In the House of M, Emma Frost was a member of the thriving mutant class in America. She was married to Scott Summers and used her telepathic abilities as a therapist and counselor for children.

When Wolverine remembered the true reality and discovered a girl named Layla Miller who could restore memories, he brought her to Emma. Layla and Emma psychically interacted, restoring Emma's memories. Frost then worked with Layla to find and restore other heroes before making their assault on the House of Magnus.

The death of Charles Xavier created an alternate timeline, the Age of Apocalypse, in which En Sabah Nur rose to power. The ramifications of Apocalypse’s rule had far-reaching effects and Emma Frost was not immune. Ironically, Emma Frost was not an X-Man or a member of Apocalypse’s elite guard but a leading member of the Human High Council. Most telepaths in the Age of Apocalypse were killed and their minds used in the so-called Brain Pool, a defense mechanism for Apocalypse’s citadel. Emma was apparently spared from this fate after Victor von Doom partially lobotomized her to remove her mental powers. Although the effect wasn't permanent, Emma believed it was and joined humanity's fight. Along with Moira and Bolivar Trask, Mariko Yashida and Brian Braddock, Emma led the Human High Council in their efforts to provide safe haven to those humans who had escaped from Apocalypse’s territories. Knowing that Apocalypse would wipe out the entire human race, the High Human Council mounted a nuclear strike on Apocalypse’s forces in North America with the help of Weapon X and Jean Grey. Naturally, Apocalypse ordered a counterstrike on the human territories, wiping out most of the Human High Council.

Emma not only survived, she regained her mutant powers and switched allegiances. She established herself in Latveria alongside Victor von Doom as the secret Queen, overseeing human redistribution camps under the tacit approval of Apocalypse's successor, Weapon Omega. The Queen had to turn over test subjects to Omega in order to retain her relative autonomy when necessary. However, von Doom was playing a deeper game and had the ability to turn off Emma's mind temporarily ever since her original surgery. He used these blackouts to manipulate Emma's memory and use her as a puppet to deal with Weapon Omega while pursuing his own agenda.

In the bleak future reality known as the Days of Future Past, Sentinels controlled North America and most of the nation’s mutant populace had been either killed or interned in concentration camps. Choosing to save herself, the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club retreated to a private, high-tech base on an island off the coast of India.  Here, she kept a watchful eye on the world and sold her telepathic services to its remaining leaders. When Wolverine was mind-wiped by the Hellfire Club’s newest queen, Elisabeth Braddock aka Psylocke, a desperate Magneto and Jubilee sought Emma’s aid to repair the damage. Indeed, Emma managed to piece together the shattered fragments of Logan’s psyche. After Logan, Magneto and Jubilee defeated Psylocke and thwarted the Hellfire Club’s plans for world domination, they one again sought refuge with Emma. This ragtag team of X-Men continued to operate from Emma’s island while she made efforts to restore Psylocke to her former heroic self. At some later point in the timeline, Magneto was captured and sent to the same concentration camp where Storm, Colossus, Kate Pryde, Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers were imprisoned, and Wolverine ended up working solo to help liberate his former teammates. It is unclear what became of the other remaining X-Men and Emma Frost.

On the Earth visited by the reality-hopping Exiles in Exiles (1st series) #21-22, the Legacy Virus had interacted with Warlock’s techno-organic transmode virus, creating an even deadlier disease. More than 75% of Earth’s population had been transformed into the techno-organic beings known as the Vi-Locks, super-powered individuals and average humans alike. That reality’s Emma Frost was among the few unturned people, and provided much-needed telepathic communication for the team of heroes since all radio communication was monitored by the Vi-Locks. Obviously, Emma was confined to a wheelchair, though the circumstances that led to this situation were never explained. Eventually, with the help of the Norse Gods, this reality could be fixed, and all infected people were cured.




The Emma Frost of the Ultimate universe could turn into a diamond shape, but had no telepathy. A former student and lover of Xavier, she parted ways with him because she felt his way was too violent and became a teacher herself. When the government grew wary of the X-Men's vigilantism, they approached Frost to give them a viable alternative of young government-friendly mutants. The plan backfired when Frost and her selected group were attacked by Sentinels and had to be rescued by the X-Men. Still, Frost remained independent of Xavier and his more militant ways, founding the Academy of Tomorrow to peacefully teach a mixed class of mutant and otherwise gifted students. She seemed to have other, more sinister motives, for she dated Shinobi Shaw for a time and was secretly complicit in the Hellfire Club's efforts to separate the Phoenix from Jean Grey. This plot never came to fruition, though, for the Academy was targeted during the Ultimatum Wave event. Emma and most of her students were killed by Madrox suicide bombers deployed by Magneto.


In one of many worlds threatened by the Incursions, Emma Frost stood as part of the Illuminati, representing the mutant contingent instead of Beast or Charles Xavier. Their world's final incursion took place at Tian, the mutant nation-state forged by Magneto. Emma and the Illuminati faced against the Sidera Maris of the Mapmakers alongside the united mutants of Earth. Once the Mapmakers themselves arrived, however, they recognized the concentration of mutants on the site and unleashed a gene specific neutralizer that killed Emma and every other mutant on-site in a matter of seconds.

When Legion rewrote reality and created his Age of X universe, the survivors of the mutant race were assembled at Fortress X as an army to oppose annihilation at the hands of humanity. Some mutants and mutant abilities were deemed too dangerous to be allowed free, as the splinter personality X knew a telepath might discern the truth about the Age of X. As a result, Emma, the Cuckoos, Xavier and many other psychics were held imprisoned by Danger inside Fortress X. Among the rank-and-file, it was even widely assumed that telepathy and mind manipulation were impossible and didn't exist as mutant abilities.

In the Age of Ultron, Ultron won. Humanity was destroyed once the artificial intelligence evolved beyond their ability to contain him. Emma Frost was one of a small band of heroes who remained alive in New York, struggling to find some way to confront Ultron. Luke Cage died getting them intelligence that Ultron himself was actually in the future, directing his drones from another time period. The heroes traveled to the Savage Land and used a model of Doom's time machine to attempt to confront Ultron in the future. However, Wolverine and Sue Storm also traveled into the past where Logan killed Hank Pym before he could create Ultron. This created a third reality, the Age of Morgana. The Avengers had disbanded shortly after Pym's death, and the butterfly effect led to the united forces of Morgan le Fay and Doctor Doom threatening the entire world. Emma Frost and Charles Xavier were telepaths in the service of Starkguard, Iron Man's version of S.H.I.E.L.D. in this reality acting as a bulwark against Morgana's inevitable invasion of America.

The New Exiles encountered several versions of Emma Frost. Their member Cat hailed from a reality where she was recruited by Frost instead of Xavier, and was trained to become an assassin for the White Queen. In another reality, Emma was one of the powerless Daughters of the Dragon defending Earth's island cities alongside the Sons of Iron. Finally, Dame Emma Frost ran the Frost School for Gifted Youngsters on behalf of the British Empire near Manhattan. She secretly used her telepathic abilities to train a team of young superhumans called Force-X to serve Queen and Country.

In X-Men: The End, Emma Frost-Summers was headmistress of the X-Men alongside her husband Cyclops. They had four children being raised at the Institute with the rest of the X-Men's next generation. On an outing, however, Emma's children were kidnapped along with those of Gambit and Rogue. Gambit was complicit in the kidnapping due to a long-running debt he owed Mister Sinister. At the same time, the Institute was nearly destroyed by Warskrulls sent by the Shi'ar. Rogue and Emma returned to the Xavier Institute first to help deal with the dead and dying, but Emma was further injured fighting the Warskrulls.

Unable to act on her own, she allowed Rogue to take her essence so the two women, as one, could rescue their children. Gambit freed the kids first, having fulfilled his debt to Sinister, and had already helped most of them escape when Rogue found them. Rogue was killed by Sinister, however, and Gambit broke ties with the X-Men after trying to make amends for his part in the matter. Emma and Scott continued to run Xavier's school as mutantkind entered a period of relative peace. Her eldest daughter, Megan Summers, eventually began dating Olivier Raven, son of Gambit and Rogue.

During the Lost in Space-Time arc, the Brotherhood of the future traveled back in time and replaced the missing Original Five X-Men in the timeline, using image inducers. Their aggressive, disruptive presence radically altered the timestream, with the original X-Men being blamed for the crackdown on mutantkind by a threatened humanity. Despite the changes, Emma Frost and Banshee still ended up as instructors to Generation X, assembling that class of mutants in the bombed out ruins of the Xavier Mansion.

In Marvel 2-in-One #4-6, Reed Richards failed to stop Galactus after the death of the Thing. Instead, Doctor Doom defeated Galactus and claimed his power, setting out to devour the entire universe before returning to Earth as his final meal. Norrin Radd gave up the Power Cosmic to Johnny Storm, who would act as Earth's living sun after Doom devoured the original. Norrin Radd and Emma Frost somehow found each other, living a quiet life on a farm until the inevitable end. Dimension-hopping versions of the Thing, Doom and Human Torch aided in the final battle when Doom-Galactus returned, and the combined tech of Doom and Richards allowed Emma to swap minds with Doom-Galactus, possessing the Devourer herself. Emma inverted Galactus' nature to become a Lifebringer, restoring existence to the universe, with Norrin reclaiming the Power Cosmic to become her Herald.

50 years in the future, in the timeline of Old Man Logan, the villains had conquered America. The X-Men, in particular, suffered horribly after Mysterio manipulated Wolverine into killing the rest of the X-Men. Emma Frost was one of the few survivors, apparently making a deal by marrying Doctor Doom to survive. Using her telepathy, she continued to appear young decades past her prime. Out in the Forbidden Quarter, she and the remaining twenty or so mutants and her other allies tried to survive after the downfall of civilization.

On Battleworld after the final incursion, several echoes of Emma Frost existed across multiple domains overseen by God Doom. In the domain called Manhattan, a near-perfect replica of Earth-616's Emma Frost continued to exist. In Mondo City (an homage to Judge Dredd's Megacity One), Boss Frost was a psychic working for the militant enforcers of Big Boss Hill during the invasion of Yinsen City. The Domain of Apocalypse told the Age of Apocalypse from a different perspective -- here, Emma Frost was a founding X-Man named Marvel Girl. When the Legacy Virus was unleashed on this world, Emma was forced to euthanize her own husband Magneto, went through a lobotomy to restore Jean Grey's telepathy, and eradicate the X-gene in all mutants of that domain. In Egyptia, the mutants were slaves under the dominion of the Baroness Khonshu. Emma Frost was part of a potential rebellion which was devastated when Khonshu turned some of the rebels into werewolves to feed on their fellows. At the Divide, Emma chose to side with Tony Stark and the registered heroes of the Iron, opposing Captain America and the unchecked personal freedoms of the Blue. In Mutopia, Emma and the New X-Men were replaced by an even Newer generation led by Magneto. They were forced into a confrontation as Cassandra Nova and Sublime both sought the power of the Phoenix Egg. When Cyclops was killed, Emma stopped fighting back and may have been killed by Dust under Nova's control. Finally, out in the Wastelands, the Emma Frost of Old Man Logan's future finally died of her injuries after trying to stop a Punisher gang from attacking a city in Nevada.


In Ghost Boxes, we were introduced to Emma Frost of the X Society of Earth-889. This pre-industrial "steam-punk" world had the mutant investigators living in New Portsmouth Bay of New Albion. High society's Emma Frost loved her roguish adventurer Scott Summers, but wouldn't accept his marriage proposal on the scandal to marry beneath her class. After an encounter with Subject X eerily mirrored in Earth-616, the X Society were blamed for an airship disaster reminiscent of the Hindenburg, and held on house arrest.

In one reality, the X Society's Frost eventually married her dashing hero, becoming Emmeline Frost-Summers. However, they were kidnapped by a multiversal version of Charles Xavier known as Savior, who used mutant as living power batteries to hold his Earth together.

In one alternate future, the mutant species established an independent island nation known as Xaviera. They failed to repopulate after M-Day, however, and the global mutant numbers reduced from 198 to a mere six. Emma Frost, as Diamondheart, worked alongside Wolverine, Anole and Greymalkin as what remained of the X-Men. One of their number, Sooraya Qadir, Dust, had gone insane years prior, and decided to put an end to the mutant species once and for all. She proved powerful enough to achieve her goals, as Emma and the others were murdered by Dust.

During the Infinity Wars, Gamora-as-Requiem followed in her adopted father's footsteps and used the Infinity Stones to half all souls in the universe. Instead of killing half of all lifeforms, though, she merged them to create composite beings with two souls blended into one. From Emma Frost and Wolverine came Diamond Patch, a high class and silver-haired Logan dressed all in white. His telepathy worked by stabbing his target first and reading their mind through his claws.