Publication Date: 11th Apr 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.
Alternate Versions


In the dark timeline of Earth-295, known as Age of Apocalypse, Kyle’s regression to a feral state was not stopped in time, resulting in him being more of an animal than a man. Locked up in one of Apocalypse’s many pens, the guards pitted him against fellow prisoner, Sabretooth, for their sick enjoyment. However, they didn’t count on Sabretooth being able to reach out and communicate with Wild Child, and together they broke out of prison. They found a new home with Magneto’s X-Men, with Sabretooth more or less adopting Kyle as a pet. A chain around his neck was connected to a wristband of Sabretooth’s so that he could pull his leash at any time and keep him from harming any of their teammates. Wild Child proved rather useful when Sabretooth was defeated and humiliated by Holocaust, as he rushed back to the X-Men and licked Rogue’s face so that she would absorb his memories of the incident. Immediately, she started a rescue operation.

After the fall of Apocalypse, Wild Child was lost for a time. Sabretooth was drawn into the extra-dimensional team of exiles known as Weapon X, leaving Kyle alone. Victor returned to his home reality briefly to learn Kyle was missing from the X-Men. Soon after, Sabretooth and Blink guided the creation of another Exiles team from their Panoptichron, assembling a multiversal group of heroes to help the Quentin Quire of one reality fight off the Annihilation Wave. They guided him to the Age of Apocalypse's Wild Child, recruiting Kyle for these new Exiles. Eventually, both Wild Child and Sabretooth returned to the X-Men of their home reality. The X-Men of Earth-295 traveled to Earth-616 to stop the rise of a new Apocalypse alongside that reality's X-Force. Wild Child was killed in the final battle with Archangel, the new Celestial Gardener of that timeline.

The Kyle Gibney from the Mutant X universe was also in a regressed state, and he was also together with Sabretooth, only this version of Victor Creed was in a similar condition, just like Wolverine.  All three had apparently been experimented on by the Weapon X program and emerged wild and feral. They formed up the “Pack,” running around the Canadian wilderness and living on their own. At one point, though, they approached Havok’s team, the Six, when they crash-landed in the area and forced them into helping to uncover their origin. However, when they uncovered the Weapon X compound, the memories of what had been done to them proved to be too painful for them, driving them further over the edge. Taken into custody by Alpha Flight, all three were reprogrammed to become capable operatives of Department H, but eventually Wild Child ended up getting killed by Sabretooth when they worked on opposing sides during a mission.