Publication Date: 
2nd Sep 2016
Real Name

Gabriel Summers

Former Aliases

Kid Vulcan




178 lbs

Hair Color



Blue (Glowing yellow)

First Appearance

X-Men: Deadly
Genesis #1

Known Relatives

Phillip Summers
Deborah Summers
Christopher Summers
/ Corsair (father),
Katherine Anne Summers
(mother, deceased),
Scott Summers / Cyclops
Alex Summers / Havok (brother),
Neramani / Deathbird (wife),
Lilandra Neramani (sister-in-law, deceased),
D’Ken Neramani (brother-in-law, deceased),
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers / Cable (nephew),
Hope Summers (adoptive niece),
Rachel Summers / Phoenix III (alternate-universe niece),
Nate Grey / X-Man (alternate-universe nephew)


former slave and Emperor of the Shi’ar Imperium

Group Affiliation

formerly X-Men, Majestor of the Imperial Guard, Death Commandos and Praetorians


- Energy manipulator able to sense all active or potential sources of energy in his environment, access and amplify passive energy fields to generate controlled discharges of light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and gravity from his surroundings, deflect energy attacks or assume control over them to strike new targets, influence organic nervous systems through electrochemical activity or machinery through electro-mechanical activity, inhibit energy based mutant powers or forcibly access those energies, fly through anti-gravity and electromagnetic field propulsion, and shield himself from the vacuum of space.
- Exposure to the Collective wave following the Decimation pushed his powers to Omega level while temporarily giving him access to the geomorphic and temporal psychometry powers of his former teammates, while hosting Darwin's reactive evolutionary form