked the heroes, who were also busy dealing with the Wrecking Crew. Adding to the desperate situation was the arrival of the new Guardian,  whom Talisman suddenly found herself concerned for, when the possessed - and very angry - Sasquatch grabbed hold of him. Eventually, Talisman and Omega Flight managed to banish the demons back to the Realm of the Great Beasts, though not without the loss of their new ally Beta Ray Bill, and Talisman purged Tanaraq from Sasquatch before he was able to kill Michael Pointer. In the aftermath, Omega Flight helped clean up Toronto and Talisman even forged an uneasy alliance with the new Guardian, before she returned to her other duties at the Sarcee Reservation, ready to fight - and live - another day. [Omega Flight #4-5]